OT2 Level - success story from Brazil

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OT2 Level - success story from Brazil

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On OT2 my experience of realease of charges in my Inner space was very strong. The energy blocages that It adresses are not accessible without a very strong will and ability to confront as well as clear capacity to perceive movements at the level of energy and mind. While going tô this grade one starts to perceive the impact of events that happened to us collectively and in my exeperiece restrict my level of Inner peace and inner stability.On OT 2 I become more and more rooted in myself with a lot of peace,and ability to expande my conscioussness far beyond my body and no inturbulences.Also the thoughts are under my control and I can stop them,erase them,or watch them.I noticed that people around my feel immedately a release when they are with me,and that I am able to stabilise their space as well threw intention.After the release of charge in each cession I am exterior tô my body like my consciousness expanding all around wich is a healing in itself.I think this level is important to be done conpletely and well,as it requires great persistence focus and high quality technical guidance not to bypass the hidden charges of this case and mistakenly going to the next level without complete erasure .OT 2 provides a the deep change in conscioussness if it is really done,and I wish evryone tô regain this natural state of certainty ,and deep calmness.
Jean mi (Project Timecops)

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