Success story by Max from Europe - web auditing over skype

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Success story by Max from Europe - web auditing over skype

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My ability to be cause, also in very difficult situation, is usually available. In these months I experienced a lot of "limit" situations and I've always win. My postulates usually becomes true in 1 or 2 days. One day I decided I needed a work. It was Saturday evening. I applied some job advertisement Sunday evening. Wednesday or Thursday I had my unique job interview, where I declared my condition, and I get the job (I had a very good curriculum as Computer Scientist). During the first Expanded Dianetics sessions I understood that I could start again my Drum Graduation and so I did it. My ability on playing the drums was growing more and more at every session. If I compare my actual study velocity with the past, now I am incredibly swift. My auditing adventures is very strange, because I started with an old Church Auditor, doing altered grades 0, 1, 2 and then SecCheck. But now I can say that the happiness of being more and more free of my compulsions is priceless. I am happy "present" free from sadness, free from fears, free from my old "terror shivers". I am aware that there's a huge amounts of processes that are waiting for me but I can say that I am very satisfied of this level of operativity. I am perfectly aware of how much "crazy" I was. I feel very responsible and I work in peace, without any fears of failures. When I have to travel I am "too much" in the present: I prepare my bag the same day I have to leave. I am very proud of my case level, I have been able to postulate also for my friends. I made very special presents changing the reality of the people around me. With auditing I lost a lot of mechanics behaviors. It would too long to list all the stupid-automatics things I used to say/do. Now I am a better musician, a better man, a better companion, a better friend, a better spirit, a better sportive, a better computer scientist. I know that I can be what I want. I proved to my self. I decided to practice a very extreme sport ( parkour), I tried to develop an artistic side doing drawings, I build little wood houses. In every field I saw my limits and I saw them disappearing, one by one, with sessions. The road is long, I am aware of other limits, but I KNOW that, with web-auditing, I will become perfectly able as I wish. Maх from EU, april 2016


As I continue to research, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of gain potentially available to an individual.
There are six rough divisions of case gain.
1. From raw public to a realization Scientology works and should be continued.
2. The realization that, through his auditing, one will not get any worse – an arrested decline.
3. The whole band of gains we call the lower Grades. The very least of these gains (and there are many by pc testimony), is stated to exceed by far any advance in personal gain ever before achieved in any former practice known. (A simple flying of ruds can get more gain than ten years of psychoanalysis!)
4. The band that achieves in a final burst of glory and freedom, the state of Clear.
5. The pre-OT levels, leading to personal spiritual freedom. These carry up through all NOTs, audited and Solo. What is amazing here is that each one of these levels, ac-cording to rave reports, has, each one, its own spectacular level of gain.
6. The actual OT levels beginning now with New OT VIII and going on up.
According to the spiritual research records and pre-OT and OT reports, the AMOUNT of gain available to one person is never really conceived, in an aberrated state, to potentially exist above him.
It is a never-ending source of wonder to people, going truly on this route, that there could be such QUANTITY of gain available to one being.
Thus in an aberrated state, the person is not likely to turn his eyes up very high and still keep a reality on it.
In the age of speed, people may conceive it all should happen in a minute. Or maybe a minute and a half. Or as the result of a needle jab which will make them free forever.
Alas this universe isn’t built that way.
This universe is based on QUANTITY. There’s an awful lot of it.
The number of electrons in an atom, the number of atoms in a molecule, the number of molecules in a drop of water is awesome arithmetic.
The number of planets in systems, the number of suns in a galaxy, the number of galax-ies add up to mind-boggling figures.
TIME, on this very short-lifed and hectic planet, is hardly conceived of at all. Just re-cently geologists concluded that Man might have been here for a million years. HAH! Little do they know!
The age of this and other universes is very, very long. It is not eternity but almost.
So, without getting into questions as to how long you’ve been around (the brain theory boys might object since they are TERRIFIED of spirits) let’s ask this question:
If a being had half an eternity to louse himself up, how loused up could he get?
Right. Go to the head of the class. Plenty!
And you now can get an inkling of how much spiritual gain might be available. And this could explain why, at each one of the six levels, there are so many new gains according to tes-timonies collected.
All right. Got that? Good.
We now come to the next question, since one and all are being very bright this morning:
If it took a being half an eternity to louse himself up, how long would it take to unlouse him?
Now before your mouth turns down at both sides and before you collapse with apathy considering it, let’s look at the miracle of Dianetics and Scientology.
It doesn’t take half an eternity. It doesn’t take millennia – though this could be reason-ably expected. It doesn’t take centuries. It only takes years.
That’s right. Years....... LRH

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Professional auditing in any place on the planet ... 206965424/ Auditor class X, skype: timecops

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