IT IS A PRO WORLD - Sea Org Lecture 6910C21

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IT IS A PRO WORLD - Sea Org Lecture 6910C21

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This is tape recording number 6910C21, Welcome to the Sea Org Lecture, Number 5.
A tape-recorded Lecture given by L. RON HUBBARD on the 21 October, 1969. The title of this Lecture is, IT IS A PRO WORLD, it is 54 minutes and 53 seconds long.
Copyright © 1969, 1975 by L. RON HUBBARD. All World Performance Rights Reserved.
This recording has been re-recorded by the Flag Audio Unit of the Flagship Apollo of the Sea Organization.
And now, here is L. RON HUBBARD.
(Applause) Well, this is the 21st of October and the fifth and last in this short series. I want to talk to you a bit about PRO. PRO. It is a PRO world. And this - if you read very carefully in the newspapers - if you want to get your hands dirty - did you ever notice when you read the newspaper you get your hands all dirty? The filth even rubs off!
It's a PRO world. The President of the United States does not make any utterance or take any action that is not PRO. He doesn't take any statesmanlike actions, he doesn't take any executive or administrative actions, he just takes PRO actions, See? And actually the White House only has two types of individuals - three types of individuals actually. And one is the Secret Service who makes laughing attempts to keep presidents from being assassinated - and they belong to the Treasury Department who also control the drug traffic in the United States --you can see how effective they are!
Anyhow - and the next type are the Communist agents who have been sent over by Russia and the - most of the secret documents are handled exclusively by them 'cause they're the only ones that are — the only ones that are trustworthy.
And all of the rest of the inhabitants at the executive level are PRO. Now you think, you think that there are perhaps secretaries in the United States or ministers in England or Australia, or - well I shouldn't include Australia in the same group. I'd better start including them in with Communist China because they will shortly be part of it.
But the - you think those fellows are politicians, or statesmen, or are a - have something to do with other functions. But they aren't. They are all PRO. That is the modern trend. That has been going on increasingly and actually since 1948 and the beginnings of the real Cold War, it has been an Intelligence World. Intelligence has built up to a level - meaning espionage - has built up to a level which is absolutely asinine. Nine tenths of the national budget or something like that of Russia is spent on the KGB, I mean their external budget.
Somebody - Penovsky - in his papers said “How could you get into diplomatic relations with Russia when you do not have any diplomats?” KGB and GRU is actually what all of the Russian embassies really consist of. Now these fellows, these fellows are a piece of this PRO picture.
But PRO - the President says “We must do something about the woffle woffle” and that's all PRO. Don't think they're going to do anything about them. They aren't. That is to placate the head of Time-Life, do you see, who needs a story that week or has been critical lately.
“We must now withdraw a hundred and forty-five thousand troops from our recent war, so that we can replace them with a hundred and forty five thousand troops —” PRO. Do you follow?
You're not reading any statesmanship, management, anything. Finance - what the hell - the way money has been inflating currently - ZOOM! It hasn't anything to do with finance; it has to do with PRO.
“Let's see how we can get on the good side of the voters or the citizens or the revolutionaries or somebody or other - well let's put out more welfare and particularly only members of the revolutionary council can get welfare payments” – you know, something like that. Anything that is PRO will show up in the newspapers, or which will sound good on television. You think I'm joking! PRO.
Public Relations Officer is king. A bunch of crummy newspaper reporters that you wouldn't bother to wipe your feet on in any other age now by some inferous statement in some diplomatic circles of the state can say “What are you going to do about the natives of Buggawugga-wuggastan?” And instantly the President goes out of the conference – see this guy's just a creep you now, he's probably high on LSD when he said it - and he goes out - the President goes out of the conference and he calls in the Secretary of State and he calls in the Secretary of the Treasury, “What are we doing about the natives of Bmfgmwf-stan?” And they work and work hours into the night and finally get out a press release. They aren't gonna DO anything, you understand - but they're gonna get out a press release.
And you'll find out that more and more of the logic which is employed in matters of state - more and more and more of this logic so-called – is simply what will be a middle course bland policy or what will be sufficiently challenging to get a PRO reaction from the other side. And that is the world in which we live. Unfortunately,
There are some real factors in this world but they are getting less and less and less attention. You think off-hand that this great welfarism that goes on in the West actually results in some people that aren't starving to death. A guy goes in for relief in Washington, D.C. “Well, what revolutionary group do you belong to?” “Well I belong to the Pink Panthers” or something, you see. Good, you pass that; now you are a pressure group, you can make trouble in the press, yes, so we'll pay attention to it.
Now you say you're broke and your family is starving to death - yes, well of course, that's tough. “Now, let's see - do you have a TV set? Do you have a watch? Ah - Do you have a car? What kind of a car is it? Oh, a 1914 T Ford. I see. Well um, I'm sorry, you're not eligible for relief. No you can't have any welfare payments. Ah, but wait a minute, well you'll have to sell your watch and your TV set and your car.” “Well, I can't sell the car I can't even give people money to drag it away from the parking lot.” “Yeah, but you've got a car so you've had it. But you are a member of the Pink Panthers now. Now if you can get - show me that it's necessary to pay you off, why we will, but otherwise to hell with it.” You think I'm kidding!
A guy pays in - he's a publisher or something - he pays in fabulous - not a publisher, he manufactures theetie-weeties or something - and he pays into Social. Security all of his life, he's been paying in seventeen hundred and fifty dollars a month to Social Security out of his pay check. He gets to be retirement age, whatever that is by law now, and he drops them a note and he says “How about my Social Security now?”
And they say, they say, “Well, um, you own a home? Oh, you do? Well you've had it. “The guy says “What do you mean I've had it?” “Well, obviously propertied. Do you have any stocks and bonds?” “Yes, well I've got International Tel and Tel - five shares.” “Yeah, well you've had it. No Social Security.” But it sure sounds good on the PRO line you see.
If they did pay him any money it'd be something like two dollars and twenty cents a month. See? It sounds terrific, you know. 'Cause it's all PRO. There's no fact back of it. Guys could starve to death in windrows but unless the Pink Panthers manage to make enough fuss in the press - why nothing would happen. They wouldn't be paid any money - you get the idea? - All I'm saying to you is the actuality to hell with it. The PRO, that's everything. “We are a welfare state, we support every citizen, every citizen - now you wanna vote for John Jones, because every citizen in the country if he doesn't have two chickens in the pot the government will put a turkey in.” PRO, PRO.
Now part of this - part of this stupid PRO picture that we've gotten into is almost every, and I would say you wouldn't probably exaggerate if you said every, British newspaper reporter is a member of M16, which is foreign intelligence. There aren't any British newspaper reporters that go out of the country that aren't a member of the Intelligence Service.
The United States - these blokes in the United States, I don't think they're all members of the CIA because there are a LOT of Intelligence Services in the United States they could be members of!
So it wouldn't be true to say they're all CIA, they probably belong to other branches of the government that are Intelligence. These cats, then, put you over the jumps, because there isn't anybody amongst that whole lot that isn't for sale. That's a funny statement, but a head of a European intelligence activity made a statement, which was quite interesting many years ago. After a lifetime spent in the field of intelligence he had yet to find a government official or person he could not buy. The prices varied but the fact remained the same. He had one unhappy instance where a colonel who was in charge of all the secret plans of the country, where this colonel decided to have his cake and eat it too, and the colonel was going to meet him down on the east coast of Italy someplace and he was going to show him that he had the plans, get the payment, and then shoot the intelligence guy who was buying the plans dead, take the plans back and leave. So he met him on this deserted coast in a little house that the intelligence officer used for relay of messages, and he said “Yeah there's all the secret documents of all the battleships, where is the ten thousand kaputniks?” or whatever the cash payment was and at that moment that it was produced, when the colonel started to drag out his revolver and kill the intelligence agent so that he could take these back and put them in the archives and pocket the ten thousand kaputniks and so forth and of course the intelligence agent's agent, who was watching all this through a small hole in the wall at the back of the room, shot the colonel in the back and killed him dead. That was about the only exception he'd ever had in his entire career!
In other words, this is a very venal area. So PRO is largely utilized also for political purposes, and anybody who wants to eliminate anybody, ruin anybody's reputation, something like that, can enter in on this intelligence line. Special interest groups back of these governments and so on can place reports inside these governments that then go along these lines. An agent who shows up who is asking for information is asking for it only in part for his paper, do you see. He wants other information and then that will go into his government, then that entering on intelligence lines is forwarded around over the place, and you actually have four major intelligence agencies operating in addition to all the minor intelligence agencies internationally and one of the large trades in which they engage is placing false information with the other intelligence agencies.
Take a look at that. It's one of the legitimate functions of intelligence to place false information with the enemy. Actually this is covered in “The Art of War” some unpronounceable Chinese name wrote way back and that Mao has been using very nicely. They call this guy the Dead Agent. I don't know why he called him the Dead Agent because as far as I can see they're very much alive. They place false information, and then the enemy when they find out it's false shoot him. Well the enemy never finds out it's false really these days.
So here's this tremendous flood of information. The KGB is putting information into the CIA. You see to color the PRO complexion of things, and the CIA is putting information in through to the KGB to place false information in their files. And then the Deuxieme Bureau in France, and M15 Internal and M16 External in England are probably the busiest guys at this that anybody ever had anything to do with. They enter in any kind of false information that will make a point, so that then this can be carried forward by a PRO newspaper action or - you get the idea. You talk about a bunch of nuts!
Most of these governments are actually operating almost exclusively on false information. Almost exclusively. There used to be a considerable rundown to make sure that the information was accurate. And we have learned executive wise in recent times that we must not act upon an isolated report. Let us say a crewmember or something like that, we get a report that he's wuffle-duffling, you see. To act on that without investigation or confirmation and so forth will do more wrongs than you can possibly shake a stick at. It's absolutely ruinous to act on isolated reports.
A smart executive actually never acts on an isolated report He verifies and confirms. He hears that CF isn't blog, blog, yig, yog. He gets a report to this effect. Now if he issued an order that CF should be shot down in flames because they woff-woff-doggle-oggle, do you see, without confirming this, he would actually spread a lot of chaos and disaster.
We are learning this the hard way. Every executive in Scientology really learns this the hard way. He can know it intellectually, but after it has happened a couple of times or he's noticed it happen a couple of times he gets careful about this sort of thing.
Well, what does this add up to? This adds up to the fact that a false report acted upon brings about chaos and injustice.
So all an intelligence agent would have to do is feed enough false information into a government which hasn't learned the lesson a Scientology executive has learned and have that government start acting on all these false reports to absolutely destroy the whole cause of the government and the whole country. There'd be nothing to it. You could destroy a country by getting it to accept false reports.
Then whenever the political operating climate is very bad in an area - an area can lie dormant - nobody's very ambitious, nothing's happening in this area - and then all of a sudden the Russians and the CIA or the British or somebody like that starts stirring it up - you know, they want to make a couple of quick bucks for the World Bank or something like this, and they start revolutionizing it or hopping it up. Then these guys all this, have had these fantastic numbers of dossiers sitting around. The British Intelligence is always issuing little information sheets - do-do-do-do-do-de-dee-de-de.. (sing). And some intelligence officer down there, he's been filing them and filing them in this country of Pumjum, see. And he's been filing these things and he - hardly reads, you know -ugh-bug files and files them.
All of a sudden one day somebody starts running guns — a couple of junior ministers suddenly are found to have been in the employ of the enemy - well, they didn't look further, or they'd find 90% of their people are getting money from somebody else somewhere, but they get nervous now. They get nervous. It wasn't that the information wasn't there. The information was there. But now that they're nervous, they ACT on it!
And break out the files - and here's some file the Shell Oil Company has managed to file against Standard Oil Company in this country, don't you see, totally false report that the manager actually has - the manager of the local branch actually is accepting pay from the Russians and has fifteen wives scattered over the world and is actually wanted for murder in South Africa - you know, whole bunch of lies - . . . Standard has put this in about the Shell agent or Shell's put it against the Standard - so, of course, all of a sudden, when the political climate suddenly hots up - all by PRO, see -- the Russians have figured out a new angle to publish in the American press and the Americans figured out a new angle and the British have figured out a new angle and somebody wants something out of this country of Pumjum, see, so it's hotted up.
Right away their army, their president, their minister of defense, the rest of these characters turn around to the Intelligence Agents and say “Where's all the hot dope?” and of course this little guy who can hardly read you know, he starts bringing out the files he's been filing. And my — Christ they find out that the head of the Shell Oil Company has been wogh-wogh and the manager of Standard has been wuff-wuff and that the International Diamond Syndicate and so on has been knocking somebody's head off because he owns some of their shares of stock and they tried to depress his business so he'd sell out so one of their pals could buy them you see. So a lot of false reports in about him.
So they look at all this stuff and they say “My God! We're in a den of thieves!” Next they start shooting everybody boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boum-boom.
The hysteria that's going on right this minute in Libya is a wonderful case in point. This guy actually was able to get enough false information assembled and brought to the right people that he was actually able to kick out the King and then kick out the King's brother or something of the sort, or the Crown Prince rather - and he was able to knock out all the old lines and so forth - all this false information suddenly bit. Now he's saying “No foreign businesses of any kind whatsoever must come into Libya.” He sounds like he's scared to death, he's totally hysterical. Of course the whole country will absolutely collapse. THUD. He'll put himself off the lines, nobody will ever have anything to do with him, the Russians have promised him a great deal of help, but that was just PRO! And all of a sudden he's driving down the road and he noticed nobody has anything to eat and all the markets are empty and most of the cars are stopped and stalled and there's no ships coming into the harbor and he says, “What happened? What happened here?” And then they say “You led us astray” so they shoot him. And that is the next step that is going to happen in Libya. “Mysterious 27 year-old take-over found dead yesterday in his bedroom.” Because it'll all collapse. Do you see? Because they do not verify their information before they act. Do you follow?
Now you in the Sea Org are operating in this weird PRO world. And it is a weird world to operate in. The psychiatrists actually shaking down governments, working for other foreign powers, were actually able to get enough false intelligence information into enough files about Scientology and about us that where a country becomes very active they start looking up all this information - which is all false. The situation heats up and then they all of a sudden put the heat on and then they become very curious about us and about what we're doing and so on . . . . And of course the psychiatrist is protecting a multi-billion dollar empire. He has the greatest racket in the world. The governments all over the world appropriate him money - they appropriate him millions just off the cuff. “Oh you want a little money for research? Oh good. We'll give you a little money for research. How about a hundred million? Huh? Huh? Good. All right.”
Well if they've gotta have this money for research what do they want them around for? They haven't solved the problem 'cause they've got to research it. Obvious. And the psychiatrists - they finance study groups with this sort of thing. And that study group becomes very interesting, they have a lot of people in from Pumjum and Yipyap and they all sit around and discuss it. And their latest materials are actually prefaced by the fact that scientific thinking is no part of their activity. The physical scientist, he talks in terms of results and proof - and that has nothing to do with what they're doing. That's all a very crude approach. They're very artistic and they have an entirely different approach. We've driven them into this absolute psychosis. It's the most marvelous preface. They put this preface now in each one of their published books. It's the same preface. “We are not scientific and scientific people shouldn't . . .” you know and “who should expect results of us” and you know, all that sort of thing.
And aside from financing a few of these study groups and running very tiny offices, they actually just farm out all this dough to all their pals and they stick it in their pockets, ha-ha! What a racket, boy! They probably get another take from private individuals who want certain people grabbed and knocked off, and probably there are certain enemies of the government and so on that they can grab and knock off. In other words they're a political graft activity, but they operate 100% along with PRO.
So they infiltrate the government lines, they enter all kinds of wild things into the PRO lines. When a country heats up, that sort of stuff is brought down to view, and these governments having no goddamn sense at all are liable to act on it. Do you follow? That's our operating climate. Sure is a lousy operating climate.
Now it isn't that our universe is more dangerous than anybody else's universe. Their universe is about a hundred times as dangerous only they don't know it. They're too stupid to find it out.
We actually, before we developed a good port PRO actions and good local area PRO actions, were very often in trouble. We were in trouble in the most remarkable ways. But it wasn't really Scientologists that got us into trouble. The biggest amount of trouble that happened in Spain was a commercial licensed engineer who turned homo and was that way with hired Spanish hands who then went to the police and complained about this English engineer. And he was dismissed and the whole thing was handled. But it still sits in the office of information in Spain. See? Not as a handled situation but that there's something, you know?
And they're having a lot of trouble lately with hippies. They aren't counting the communists that they've got in their midst - Minister of Defense, Minister of Shipping, Franco's first adjutant, second aide, Chamberlain - they aren't counting these guys, they've gotta get these hippies. You see it has no political sense at all. If you knocked off every hippie in Spain you would not have strengthened its political position a minute.
But the English newspapers recently have found out that hippies are copy, and by forcing hippies into this or that position why they can write newspaper stories, which is quite fine, you see? Now probably they have infiltrated the lines about something or other about hippies so then it finally gets down to Spain so then anybody, or anybody that they're afraid might be hippies and so on, why this becomes a very difficult problem. Gives you some kind of a level of the unreality of operating actions of such governments.
Now Spain is supposed to be violently at odds with England over Gibraltar. The Minister of Shipping's first appointment after somebody from our organization was seeing him the other day was going up to London - I suppose to get his cut! Do you see?
So. Over the years we learned how to handle this. We actually handle this really through the Guardian's Office as the one that makes the progress forward on the general world scene, and we're pretty savage actually. The head of the anarchists the other day to a visitor said “If you think, if you think we're bad on the subject of psychiatry, you ought to listen to the Scientologists, they're really vicious!” And, yeah, they're getting sorry they started this thing. They've been sorry for the last year or two that they ever heard of us or did anything about it, see? We weren't even in their line of country. They're gonna lose, lose their whole stinking empire before they get through because they attacked us, It's that rough.
But where you're concerned in the Sea Org is in your direct operating environment. Now before we learned how to handle this, and before we learned the drills in connection with this and so on, we were very often in trouble. Little sniggly things, see, in the port. Little actions here - a newspaper reporter -somebody talks to him. We accept an insecure crewmember, you see like this non-Scientologist, Linda Smith, she was just wished-off on us. And then of course she runs off and says how horrible we are and her family electric shocks her into confessing how bad it is, see. But she was a plant. So these people who really aren't Scientologists and so forth are dynamite just from this particular angle. We have learned this. They're dynamite.
We get into various troubles because we take our finger off our number. We let insecure personnel come around and we don't do our regular PRO steps. Now when we do our PRO, if we do our PRO superbly well, just on our drilled lines, the Ship's Rep, the Public Relations Officer, the various liaisons which are carried on - the - that is to say the presents to the Harbormaster, being friendly, being co-operative - they tell you to move the ship, why, you move the ship, and it's all very fine and runs off very easily. We take care of all of these angles, see? Some kind of a handout that explains what we are and that answers all the questions, the situation . . . All of these various actions, you see, and we never slip on these things. And as long as this occurs, why a new thing sets in.
After we've been in a port, somebody trying to spread bad information about us in a port becomes a bad hat. Now when this was only partially built up, such as in Greece -we still changed the government of Greece, that's for sure -we had a lot of changes and actions went on in that area. And the people of Corfu heard a rumor that we were out in the channel one day and the whole damn town went crowding down against the fence to see the Apollo. In other words our local PRO was good. It was being continuously poisoned by a CIA agent who was in the town, and by the British Consul who went around telling people continuously that we poisoned the wells and put curses on their cattle! and so on.
Now, if that had happened now, why we would have a different approach. We wouldn't - we wouldn't let this go, do you see, we wouldn't let this go even that far. Our PRO would have been better in the first place. Now our PRO was all right in the area, but what it did was build up to the fact they now felt those guys were psychotic and that the government would do something about this became absolutely incomprehensible. And, therefore, the government was no good at all. In other words we built it up pretty high. After all we'd spent a lot of money in a port, we re very good people -we're very easy to get along with. If people just looked at the truth of the situation everybody could relax, don't you see?
But what we do is build up the level of loss. So that if they got rid of us they would lose one hell of a lot, see? We build up their potential loss very high. We keep our ship presence, our PRO up and this acts as an effective buffer so that the intelligence officers or agents that suddenly pick this up in these dossiers say “Heh Heh! English fool!” and throw it out, see?
Now you could build this up sufficiently high that somebody who talked about us in a port like a consul or a newspaper reporter could be made non-persona grata in a country and booted out. Because obviously they are lying. So if our level of truth and reality has been built up very high of course they look and sound like liars. And our PRO is totally built on ARC! We build up a high level of affinity by using a high level of communication. We take all the questions out of the situation that they would handily ask and we build up a high level or R. So we build up high Affinity, high Communications and a reasonable R. Your ARC goes up through the roof, and the definition of A, the definition of A - you see ARC also bases on understanding so they've got to understand why you're there or understand what you are doing. The more of those questions that get stumbled up, why the lower your understanding, or your ARC will drop.
So, A is the - affinity is the ability to occupy the same space. Ability or willingness to occupy the same space. A high affinity - two people with high affinity are willing to occupy the same space. So if you want to occupy a space of a port, you have to have a high level of Affinity. And that is built up by the C and the R. That's really all there is to it. But it takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of leg work, it takes a lot of seeing people, it takes a lot of answering questions, and it takes a lot of cooperation on the part of the ship's company. It takes a lot of cooperation on the part of an AO, or a base company. It takes a lot of cooperation on the part of a stationship.
But every stationship and every AO should work on this very hard. They should have very very good PRO. They should build it up to a point where attacks on the local organization are rebuffed. They're rebuffed. People don't believe them.
Now we've obviously done it as far as the police of Los Angeles are concerned. Why they - people try to attack the org down there they say “Aw, go get lost.” It's interesting isn't it? I'm sure the police of Los Angeles have been fed information by the American Medical Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Health, Education and Welfare, which means actually “Disease, Ignorance and Starvation” - near as I can figure out that's the way they operate. They've been fed all sorts - because that's the FDA - we've had Internal Revenue who is directly run, as far as we can establish, by the World Federation of Mental Health - Because the Internal Revenue Service will do anything they ask them to. Those birds operating in an area and so on could upset the operating climate of the area.
Operating climate is something you have to work for: It is not a passive thing which simply exists - that you show up has nothing guaranteed about it at all. That you are there. There are only two crimes in the universe - one is to be there and the other is to communicate. Those are two crimes. So you have to add the R and the A, and then you can be there and you can communicate and it goes on up the line. Do you follow?
Without the R - the reality of the situation, and without the Affinity built up, why your C becomes totally inhibited. So you eventually can't even speak out for yourself. So you build your ARC up very high.
Now there are various ways in which to do this. And it isn't just the duty of Division 6 and Division 7. Actually crewmembers also assist in this very very greatly. They are already offering in Mediterranean areas - Mediterranean areas they keep all the women dressed as ugly as possible sitting as far back in the house as possible because they know they'd be finished if they ever let them loose! So that is one thing you have to overcome. Freedom - freedom of women. It's much more general in the United States and in England and in Russia today than it is in the Mediterranean areas, do you see?
So there are various little things that we have, that we're not gonna change but we're sure gonna explain them. Do you see? We're going to get a better explanation on these things, before they think of a better explanation. We normally have got to think of the explanation before they do and publicize it before anybody else can.
So we have the fact that it is an oddity to have a ship that does something else besides carry potatoes from A to B. And it is an oddity to be doing anything in the world but punching a time clock and listening to PRO. I think the whole world's population is not supposed to produce these days, just supposed to listen to this goddamn stuff. “What are we going to do about the Middle East?”
Do you remember that every new appointee that was appointed earlier this year in every country had the same statement to say because he knew the press would print it? “How are we going to handle this problem in the Middle East?” See? Joseph Ergflatz or something appointed to the United Nations - Well we've got to do something about the problem in the Middle East. “Somebody appointed in France, Wee must do somm-theeng about the Meedle East!” Somebody is appointed to the new Foreign Ministry and “Well I rally think we'd bettah do something, you know, about the Middle East, ho-ho, right.” Everybody, you know! “Das Middle East vee got to do sòmm-think!” Do you see any change in the Middle East in the last six months?! Not a damn bit! One hundred per cent PRO.
So these cats go riding in along - all on their hobbyhorses, and somehow or another somebody's gotta listen to all this. The people are going broke and getting shot, and the money is inflating out through the roof and a few other real problems that are happening in the world right now such as “How the hell do you do business in this kind of operating climate?” “How do you even sell potatoes in this operating climate?” I wouldn't know. “Ah, po-ta-toss, uhuh. Cott each vun of dese potatoss open - secret messages.”
Now we sit with the total monopoly actually on psychotherapy, Planet Earth. Fantastic! We've got a total monopoly. Actually, high level administrative skills - got the total monopoly. Everybody's trying to educate people - we know why people can't be educated and we normally can fix them up if we put our minds to it, see? We've got high level tech. One of the troubles is, it's too high.. It's what's known as a cultural lag.
You're going to run into that on administrative education in Africa. I've already, already done some education of Africans and coloreds and whites in Africa on administration. I've already done some of this. Now I produced very very enthusiastic administrators - they were really quivering, and so forth. I wasn't teaching them anything very sophisticated. “When the mail comes in you write it down in a log. When you mail it, you write it down in a log, and put the stamp on it. “You do? Oh boy!” Terrific, you know? “When you type a letter, when you type a letter, somebody at the other end is going to read it and the words have to be written so they can be read.” Overwhelming cognition! “You put the stenographer's initials down at the end of it, and then everything in the place is filed in central file cabinets by alphabet.”
The guys I was teaching this sort of thing to were clerical level people and they were absolutely in awe. They were absolutely convinced that the government was now going to get up off the ground. Of course they had some kind of an insight that I wasn't quite just teaching administration - they also had the idea I might be able to do something for the country at large. And they were beating the drum for this very heavily. All on their own private line. But there was the level of reality of administration in Africa.
Every time I'd get a new girl in that was supposed to be a typist she'd usually been turned out by typing school or somebody, and Jesus, she could no more spell, type or anything else. I used to open the book and every moment that girl wasn't stamping envelopes or doing something else, every spare moment she had she wasn't supposed to be out there chewing the fat with the other girls, she was supposed to be sitting at a typewriter sight-copying and touch-typing the text of a story. And when I'd walk around through the office I would pick up the story and pick up their written text - they'd put what they had typed into the book. See? And they were getting better. And after - they would eventually get the idea that you could type and it could be read and it could be done fairly rapidly. And their confidence would just go up through the stars. They didn't know why they'd learned to type in the first place.
There's your level of administrative action for an executive - for an executive he's doing his nut because nobody can find his letters, nobody can mail his mail, the messenger's never available - it's all going up in smoke as far as he's concerned. The little clerical actions and lines and communication lines - how you answer a telephone and all of this sort of thing, those things are wildly out. Now if he was backed up with any kind of a sophisticated administrative pattern of what he was trying to do, backed up by efficient clerical actions which matched it up, why he would take off like a rocket.
Truth of the matter is, one is rather filled with awe at the amount of progress which has been made in some of the African countries at this time. You look over some of their brochures - which of course are putting their best foot forward - and that they have made any progress is quite remarkable, and the cost that it is costing them, they haven't added up yet. By the time they have borrowed 28 million dollars from the World Bank to build a five million dollar housing project, and what this will eventually do to their economics - you get a sort of a robot society where you have a top strata of this society actually operating each member of the society as though he is a cog in the machine. No members of that society are furnishing any impulse to its forward progress, in other words it's arum, sort of an oddball, funny society. Nobody actually is consulting the happiness of these people, whether or not they like this brand new thing or not.
And they have actually a lot of troubles coming up somewhere in the future because they are not administering economically; they're being took.
But that's beside the point that I was making. Their PRO of course is forward progress, freedom, this, that and the other thing - and you have to figure out, in an area, what they're beating the drum for. This is known as ethnics.
You're at risk always operating in an area where you do not know the ethnic values. Now they don't even have a word for this in English which means exactly that. It's the mores and customs, it's what do the people believe. It's what is right and what is wrong. It is the solution of good conduct. What is right, what is wrong.
Actually some of this work was done for American troops before World War II, and they weren't supposed to do this and weren't supposed to do that, and et cetera, to better their relationships with the native population. But these were simply based on careless factual or non-factual surveys and a space opera approach to this situation is quite different than an Earth approach. Quite different.
If you are going to control or govern or have influence upon an area, you have to make ethnic surveys. You have to find out what is most liked and what is next most liked and what is considered bad and what is considered totally evil. When you've got the lists of those things, now you know the control buttons of the society. Those are the buttons of control, boy. They aren't just “study, ha ha.”
I get so goddamn tired of reading these psychiatrists on “We're studying the community now and we're gonna have — had a conference the other day, and Professor Blotz advanced his new principle that if people were daffy they were quite crazy, and we discussed this for some hours - are new-born babies happy.” And they don't even get a midwife in to ask her. See, it's just total level of eeaahh. That isn't how you do ethnic surveys. You do an ethnic survey by going out and asking questions and by looking into books and backgrounds of religions, and that sort of thing. You have to ask questions, Takes a little while to get ethnic surveys. You're at risk if you're operating in an area in which you do not know the ethnics of that area.
Now. What is good conduct? Honest to Pete, if you look over today who the heroes of stories are that are being written in the United States and England and so on you would be absolutely flabbergasted. Because they obviously are representing the level of good conduct. What is good conduct? What is “being good?” And - you think you can answer this, don't you see? That's your first mistake. What is good conduct today has very little of what had to do with good conduct yesterday.
But an ethnic survey will resolve it whereby you go out on a broad scale basis, you sample enough of the population, you'll find out what the new ethnic is or what their basic ethnics are, really! And then after you've put together a code of performance or action, or the mock-up, you want to get this critically looked at. And then you've just got it taped. That's putting in your R.
And if you want to be very careful about this and if we were going at this on a broad scale in the whole African area, you'd put in the R hard, see. You'd do an ethnic survey, then you'd base a program mock-up on the ethnic survey and then you would get that evaluated and so forth as a new survey and then you would put it into operation. It doesn't necessarily take forever.
You probably think there's a lot of opinion in South Africa. We've just done an ethnic survey in South Africa. You probably think there's a lot of various things. You could probably give me - and even South Africans could probably give you various things that were liked and disliked in South Africa. But you're only interested in the majority. You're studying Che human beings in the mass, not their personal prejudices. You start listing little samplings like that damn PRO thing, see — you listen to one newspaper reporter and you take one prejudiced politician and you add those two up and these guys are charging in with this as a PRO action -- they're gonna get their throats cut sooner or later, and they do. See it's sampling, it's too small a sampling.
Ethnic samplings have got to be very broadly done. Something on the order of 49 per cent. No other such gross figure shows up but something on the order of 49% of the people of South Africa are not all worried about the things you would think they are interested in. The most popular characteristic in South Africa is friendliness. You were looking for something dramatic, you know?
Here's a scene - the PRO lets you see “and from the outside rowrowr and from the inside rowrowr” - and yet what is most liked in South Africa is friendliness. And what is least liked in South Africa is narrow-mindedness. That is detested. And those are the high, sweeping majorities. There are no other majorities. They're little things like 11%, 2%, 1%, they're nothing. Forget them.
So it's friendliness versus narrow-mindedness. It doesn't even make a dichotomy. So all you got to do is say “Those who are against us in South Africa are narrow-minded, because we're the friendliest people in the country!” Immediately the South Africans are for you. Got it? And that's what's meant by an ethnic survey.
Now these are your real PRO factors. But now we're talking from Space Opera. This is how it is done in space opera.
We for instance are walking up on a new PRO triumph: Germany, apparently, medical profession is going absolutely overboard for Dianetics. Good, it won't let them down. But all of their modern technology - the psychiatrists and the psychologists - got all of their modern technology from Germany. It's gone the whole cycle.
Now you see some time in the near future - “Like all great psycho-therapies, Dianetics is being exported from Germany!”
But these are the functions and actions of PRO. Now you'd think normally in talking to a crew or the Sea Org -— about PRO I'd be saying “Don't go ashore and get into fights and et cetera and don't fraternize with the natives et cetera and so on.” That's what a military unit would do and they normally wind up as terribly unpopular. Because they're not the right actions. See?
Now I couldn't at this instant tell you what in this port is exactly the best ethnic actions. You would say immediately “Well you'd have to be pro-Mohammedanism” or something like that. Not necessarily. Nearly all of the newcomers and the younger generation are anti-! See?
So when you preconceive these ethnic values or base them upon what you read in their press, you make mistakes. Because they don't know how to conduct an ethnic survey in the first place.
So actually, to do excellent PRO, you follow the drill. You listen to what the Ship's Rep tells you, don't go off lines, don't go streaming up to agents - that's one of the things we found out, only one guy goes and sees the agent. Your PRO guy, he takes care of everything and everything else is referred to this PRO guy. The crew keeps its nose clean, behaves itself and is friendly to people.
Beyond that you'd have to do an ethnic survey for every particular area and tie it up. Now we do well, we do well since we ourselves got in our drill. And since we had only Scientologists aboard. I don't know what other ships and areas do - full of wogs? If they're as critical of other ships as they're critical of us, and knowing sea crews as I know them, I could say that the government - ha! - government, of Spain, would probably have to wind up by debarring every steamship company and every line from all of their ports, do you see, if they're critical of us.
Now they're not critical of us, they're critical of some PRO action or line infiltration action that has been done. So, a part of it is do a confrontation and get that cleaned up. We've learned that. Don't let these things sit around. Do a confrontation. Punch them through. Punch them through. Bug these people. They've done some bad action toward you, you caught up with and so on, start bugging them! Don't ever let them off. Don't ever let them off. Start tackling it. You know, because it's a pack of lies anyhow. It'll eventually collapse. So you don't let bad PRO stay around if you possibly can help it. As soon as you can do something about it, you do something about it, but from the top.
But meanwhile locally you make all bad PRO look like a bunch of schnooks, see? You put yourself in so strong locally, with all of the powers that be and all of the factors locally, you put yourself in so strong that when they try to do something to you exteriorly it just causes one gawd-awful stink! And it makes the local people think the national people or somebody at the other end of the line are nuts. Do you follow? Because you're putting truth in up against a bunch of lies, and in the final analysis truth always wins.
Now if - you got to know this drill. It's in FOs, it's PROs, Ship's Reps and people of that character, they've got to know this drill, they've got to follow this drill, it's a very precise one, they do it very well - currently it's very well in. It must never be let drop out. And it is not in I am sure around certain stationships or areas to the degree that it could be and I'm sure that it's not in around AOs and SHs to the degree that it should be. But it applies to them too.
Now what you do, if you back that up all the way up the line, if you backed that up a hundred percent with good sound ethnic surveys, and then got your program, your mock-up, your actions and so forth re-analyzed after you'd gotten them planned and then went out alone that line and did follow them - you'd take the world. Do you understand?
That's what PRO consists of. What it consists of to the governments, the outside world, the wogs - they just use it upside down and backwards to kick people's heads in. There's another way to use it, and that's to pick people up and entrench yourself solidly anywhere you want to be.
There's two sides of this PRO. It can be done right, and it can be done wrong. We ourselves in the past have occasionally done it wrong and boy have we suffered for it. So I would say the bad PRO that's being scattered around on a national basis is the third-party action of the centuries. And I would not be a bit surprised if it didn't result in the downfall of most of the existing nations on the planet to this day, the abuses that they're making along the lines of PRO and intelligence.
The Atom bomb isn't the trouble in this world today, it is bad PRO, and using PRO to corrupt and enturbulate. Now if we use PRO to straighten it all out, we'll come out on top. This is one of the most important things a Sea Org member should know. I'm not talking about it as a subject lightly, because it is the subject that has gotten us into the most trouble, and the subject which if done well can get us out of most anything.
Thank you very much.

TAPE # 6910C21 IT'S A PRO WORLD - 21 October 1969
PRO: Public Relations Office or Officer. It is also slang for “Controlled Good Relations in the Community or Area”. When you “PRO” something you visit, write, handle it so as to enhance and improve your Public Image
INHABITANT: one that occupies a particular place regularly
COLD WAR: The state of political tension existing between the Soviet and American blocs of nations following World War II
ASININE: like an ass; stupid, silly
KGB: Soviet State Security Committee, an intelligence agency of the Soviet Union (like the CIA of the United States)
GRU: Soviet military intelligence organization PLACATE to pacify; appease
TIME-LIFE: popular US magazines
INFLATING: increasing beyond what is normal, such as prices, wages
INFEROUS: concluded from evidence, deduced
BLAND: dull
WINDROWS: a row, as of leaves or snow, heaped up by the wind
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency, American intelligence service
PUT YOU OVER THE JUMPS: face a difficulty or a very unpleasant task
VENAL: open to, or characterized by, corruption or bribery
ELIMINATE: to get rid of; remove
MAO: former Chinese Communist leader
DEUXIEME BUREAU: the French equivalent to the American CIA
MI5 & MI6: British intelligence agencies
DORMANT: asleep; not awake or active
HOP IT UP: to stimulate or excite by any means
DOSSIER: a file of papers containing a detailed report or detailed information
SYNDICATE: an association of people formed to carry out any enterprise or project
CASE IN POINT: case being considered
SHAKING DOWN: making a thorough research of
RACKET: any dishonest scheme
APPROPRIATE: to set aside for a specific purpose
PREFACE: introduction
DOUGH: (slang) money
GRAFT: money or advantage gained by unscrupulous use of one's position/ extortion
HOMO: (slang) a homosexual FRANCO a Spanish state leader
ADJUDANT: a staff officer who helps a commanding officer with administrative affairs
CHAMBERLAIN: an official who manages the household of a king or nobleman
COPY suitable material for publishing
ANARCHISTS: a person who believes that all forms of government are undesirable, and should be abolished
BUFFER: something that lessens or absorbs the shock of an impact
NON PERSONA GRATA: a person who is unwanted SHIP'S COMPANY a ship's crew and officers
STATIONSHIP: (ADMIN DICTIONARY) the stationship in each area is the stable terminal for the Commodore and for Flag in that area. The major purpose of stationships is: to put in and keep going AOs and SHs and Central Orgs in their areas, and keep the Sea Org solvent.
REBUFFED driven back
FDA Food and Drug Administration
MONOPOLY the condition of having something all to oneself
DOING HIS NUT to lose one's head; go crazy
ETHNIC(S) (ADMIN DICTIONARY) beliefs, mores, customs, patterns of thought or racial or religious stable data
SPACE OPERA (TECH DICTIONARY) a novel, motion picture, radio or television play, or comic strip usually of a stock type featuring interplanetary travel, beings of outer space often in conflict with the people of earth and other similar science fiction themes
DAFFY crazy, silly
DICHOTOMY (TECH DICTIONARY) can-can't is the plus and minus aspect of all thought and in Scientology is called by a specialized word, dichotomy; a pair of opposites, such as black-white, good-evil, love-hate
PRECONCEIVE to form an idea or opinion ahead of time
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