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by L. Ron Hubbard


(Formerly printed in limited manuscript edition under the title

Published by the American Saint Hill Organization
Copyright (C) 1952, 1961, 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard
British Museum Shelf No. 8633 H49
Library of Congress No. RC461, MCAT
Limited Manuscript edition 1952

Tenth Printing


{From the book jacket whose cover illustration is a hirsute, unkempt "caveman" dressed in a fur eating the raw meat from a thigh bone of an animal.} Cover Design Copyright (C) 1971 by L. Ron Hubbard All Rights Reserved

Inside front jacket, two inch square photo of L. Ron Hubbard, founder {the same photograph was printed in the Los Angeles Times series, beginning June 24, 1990}


Dianetics means "through thought." It is that subject containing the basic discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard about Man and the human mind which led to and were the reason for Scientology.

Scientology means "the study of knowledge in its fullest sense." It is an applied religious philosophy founded and developed by L. Ron Hubbard which offers methods and principles by which the able can become more able.

Dianetics is Man's most advanced school of the mind. The way up to a capable human being is the realm of Dianetics -- Scientology reaches from a capable human being upwards. Dianetics was the ultimate development of the mind of human beings. Scientology is the road from there to Total Freedom.

The expansion of Dianetics and Scientology has been phenomenal. The movement is growing so rapidly that there are now over 40 Central Scientology Organizations around the world and hundreds of Missions. In addition to the millions of individuals Dianetics and Scientology has already benefitted, thousands of new people every week are discovering Dianetics and Scientology for the first time and experiencing its great benefits. The sun never sets on Scientology.


Dianetics and Scientology were developed by L. Ron Hubbard, American writer and philosopher.

They were completed after 35 years of research.

Much of Hubbard's early youth was spent in the American West and he travelled extensively in Asia as a young man.

He wrote and published over 15,000,000 words of articles and novels of all kinds before World War II.

During that war he served as a commander of corvettes and was extensively decorated.

Crippled and blind at the end of the war, he resumed his duties of philosophy and by his discoveries recovered so fully that he was reclassified in 1949 for full combat duty. It is matter of medical record that he has twice been pronounced dead and that in 1950 he was given a perfect score on mental and physical fitness reports.

He published his original thesis on his work and the startling popularity of the thesis brought publishers to offer him a contract for a popular work on the subject, which in 1950 soared to the top of the best-seller lists and stayed there. It has since been read by over one and a half million people.

Under Hubbard's direction over Forty Scientology Organizations have sprung up on all continents and there are hundreds of Scientology Missions. Scientologists in the world today number in the millions. A more accurate estimate is impossible because of rapid growth.

Probably no philosopher of modern times has had the popularity and appeal of Hubbard or such startling successes within his own lifetime. And Mankind has had no better friend."


The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he or she has gone past a word or symbol that was not understood.

In studying Scientology, be very, very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. If the material becomes confusing or you can't seem to grasp it, there will be a word just earlier that you have not understood. Don't go any further, but go back to BEFORE you got into trouble, find the misunderstood word or phrase and get it defined.


Scientology is a religious philosophy with spiritual guidance procedures enabling an individual to attain Total Spiritual Freedom. The mission of Scientology is a simple oneQit is to help the individual become aware of himself as an immortal being and to help him achieve and attain the basic truths with regard to himself, his relationship to others, his relationship to the physical universe and to the Supreme Being.

The spiritual counseling procedure used by the Church of Scientology is referred to as auditing or processing. Auditing is a spiritual exercise through which the Thetan (soul) aided by a Minister of the Church seeks total spiritual awareness. Auditing addresses the Thetan and aids him to relieve those encumbrances of a spiritual nature which inhibit the Thetan's native awareness and abilities.

Scientology addresses only the spirit, it is not medicine and does not replace competent medical treatment. If you are physically ill you will be sent to a competent medical practitioner prior to receiving spiritual counseling from a Minister of the Church of Scientology.

The Road to total freedom has indeed come to pass... and is yours for the asking.


This is a cold-blooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years.

The test of any knowledge is its usefulness. Does it make one happier or more able? By it and with it, can he better achieve his goals?

This is useful knowledge. With it the blind again see, the lame walk, the ill recover, the insane become sane and the sane become saner. By its use the thousand abilities Man has sought to recover become his once more.

Like all useful knowledge it was hardly won. I began search into the back track of Mankind some years ago. There was no actual knowledge of it in existence. There were numberless superstitions, countless guesses, as many theories in favour of one thing as in favour of another. People believed, some of them, that Man had lived before. They had no proof. Others believed that Man was born innocent and died and went to a place called Hell. Most believed that when you had lived once, that was all, fellow.

Such a number of conflicting theories must have truth in them. It became my business to discover, against considerable odds, that truth.

In the first place, there was something wrong with Man. An animal such as a cat, even a reptile, a lizard, had habit patterns which carried him through his early days. Not Man. Why not? As usual, a lot of vagueness answered this. The very schools of 'thought' that said Man was just another animal bogged utterly on why it was that babies, the young of this very intelligent animal, are much more stupid than kittens. That was only one thing wrong with Man that wasn't explained.

The further one investigated, the more one came to understand that here, in this creature homo sapiens, were entirely too many unknowns. People who suddenly out of no observable training, begin to speak foreign tongues, men who 'seem to remember having been here before, strange yearnings in people for various parts of the country or the world or the stars of which they have no actual knowledge, such things are routine puzzles.

And there was a much more important thing at work than mere curiosity. Now and then, in my auditing, I would discover a case which would be extremely reluctant to recover and then would recover only partially so long as I used data from the current lifetime of the preclear; but as soon as I used the whole span of the time trackQabout sixty trillion yearsQI could obtain immediate response.

One must be very impartial, even brutal, in investigation. The last series of cases I audited, twenty in number, chosen at random from various life strata and suffering from mental and physical ills which were extremely varied, were audited to demonstrate finally to myself one thing onlyQcan an auditor obtain a swift recovery by auditing the current lifetime only? I used the most modern of techniquesQ1952Qand did a standard auditing address to the current lifetime of each one. I obtained mediocre results, partial recoveries, slight betterment in attitude. Then I audited each case addressing only past track, prior to this lifetime: the results were swift and spectacular. Thus I validated, for myself, the reality that in auditing the whole track, one can obtain excellent results, that in auditing the current lifetime, one can obtain slow and mediocre results. From this series came this conclusion: THE AUDITOR WHO INSISTS ON AUDITING THE CURRENT LIFETIME ONLY, WHEN HE HAS THE WHOLE TRACK TECHNIQUE AVAILABLE, IS WASTING TIME AND EFFORT AND IS, IN FACT, SWINDLING HIS PRECLEAR.

I announced "whole track" techniques to a large number of auditors. I found the better auditors quite willing to use them, and these immediately began to obtain "miracle level" results. A very few held back, were very cautious, would not employ the whole track, clung to this lifetime, invalidated the E-meter, invalidated what they erroneously called "past lives", were scathingly critical of my employing such data. So I investigated the auditors.

Several of these were given sessions by me. I found several noteworthy similarities about them: they were so low in tone it was almost impossible to get them to register on an old style Mathison, their cases were utterly bogged, they generally made a practice of refusing any auditing, their general record with preclears was very poor, their own lives were running badly, they not only fought "past lives" as they called "whole track," but they fought any technique evolved since the summer of 1950 or used later techniques poorly, they would not run any overt acts even in this lifetime, they needed, so far as their cases were concerned, the most careful auditing. I found two people not auditors, who objected violently to "past lives" and who were "wide-open" cases. Both were in the inaccessible band, both had unsavoury social records, both protested being audited in any incident of any kind. I concluded, therefore, that the relatively sane are capable of accepting evidence and the insane are not.

Occasionally people have told me that I should not release the data contained in this volume because there would be a repercussion throughout the country which would ruin Dianetics forever. Oddly enough, I've been unable to discover this repercussion. I have found people alert and friendly toward this data. "Whole track" is evidently much more acceptable than the idea of a prenatal. And witness a recent READER'S DIGEST, even the medical profession is accepting prenatals.

Further, it is very hard to argue with a miracle. Today, Eleanor has arthritis. She is audited "whole track" with 1952 techniques. Tonight she doesn't have arthritis. Miracles, using "whole track" are plentiful. By using this data an auditor can obtain a MEST clear rather easily.

But the best argument which can be advanced for "whole track" is that it is factual. By using this knowledge, more is obtained than auditing results. A preclear suddenly recovers the ability, carefully learned eighty years ago, to play a piano; an electronics engineer, doing poorly before, suddenly wraps up formulae that would puzzle Einstein and which may get Man off Earth, and a thousand details in a hundred sciences become clear.

The search of this track began some years ago and was conducted sporadically on many preclears. Various instruments such as the electro-encephalograph and the police lie-detector, were used to further this search, but these were inadequate and limited for my purposes. Finally, Volney Mathison applied his electronic genius to the problem and invented the Electropsychometer. This instrument had a range and ability greatly in excess of anything before known, it compares to itself only in the field of physioelectrical mensuration and to existing devices as the electronic microscope compares to looking through a quartz stone. As soon as this instrument was turned loose on the problem, the problem ceased to exist. By adding up and checking probabilities on scores of persons, the character, extent and content of the whole track was mapped.

Once the E-meter gave reliable data, the main problem became the estimation of intentions, of sources, of the reasons behind the reasons. Most of this work has been done.

It comments poorly on Man's dullness that this project was
impeded and slowed greatly by lack of funds and by very active
efforts on the part of some to acquire and own the copyrights of
DianeticsQmay the ill of the world forgive them. Thus the map is not
as complete in this issue as it might be.

This work is honest research, done with considerable care. And
it will bear up under survey by any competent auditor or
investigator. The most amusing aspect of the "whole track" is that
this work bears up under the onslaught of police lie-detector
experts: these, hard-eyed and uncompromising, become startled half
out of their wits to discover that some of the crimes they find on
their machines were committed two or three "lives" ago by the
criminal under test, and that, most alarmingly, the crimes so
discovered are discoverable again to the last detail in the police
archives. This is very upsetting to these operators, to be informed
so bluntly that Man lives many years, not three score and ten, and
that today's lifer may again be on their hands tomorrow as a
juvenile delinquent!

Gravestones, ancient vital statistics, old diplomas and medals
will verify in every detail the validity of "many lifetimes." Your
E-meter will tell you.



There are two general problems in processing preclears. The
first is HOW to audit, the second is WHAT to audit. The present
volume presupposes that the skill necessary to the first problem has
been mastered: and there is good reason why this should be the case.
for the present techniques of Dianetics are far from difficult.
SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 to all intents and purposes, putting the
finishing touches on the knowledge necessary to handle thought.

A study of HOW to audit embraces thought, emotion and effort
counter-thought, counter-emotion and counter-effort, and three
actions of energy, the behaviour of attention units, the anatomy of
maybe and a general knowledge of the background of Dianetics.
Elementary group courses exist which, coupled with book study and if
possible, study with a college associate, give one all the insight
and skill necessary to accomplish results.

WHAT to audit is covered in some degree in other literature such
as THE SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL and the first volume of Dianetics:
PROCEDURE AND AXIOMS. The current work is, however, the first
coverage of all categories. It is written to be used in connection
companion pieces of this present volume.

There are four general fields of incidents, four areas of past,
embraced in this work. These are:

1. Present life, from pre-conception to present time;
2. The genetic line, being the evolutionary chain on Earth;
3. Large, specialised segments of the whole track;
4. The theta body line or "whole track".

Of the four only the last is actually capable of producing the
clear with any rapidity. However, the auditor should be familiar
with all these lines. They are taken, one by one, in the above order
in this volume.

All incidents in this volume should be detected and audited with
the assistance of an E-meter. If it were not for the E-meter these
incidents would have remained undetected except in the haziest
state. Without an E-meter, they cannot be audited with security or
even safety for the preclear.

How to audit and What to audit together deserve considerable
study. Certainly they deserve more study than one would give
American history or English or arithmetic, for they deliver a
greater dividend to the individual.

Studying these incidents may be discovered to be restimulative
to the student. If so, he would find auditing them as restimulative.
However, such restimulation is very easily resolved and, unless he
feels close to the end of tolerance, he should not be shy of
auditing or studying the track.

In SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008, we have seen that creative processing is
far superior to any other type of processing. Creative processing
does not address the facsimiles as such; it breaks agreement on the
power of the facsimiles. In order to audit a preclear, however, one
should have a very good acquaintance with what the facsimiles
contain. If he has this information, it is relatively simple for him
to give the preclear "mock-ups" which approximate the material in
facsimiles without telling the preclear why such mock-ups are being
given to him; the facsimiles yet will themselves desensitize. The
mock-ups should be parallel to the incidents which are given here,
but should not be close enough to bring the preclear into the actual
incident. For instance, in the matter of "FAC 1," the preclear
should be made to handle black boxes, cameras, things with handles
on them and should handle them in any environment he chooses, but
not the environment of FAC 1 itself. All the various conditions of
FAC 1 can be approximated, preferably very widely until the preclear
is no longer interested. In the matter of "FAC 1," the auditor will
find that, as soon as the preclear is given a black box on a tripod
to handle, he may have a tendency to set it on a throne and have
large numbers of people bow to it, or have the contraption he has
mocked-up chasing him. Do not in any case let him get an actual FAC
1 "coffee-grinder". This will become clearer as one audits. If the
auditor knows of the existence of these incidents, and if he finds
them in the preclear with an E-meter assessment, then he should use
some solid geometry parallel of the material in the actual incident,
such as a light-bulb for a thetan, etc.

The auditor will soon find that he can tell at a glance in many
cases what incidents his preclear is sitting in. This requires
experience. For instance, people who wear thick horn-rimmed glasses
and are thin are generally in the monitor valence of FAC 1 and will
flip into the incident with great suddenness if it is even closely
approached; as FAC 1 accounts for Tuberculosis in most cases, it
will be seen, then, that this creative processing of whole-track
incidents is of considerable value. The auditor should not, however,
run the actual incident, but should study SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 to
discover how to approximate the incident with mock-ups.


can be audited with some profit.

The complexity of the problem of human behaviour was a
complexity of factors, not an unresolvable mass of twine. Once these
factors are each one known and identified, very little trouble is

ded ATTENTION UNITS and their manifestation on the various tone
scale charts are the sum and total of factors to be audited out of
any one target. Each and every auditing target contains these
factors, is audited in the same way, has the same basic behaviour
pattern and succumbs to such auditing. It does not matter what
target one is addressing in a case, he will not discover wild or
unexplained manifestations in HOW he audits that target. Each one,
in short, is made up of the same woof and warp. Each one is
basically theta. Theta behaves and manifests in a constant manner,
no matter what form it takes. Thus the auditor should quiet any
apprehension he has that something he is auditing is behaving
differently than a standard item. Variables, so far as has been
discovered, do not exist in theta since the discoveries of

There are several targets for the auditor. If he understands
thoroughly what they are, his chances of mistaking one kind of
incident for another are much reduced. They are in their order of
magnitude, not their importance.

CELLULAR INJURIES comprise the first target. A cell is a living
animal all by itself. The most necessary auditing on CELLULAR
INJURIES is the emergency assist wherein the auditor repairs an
accident, a burn, an incident which has just occurred. The auditor
will find that, in auditing a cellular injury which has just
occurred, the somatics are very sharp and far more painful than when
auditing a standard facsimile. CELLULAR INJURIES are audited no
differently than any other kind of incident. However, it must be
remarked that individual cells have "past lives", the easiest
manifestation of past lives to check. An auditor can follow a
particular cell throughout its own generations within the body and,
as part of the evolutionary line, discover many injuries to it.
Further, in going back on the evolutionary line and auditing an
injury to a single cell, the future positions of that cell are
easily located in the body from there to the present, for the future
injuries blow off like small sparks of pain when the basic injury is
released. The migrations of a single cell throughout the body are
very easy to track in this fashion and ordinarily check against
standard suppositions in the field of physical biology. The pulp of
a tooth, for instance, tracks back, cell by cell, to early engrams;
when these are relieved a "toothache" in that tooth becomes almost
impossible, no matter how many "nerves" are exposed, a matter which
brings about quite a revolution in dentistry. CELLULAR INJURIES do
not require any special kind of auditing and they comprise no
special kind of injury nor are there psycho-somatics which demand
that the cells alone be audited.

GENETIC ENTITY, the "GE", is the second area of address. This is
the entity which carries forward from the earliest formation of the
MEST body. It is this entity which has the "genetic line" engrams.
It is located more or less in the centre of the body, the stomach,
but it is actually a composite of all the cellular experience on the
line. It has the manifestation of a single identity. It was formerly
OF MENTAL HEALTH). Out of all the past experience of the MEST body
it makes up a form, a working carbon-oxygen engine. It has no real
personality, it is not the "I" of the body. It has a record in many
cases, of the entire experience forward until the last life. The GE
has the record of past deaths. Auditing it alters physical
structure, eradicates physical malformations. But these can be
otherwise changedQby auditing the theta being. The GE facsimiles
include a transfer of somatics from past theta beings, for it is not
common for a GE to have the same theta being twice. The GE is the
constant and continual workhorse of the theta body. It regulates the
heartbeat, takes care of all such responses, acts as a stimulus-
response mind to avoid pain and discover pleasure and keeps the body
running in general. A GE departs from the body much later than the
theta beings abandon one, sees it through the death to the end and
only then leaves to join the line once more some two or three days
before conception. This is the "mind" of an animal, a dog or a cat
or a cow.

INJECTED ENTITIES are the third class of target. These are
actually synthetics. They are ridges that "think". They form a very
complex pattern. They have geographical areas in the body. These
areas are standard, preclear to preclear. These areas answer up on
an E-meter like actual minds rather than compartments of a mind. The
areas are the CENTRE (forehead and down), the RIGHT INSIDE (from the
edge of the jaw halfway out to the shoulder), the RIGHT OUTSIDE
(from halfway to the shoulder to the point of the shoulder) the LEFT
INSIDE (opposite from the right inside), the LEFT OUTSIDE (opposite
from the right outside), the STOMACH ENTITY (located in the area of
the solar plexus), plus various other entities held in by these
basic entities. These entities run off their own past deaths, on
other tracks, hold sections of the body paralysed, bar areas from
being audited, withhold information from 'I' and do other mischief.
They are actually the basis of demon circuits (as covered in
personality of persons antipathetic to the preclear. They are
entirely stimulus-response. Each one has, from preclear to preclear,
the same personality in the same body position. The RIGHT INSIDE,
for instance, answers up to the name of "crew chief". They are male
and female. Their source is probably a "softened-up" theta being and
they disappear when electronic incidents are audited. Prior to their
disappearance, they can exhibit a wonderful and awesome role in
confusing the preclear. The auditor can move the attention of the
preclear into one of these and audit it through a death or painful
experience and so bring it up to present time. In view of the fact
that auditing basic electronic incidents eradicates them, little
attention need be paid to them by the auditor beyond knowing that
they are there, that they are the "mysterious voices" in the heads
of some preclears, that they make critical or commanding remarks to
him and serve, in general, as a fine source of aberration.
Paralysis, anxiety stomachs, arthritis and many ills and aberrations
have been relieved by auditing them. An E-meter shows them up and
makes them confess their misdeeds. They are probably just
compartments of the mind which, cut off, begin to act as though they
were persons. Here is an inexhaustible source of study and
speculation which I leave to another, having located the method of
wiping them out without paying any attention to them.

THETA BEINGS are the fourth and only really important target for
the auditor. The theta being is the "I", it is WHO the preclear is.
If all the entities and beingnesses of the preclear were hydrogen
balloons locked up inside him and each had a name and identity, the
auditor might be confused and the preclear IS confused as to who "I"
is. But if the preclear were suddenly opened and the balloons let
loose, the "I" balloon would float free, clear and unmistakable and
that "I" balloon would be the theta being, it would be who the
preclear always thought he was anyway. All others are simply
modifiers. The theta being does not get lost. It does not go away,
it cannot be stolen. If it went away, the preclear would be with it
and be it. The vagueness of personal identity is caused by the
confusion of the theta being, not its "inextricable" tanglement with
other identities.

The theta being can be confused in itself, it can be hypnotised,
it can go to sleep. It can experience emotions. It can think. It can
feel pain. It is immortal in that it cannot dieQbut it could
possibly become so burdened with facsimiles that it could not
continue along with bodies. It does not need a body to think, make
facsimiles, experience emotions, remember or perceive.

The theta being seems natively capable of producing considerable
MEST energy. Facsimiles alone inhibit this ability. Whereas it has
come to feel, in association with the bad company of genetic
entities and the MEST universe, that it is a stimulus-response
thing, it is quite capable of generating thought independently of
previous effort, counter-effort or experience.

The preclear is not guarding or harbouring or hiding his theta
beingQhe IS his theta being. A relaxed understanding of this will
prevent a considerable confusion on the part of the auditor and
preclear. If the preclear is responding rationally, he is the theta
being responding.

As the theta being can be "put to sleep", it is possible to
bring then to the surface a GE or another entity which, using the
motor controls of the body, can talk or experience. But the
individual himself is not usually aware of what happened then. The
various strange multi-personality manifestations of the mind are
occasioned by valences and their basics, the entities; ordinarily,
unless the preclear is obviously insane, these sub-personalities are
not distinctly units in themselves but only colour the activities of
the theta being.

Hypnotism is the process of bringing into being the GE or other
entity by putting the theta being into unconsciousness. Self-
hypnosis is the process of the theta being hypnotizing the GE or
other entity and setting up a compulsive or inhibitive circuit with

The auditor must know that the existence of a MEST body within
the fields of the theta being is incidental and even unfortunate for
processing which, in the absence of a body, goes much faster.

The theta being is both outside and inside the MEST body. It is
not just inside. The only reason it is inside at all is that any
field would penetrate the MEST body. The MEST body should not be
thought of as a harbour or vessel for the theta being. A better
example would be a sliver inserted unwantedly in the thumb where the
thumb would be the theta being, the MEST body the sliver. MEST
bodies are good identification tags, they generate exciting
emotions, they are fun to operate at times, but they are no end of

A theta being with its alertness restored is capable of
remoulding the human body within its field, taking off weight here,
restoring it there, changing appearance and even height. The body
can also be altered by auditing cells or the GE. All in all, bodies
are very easy to handle where their condition is concerned. The
question is rather, are they practical? The theta being can
evidently manufacture bodies or a reasonable facsimile thereof
which, while they do not labour, neither do they have to be fed.

To a society quite mad on the subject of MEST bodies, very
aberrated on "care of the body", the foregoing may seem a trifle
strange and one might think the writer had, to be short, slipped a
cable or two in his wits. Indeed, it is very probable that critics
may say so, for their reality is entirely outraged by such sudden
statements. But this matter has been under investigation for a year
and a half as witness "THETA CLEAR" on the SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL tone-
scale chart which I drew in January 1951. It states that the
capabilities of a theta clear were unknown. Now they are not so
unknown and while there is much to learn about them still, much can
be stated concerning them as clear fact. Back of these statements is
a two year public record of making statements which, under gruelling
investigation by others, turn out to be exactly what they were said
to be. Before turning away from the above, try SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008
and learn again what it is to be truly FREE. An hour's auditing will
prove it.


THE PRESENT LIFE is always of considerable interest to the

In the first place, he is continuing to live in the environment
and society, usually, in which he is being audited. He must still
face situations which the auditor will discover. The dramatis
personae of this period is, to some extent, still living or their
artifacts are yet in plain view.

In the second place, the preclear is still connected to these
incidents by the identifying label of his present life name and he
is continually called by this label and has it confused with

In the third place, these facsimiles have not been invalidated
by the shock of a death and the "helpful hands" of the "between
lives" crew and so are normally visible.

Fourthly, in this life we have the combination of the current
GENETIC BEING and the current THETA BEING and their struggle to even
the harsh roadway of living and their divergence of goals.

Present life or any life that comes to view should be, to some
extent, cleared up for the preclear. Lives are, to some degree units
in themselves. This is caused by the fact that each life while the
preclear has been "with body" is lived with a different basic team:
the GENETIC BEING carries on through the evolutionary line, parallel
with the protoplasmic line, generation to generation, usually on the
same planetQin this case, EARTH. The THETA BEING comes into the line
from various quarters and each time usually enters an entirely
different GE line. Any one life, then, is lived with a different GE.
The preclear is always and always was and always will be the THETA
BEING. But the THETA BEING has, life to life, a different GE. The
character and quality of the MEST body then is different in each
lifetime, the past of the MEST body in each lifetime is different
from the viewpoint of the theta being. Thus the theta being has
variation of experience which is not always, life to life, the same
pattern. Thus when lives come to view they should be explored and
audited as above, a few hours spent in this can materially assist a

The PRESENT LIFE is important out of proportion to the small
fraction of total age of the theta being, the auditor will find
himself, in most cases, compelled to spend many hours upon it. But
he should not audit any heavy incidents in the present lifetime.
These have basics which reduce much more swiftly, and these basics
are always earlier by many ages.

The time spent on the present life earlier in Dianetics was very
great. It required scores or hundreds of hours of auditing to
achieve optimum results, and then only with great cunning could the
auditor achieve his goal. Swifter techniques made present life much
easier to audit, cut down the time required and increased the
results; but the same results can be achieved much more swiftly with
much less skill and cunning when one audits WHOLE TRACK, meaning the
track of the theta being.

Just as "medical science" has accepted PRENATAL EXPERIENCE
according to their best heralds, the popular magazines such as
CORONET and READER'S DIGEST, prenatals fade into the obscurity of
curiosa in Dianetics. Great as the results were which occurred when
one audited prenatals, results in the same time are now so
incomparably greater in auditing the whole track or even in using
TECHNIQUE 80, that one need know very little about prenatals. In the
first place, it has been discovered that prenatals happen to the GE,
not the theta being. These recordings are so phonograph-record-like
because they are wholly in the somatic mind (the GE). They deeply
affect the current MEST body structure in many ways but this
structure can be otherwise repaired.

The GENETIC ENTITY apparently enters the protoplasm line some
two days or a week prior to conception. There Is some evidence that
the GE is actually double, one entering on the sperm side, one
entering on the ovum side. If the matter were still important, some
time could be spent determining this, for the GE answers dually in
present time.

The GE continues as the guiding genius throughout prenatal life,
building, regulating the heartbeat and attending to complex
structural matters. It records every perception present, asleep or
awake, conscious or unconscious (in knock-out or drugged sense), to
the number of the (about) fifty perceptions present. Just as the
doctor quite often hears a baby in a womb cry, just as he can hear
its heartbeat with his stethoscope, so can the child hear what is
occurring outside his mother. This is a very important datum from
the standpoint of PREVENTIVE DIANETICS for by knowing it, one can
easily forecast the health and mental poise of a child after birth
by making certain that it has a good prenatal existence. Psychotics
often DRAMATIZE (re-enact) these prenatal engrams and a trip through
a sanatorium will show an auditor many prenatals in full play,
running off like records, ending and starting again endlessly.

Here is the list of prenatals. They can be any combination of
action known to the business of living, but these are the common

Prenatal Incidents

All incidents in any environment are prone to be repeated. Thus
these incidents commonly appear in long chains, many incidents in
each, each incident much the same as the last. To audit the chain
one should get the basic on that chain:

SICKNESS CHAIN, mother's illness
SICKNESS CHAIN, another member of the family's illness
WORK CHAIN, mother's heavy activities at work
EXERCISE CHAIN, mother's activity in sports or calisthenics
FIGHT CHAIN, family quarrels FIGHT CHAIN, outside the home
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CHAIN, mother's high blood pressure
ALCOHOLIC CHAIN, mother's drinking
ACCIDENT CHAIN, mother's falls and bumps
COUGH CHAIN, mother's coughing
COUGH CHAIN, other members of family
MASTURBATION CHAIN, mother's masturbation
CRYING CHAIN, mother's crying

Pre-sperm recordings are quite ordinary. The sperm sequence
itself is worthy of note for it is a race of which the sperm is very
conscious. His travails in reaching the ovum are many. There is a
"visio" which is quite standard, of the race. There is quite often a
light, a spark, in this sequence. The sperm reaches the ovum and
merges. This merging is another incident, conception.

Pre-ovum sequences are on record but are not common. The rolling
of the ovum down the tube is commonly recorded.

Conception and the impulses generated answer the conditions for
one type of cancer, embryonic.

Mitosis is an incident. Cellular division, once or many times,
is on common record. Mitosis answers the conditions for the other
type of cancerQmalignant cell.

Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and

The theta being apparently joins the track immediately prior to
birth. Its sequence, for itself, is DEATH, BETWEEN-LIVES, BIRTH, all
in a few minutes according to some findings, a sequence which is
quite aberrative.

The theta being's joining is called the STARTER. The theta being
sometimes fights away another theta being, sometimes considers this
an overt act.

You may audit an entire prenatal bank without getting as much
rise in the preclear's tone as auditing one STARTER for the theta
being, after all, is the preclear.

BIRTH is a very aberrative affair and a difficult or complicated
birth can aberrate the entire lifetime of the MEST body. But this
means that birth should be without conversation, in a darkened and
quiet room with high humidity and without draughts, not that you
should audit births. In other words, one should know how aberrative
birth is, but one should not audit birth as a practice. One
"Facsimile One" has as many as eighty-thousand births on it as
locks. Birth presents itself to be audited much of the time because
Mother, complaining of how difficult the preclear's birth was, makes
it into an overt act. This overt act had birth as a motivator. Thus,
preclears are anxious to have their birth engram audited.

INFANT and CHILDHOOD ILLNESS are important because in them the
theta being loses much of the control of the body. The incidents of
degradation which precede these, however, are a more important
target for the auditor.

Most preclears are stuck somewhere on the present life track.
The E-meter will tell the auditor where if the auditor asks in terms
of years. It is rarely where the preclear thinks it is. Operations,
accidents, illnesses are all more or less routine. The auditor
should take them as he is given them by the E-meter or symbols or
both, but he should not audit them as such unless he is strongly
forced to do so: the incidents on which they depend are so much
earlier, so much more aberrative.

For every motivator in the present life there is an overt or a
ded. Thus it behooves the auditor to pay much more attention to
using TECHNIQUE 80 than it does to find new and strange present life
incidents to audit. It should not require more than a score of hours
to clean up the present life until heavy incidents in the past can
be audited: this is true for the neurotic and relatively sane only,
it is not true for the psychotics: for them it may be necessary to
audit prenatals or use other techniques and to spend perhaps
hundreds of hours of ARC processing to make them entirely sane and

Present life incidents, by test, cannot quickly resolve any
case. Audit present life only until one can audit theta line
material with safety.


THE GENETIC LINE consists of the total of incidents which have
occurred during the evolution of the MEST body itself. The composite
of these facsimiles has the semblance of a being. This being would
be called the GENETIC ENTITY or the "GE".

The GE is not an actual individual but a composite of
individualities assumed in the single lives along the evolutionary

The discovery of the GE makes it possible at last to vindicate
the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin and to discover the
various missing connections in the line as well as to explore the
characteristics, goals and developmental urges of organisms on the
evolutionary line. Further, the discovery of the GE makes it
possible to adjust hitherto contrary material in the theory of

Darwin and others proposed some scores of years since that an
animal body was developed by necessity into successive organisms,
each one better adjusted to its environment. The organisms began in
simplicity and graduated through successive aeons into complexity.
Darwin proposed that natural selection was the guiding principle and
that protoplasm, genes, etc., were alone capable of modifying the
organism. Later workers proposed ingenious theories of electronic
mutation. Prior to these discoveries of Darwin and others Earthmen
accepted various impossibilities as the explanation of the variety
of animal forms. The Vedic theories persisted until the early A.Ds.
when a new cult arose in the Middle East 30 N. Lat. 30 to 80 E.
Long. Earth) and proposed that animals had been created suddenly
from mud by a Creator and that this included Man. The Vedic peoples
had proposed much earlier that a sort of evolution was responsible
for the various forms. Darwin and his co-workers picked up this
theory after the Vedic hymns had been translated to Europe, about a
century earlier, concurrent with the French-English conquest of
India. Considerable turmoil resulted from the introduction of the
Darwinian theories as these were then in direct contrast with the
existing superstition. A trial of a school teacher who dared teach
the theory of evolution in a backwoods area of the United States
resulted in a victory for the superstition, the school teacher
standing convicted. But evolution received so much publicity over
the world as a result that it is now the generally taught theory in
schools. However, one should not think of evolution as a standard or
precise theory. It is a sprawling and contradictory mass of poorly
compiled data taken from ancient swamps and tar pits, and there are
many schools of evolution. These are taught un-uniformly in biology
classes. Biology is based on "cytology" or the study of cells.
Existing theory in cytology is quite contradictory to various tenets
of evolution. In other words, the field is poorly integrated and
badly understood and not overly gifted with data. The discoveries in
Scientology can be addressed to these sciences of biology and
cytology with considerable profit. By auditing previously uninformed
preclears up this evolutionary line, the results are similar if not

The most direct address to altering the shape and form of the
MEST body of the preclear is the auditing of the evolutionary line.
Many illnesses, aches and pains are residual in the body line
itself. These are restimulated by the environment or the thoughts
and actions of the theta being and, once restimulated, alter the
physical condition of the body. However, the body is responsive in
present time to the command of a re-strengthened theta being and the
shape and condition of the body can be otherwise changed than by
solely addressing the GE.

Single or multiple cells respond each one as though it had its
own GE. Very early on the time track, in the area of the photon
converter or the "helper", the GE and the cell entity are the same,
for here the incidents are single cell incidents.

The theory of the epicentres applies very particularly along the
MEST evolutionary line. This theory holds that in any given
generation on the evolutionary line, the sum of its counter-efforts
will form in the next generation, the new command post. Every
central relay point of the nerve system has been, at some time or
another on the evolutionary line, a command post or a sub-command
post of the organism. As the organism develops these command posts
each one is subjected to new counter-efforts which forms the area of
the new command post. Thus the body has many old command posts from
which the "somatic mind" (or GE) controlled all the responses of the
body. The "funny bone" in the elbow is an old sub-command post, an
old epicentre. Any point of reflex response in the body was an old
command post or sub-command post. These epicentres stand along the
nerve channels of the body and are like switchboards. They still
command their immediate areas and, independently of the central
command post in the brain, can cause reaction in their area. The
best example of this and the most important point for the auditor is
the fact that two separate lines once merged (mollusc) and
thereafter worked together as a team. These lines each one now has
its own command post, its own memory bank. These two lines are the
right and left brain lobes. The one in ascendancy ordinarily
commands the one in subjugation. The right side of the brain
controls the left side of the body. The left side of the brain
controls the right side of the body. Mal-coordination of the two
halves of the body can be traced to imbalance or confusion or
outright warfare between these two control centres. Half-paralysis,
stroke, anaesthesed areas can be traced in part to this mal-
coordination of the present lifetime epicentres. Each one of these
goes back as itself along the same track, generation to generation,
sharing the same experiences, until one reaches the mollusc or
bivalve state where each one has a prior and independent and
separate history. Either one is capable of controlling the whole
body. In the bivalve state one finds them at war with each other in
an effort to attain sole command of the entire bivalve.

Right- and left-handedness are caused by these mal-coordinations
of the two lines. Actually one should be neither right-handed nor
left-handed but ambidextrous. An entire technique, complete within
itself, was worked out some months ago when I first encountered
these phenomena. This technique has been working so well for some
auditors that they wonder why any newer data is introduced. The
technique consists of obtaining optimum communication amongst all
epicentres in the body with the result of a complete unity of action
by the body. This does a great deal for timing and coordination in
general and has been known to eradicate severe psycho-somatic ills.
Theta line techniques, being addressed to "I" rather than to the
MEST body, produce swifter results.

Here is a wealth of material for the investigator. The principal
incidents and circumstances on this line have already been located
and were located before this data was released the first time. But
innumerable structural puzzles are resolved with this data and few
are the preclears whose bodies do not react vigorously to the
suggestion that some of these incidents may exist, so violent is the
charge contained in these incidents. An E-meter has been known to
drop as many as twenty dials on the auditor's faint hint of the
existence of the "helper" or the "weeper".

Life on the evolutionary line is grim, very tooth and claw. So
overpoweringly awesome has been life on this line that the violence
pervaded the social theory of psychology for decades and, indeed has
underlain the most basic philosophies of Man's behaviour. Here, at
the very least, is the explanation for so many theories in the past.

It should not be overlooked that on this GE line one finds what
the uninitiated call "past lives". This continuous living on the
part of the somatic mind does not end with the ape. It continues
right on through to present time. The GE contains enormous amounts
of data about recent times and past times.

The GE in America seems to have followed the track of the
western civilizations. This accounts in part for the strange fact
that our histories give us enormous treatises on Greece and nothing
on Persia, great tomes on Rome and little on Egypt, enormous
writings on that small continent Europe and very little on Asia. A
correct track of civilization is not from Phoenicia, through Greece,
Rome and Europe to America, it is from China through Chaldea,
through Babylonia through Persia, through Achea and minorly through
Greece, Rome and Europe since these last form a decline from
civilizations at various times and periods. It usually passed
through Greece and Rome and Europe, which accounts for our fixation
on these minor empires and inferior societies. The point here is
that a study of history is very restimulative to the GE and produces
body alterations for which the theta being, not having been there
usually, cannot account.

YOU as a theta being, may or may not have seen Greece or Rome.
Your MEST GE has probably activated a body there, just as it has
been, (in accordance with Darwin and his Russian copyist, one of the
patron saints of the current slave state of Russia, Lysenko) an
anthropoid in the deep forests of forgotten continents or a mollusc
seeking to survive on the shore of some lost sea.

By the way, if you cannot take a warning, your discussion of
these incidents with the uninitiated in Scientology can produce
havoc. Should you describe "the clam" to some one, you may
restimulate it in him to the extent of causing severe jaw hinge
pain. One such victim, after hearing about a clam death could not
use his jaws for three days. Another "had to have" two molars
extracted because of the resulting ache. The clam and all these
incidents are very much present in the GE and can be restimulated
easily. So do not be sadistic with your describing them to people-
unless, of course, they belligerently claim that Man has no past
memory for his evolution. In that event, describe away. It makes
believers over and above enriching your friend the dentist who,
indeed, could not exist without these errors and incidents on the
evolutionary line!

The auditor should know about this line for it sometimes crosses
the theta line, which is to say, it is "co-experienced" in places by
the theta being. This is simple to unravel. Also, the preclear may
have a GE incident in such forceful restimulation that the auditor
has no choice but to audit it. When one says GE incident he means,
of course, anything on the entire evolutionary line including "past
lives". One must not forget that the theta being has also shared,
with another (not present) GE some of these past life experiences.
One can discover when the theta being first came to Earth, when it
first had a MEST body on Earth, and so discover its first contact
with some MEST body lineQit has co-experienced with a GE in every
life where it has had a MEST body.

There are extra-terrestrial GEs, perhaps GEs which evolved
elsewhere and which are still elsewhere. These GEs would be on the
evolutionary line of some other planet. They would not cross into
this evolutionary line. But the theta being, where it has had a MEST
body on some other planet may have had it in company with a GE there
which had its own peculiarities. One almost never audits such a
thing, but it is remarked that it can be there.

The following incidents are audited with the usual tools of
Dianetics and Scientology, with due attention to TECHNIQUE 80. One
may wonder what a clam might consider an overt act. The best way to
find out is to put it on the E-meter and ask. Every one of these,
when in evidence to be audited, is part of a motivator-overt
combination. When they do not react on a meter, when they do not
present themselves to be audited, don't bother to go looking for
them. If they are to be audited, they will react with violence, as
much as a five or twenty dial drop on an E-meter. If they drop in
such a fashion there is a companion incident, which is to say that
they have motivators where they are overt acts and overt acts where
they are motivators. Such a drop means that they are being used in
present time as motivators or overt acts.

The Atom

Lucretius said that each atom was life. This may or may not be
true. But the first incident one finds in the GE behaves as though
the preclear were an atom, complete with electronic rings. This
incident audits very poorly until it is located as a companion to
some overt act.

There seems to be a "hole in space" immediately ahead of the
Atom. Just after this hole is a condition of motion, with the
preclear in the centre, with rings of motion travelling around him.

Characteristic of this incident is a state of mind wanting no A-
R-C, neither to receive A-R-C, nor to give A-R-C, wanting NO A-R-C
give or take. This is a comfortable aloneness. The preclear usually
perceives from this his later necessities for ARC on a MEST level.

The Cosmic Impact

As physicists tell us, cosmic rays enter the body in large
numbers and occasionally explode in the body. Very early on the
track the impact of a cosmic ray and its explosion is very
destructive to the existing organism. One is "accepting" rays and
suddenly one explodes. Sometimes one is accepting one while another
explodes elsewhere. This has been found fairly basic on an anxiety
stomach, on acception-rejection confusions. Remember that in all
early incidents there is a GE line for the left side of the body and
one for the right side and either one can affect the whole body when
it is run. Thus, there are ATOMS for the right and left and COSMIC
RAYS for the right and left sides both.

The Photon Converter

All early life is fixated on converting photons to energy. One
finds the algae and the plankton taking their living from photons
from the sun and minerals from the sea.

Because at night there is no sunlight the photon converter sinks
into an apathy which aeons later becomes the MEST body's craving for
sleep. This is a basic problem of no energy received, very little
storage for energy.

All photon converter incidents are concerned with light and
dark, the storms of the sea, the fight to keep from rolling into the
surf. The fear of and combat with the merciless surf is
characteristic of all early incidents until well after the "weeper".
Sending the ill to the seashore to listen to surf is a guaranteed

There are many types of these incidents. A basic one is
concerned with fear of sinking, effort to rise, for the photon
converter must stay afloat.

Past deaths as a photon converter are common. For only by dying
and knowing how one died could the GE utilize the chief counter-
efforts which menaced. A chain of experience which did not include
death would not be able to build efficient organisms and would be
unprofitable. Death on the GE line has a very great value and marks
progress. Death on the theta line is so much wasted time. Hence the
quarrel between the GE and the theta being.

The Helper

THE HELPER is one of the most powerful incidents in terms of
charge on the early track. It is actually mitosis or cell splitting.

The GE carries along a tiny cell, mobile and swimming. Suddenly
it decides to divide. It starts to split in half. There is usually
an enormous struggle in this splitting. One side wants to split, the
other usually does not want to split. Having split, one side is
energetic and starts to go about its business. Then it sees that the
other side is limp and falling toward the mud below the water. The
energetic side turns and dives and tries to nudge the other up to
the surface, tries to revive it. The failing side may revive. In the
incidents you will find there will be one of two outcomes: the
failing side fails despite the other's efforts; the falling side
revives and now, all energetic, swims away leaving to his fate the
other that helped it and who is now too weak to live and so sinks
and dies.

There are two sides to the HELPER. The whole sequence of the
losing side is present, the whole sequence of the winning side is
present. The confusion lies in the fact that each is itself, but a
moment ago was the other. There are whole squads of HELPERS. It is a
confusing area for the GE which therein has much cause for

The Clam

A variety of incidents may intervene between the HELPER and the
WEEPER. These are the evolution chain which includes jellyfish,
seaweed and some other forms. It is interesting that immobile states
are most liable to have heavy incidents. It is also interesting that
bulbous seaweed, uprooted and cast shore by storms, gave Man some of
his early experiences with sunlight in the absence of water.
A distinct somatic of drying and itching is felt by preclears when
they encounter this incident, a restimulation of the drying outer
skin of the dying seaweed. It is also interesting that bulbous
seaweed is an early pattern of Man's later general form. Jellyfish
incidents are quite remarkable for their occasional aberrative
force; the jellyfish sometimes drifts into a cave or grotto and is
pressed against the stone by rising tide and waves, thus gaining the
first facsimiles which later become a shell as in the clam. Here is
an example of the principle of counter-effort moulding the physical
shape and necessities of forms.

THE CLAM is a deadly incident but mostly when restimulated on
purpose. Although this area of the track is called the CLAM, it is
improbable that the actual animal was a clam such as our razorbacks.
Visios on this seem to indicate that it is a scalloped-lip, white-
shelled creature. The clam was, of course, quite thoroughly fixed to
the rocks and the state is very static. The clam had many troubles.
The first of these troubles is the double-hinge problem. One hinge
wishes to stay open, the other tries to close, thus conflict occurs.
Here we have two control centres, both of them more or less equal in
power, having no internal communication.

In the jellyfish we have the first third dynamic engrams where
the goal is to hold together at all costs. As soon as the hinges are
formed in the clam, we have our first efforts to be completely
contrary and internally at war. The solution occurs when one hinge
goes into apathy and the other assumes complete control.

The hinge epicentres later become the hinges of the human jaw.
Should you desire to confirm this, describe to some uninitiated
person the death of a clam without saying what you are describing.
"Can you imagine a clam sitting on the beach, opening and closing
its shell very rapidly?" (Make a motion with your thumb and
forefinger of a rapid opening and closing). The victim may grip his
jaws with his hand and feel quite upset. He may even have to have a
few teeth pulled: At the very least he will argue as to whether or
not the shell stays open at the end or closed. And he will, with no
hint of the death aspect of it, talk about the "poor clam" and he
will feel quite sad emotionally.

The clam had an astonishing number of adventures for so minor a
creature. It would get things into its shell and be unable to get
them out. It would get its shell stuck open and be unable to shut
it. And it would come loose from its rocks under the surface of the
water and get tossed into the broil of the surf. And it would become
deserted by the tide and left to bake under a frying sun, a quite
uncomfortable situation which restimulates sometimes in a sunburn.

There was or is a spore method of procreation used by the clam.
The spore was put on the inside of the lip and permitted to grow.
Eventually it became large enough to become a clam on its own and
would depart. There is a guardian-emotion on the part of the clam
for these spores and a sadness on their departure. But there is more
to the spore than this. The spore was like a barnacle. When the clam
was cast ashore, these spores were still alive in the shell. The sun
would kill the inner cells of the "barnacle" while the outer shell
cells still lived. The dead inner cells would form a gas which,
under the heat, would explode violently to the agony of the living
barnacle shell cells. This bursting was sudden and painful. These
spores gave incidents which permitted the human teeth to have a
pattern. The ancient bursting engrams are still dramatized by the
teeth which, under stress, burst or feel like bursting. Running out
some of these bursting incidents will take the ache out of a tooth
rapidly. The "fifth nerve channel" is around the mouth and is heavy
out of all proportion. A nerve channel is as heavy as it has to
conduit pain away from the area. Thus I deduced that there must have
been much pain in this area and that the "fifth channel" is the
oldest main conduit and so it is. Audit all such incidents for all
teeth and you have permanently taken the pain out of toothache and
cut down decay. By the way, a barnacle, because of this bursting
possibility, at length developed a "blow-out area" a cap which would
blow easily. And teeth have such an area. It gives way and makes

The clam had many, many deaths. A scan across its deaths locates
the one in restimulation. You will be amazed to find the clam
sufficiently advanced as a cellular-somatic mind to have postulates,
to think thoughts.

THE CLAM is actually a group of incidents rather than a single

The Weeper

After leaving the sea, the GE spent a half a million years on
the beach. It had already known about air as a plankton, had known
about the beach as seaweed and dying clam. But it nevertheless
required some half a million years, according to the evolutionists,
for the creature to learn to use the land.

The plights of THE WEEPER are many and pathetic. Still obtaining
its food from the waves, it yet had to breathe. Waves are impetuous
and often irregular. The WEEPER would open up to get food from the
water and get a wave in the shell. It would vigorously pump out the
water and try to get some air and then, before it could gulp
atmosphere, be hit by another wave. Here was anxiety. Being still a
shell animal, the mobility of the WEEPER is poor. It could not
withdraw rapidly nor advance rapidly. Tides went out and left it to
bake and thirst. The sand got into it. And it had to pump water
swiftly in order to continue to live.

The WEEPER is so-called because it had to pump salt water. It
was deduced that crying in a human being is very unnatural. Why is
it that a human has to pump out some salt water in order to feel
betterQwhich is to say, why does crying out a grief charge produce
such a change in a case? The incident must be one of pumping out
salt water. And this is practically the total activity of the WEEPER
which, living perilously on the edge of the surf, had to pump to eat
and to breathe. The creature had two pumping tubes. These later
became, because they were furthest toward the light, the eyes of the
human being. These tubes had very rough treatment, getting full of
sand, being battered by surf.

The inability of a preclear to cry is partly a hang-up in the
WEEPER. He is about to be hit by a wave, has his eyes full of sand
or is frightened about opening his shell because he may be hit. An
occluded case is sometimes merely a case of "shell-shut".

Get the preclear to imagine that his eyes are in his mouth,
looking out. Get him to scan through such a situation. You will find
the weeper which he has in restimulation.

It you make a preclear go through all the physical motions of
sobbing convulsively, no matter what his emotion may be, he may
connect with the weeper. Belching, gasping, sobbing, choking,
shuddering, trembling, are all manifestations of emotional
dramatization of the weeper.

The weeper (originally called "the Grim Weeper" or the Boohoo)
had trillions of misadventures. Scanning over these, the auditor
will find the one or two which have remained in restimulation and
which are open to auditing.

The Volcanoes

Earth was undergoing volcanic upheavals during the days of life
on the beach. Possibly it was this volcanic action which served the
chain of evolution for there is a lack of real reason why this
evolution should not be continuing on even today. The progress of
evolution was cut at the beach, possibly, because the beach is
peculiarly subject to violence during volcanic upheavals, sea and
land being in clash. Now and then the auditor will find a volcanic
upheaval incident in restimulation with its palls of choking
sulphurous smoke. It has been suggested that smoking tobacco is a
sort of dramatization of volcanoes which, at the least, were

The Birds

Occasionally the creatures of the beach, still shell animals,
had their troubles with birds which had become so earlier. Birds of
a very crude construction developed a taste for clams. Clams had no
adequate defence against them. If a clam opened its shell, the bird
would thrust in a beak or a claw. If the clam then closed, the bird
would fly up into the air. The clam would let go, drop on a rock and
become bird food. If the clam didn't close, it became bird food

Falling sensations, indecision and other troubles go with the

Sometimes a preclear will come up with an incident where he was
a bird or even a bat. The auditor should be very careful about what
he would call dub-in. For this one belongs not in the GE but most
likely in the theta line with the preclear taking over the body or
form of a bird or bat. The incident is quite valid. It does not,
however, belong on the GE line.

Theta line incidents occasionally restimulate and group with GE
incidents. Auditing brings them apart easily. Thus it is in the case
of the BIRDS. For theta beings can fly.

Being Eaten

In that so many fish and animals were equipped with so many
teeth, it is inevitable that somebody somewhere on the track would
have been eaten. And so it is, for there are a great many "being
eaten" engrams. These minor circumstances are, of course,
motivators. The auditor should realise that the GE itself did some
eating and thus there are many of these eating engrams which are
motivators. Diet faddists, people who will not eat meat are hung in
maybes on the subject of digesting and being digested. Many strange
psychosomatic ills and skin manifestation may be traced to these

Anyone who knows TECHNIQUE 80 knows that dispersal of energy is
a difficult condition to run. The GE about to be eaten by a fish,
suddenly recognizes the fact. And his attention units disperse. In
fact, he may disperse right off the couch. Few auditors, in the
absence of TECHNIQUE 80, have been able to run "being eaten"
incidents. Knowing about the dispersal of attention units and
knowing that this is fear may permit an auditor at last to run and
reduce these "being eaten" incidents.

There is a strange compliance on the part of the GE, in some
cases to be eaten. Later on this may take on the form of compliance
in being beaten or abused. Masochism on the GE line may have its
seat in such incidents. There is an "emotion" of being able to at
least assist the survival of another body by letting it be fed.

Auditing an "eating" incident consists of requiring the preclear
to locate the dispersal of his attention units and the centre of
that dispersal. The attention units may be located far behind the GE
in the "eating" incident and should be traced from there back to the
preclear until they are reduced.

* NOTE: Psoriasis may be caused by the action of digestive fluid in
some incident where the preclear was being eaten. Subject to test.

The Sloth

There are many steps and incidents between the BIRDS and the
SLOTH. However they are most of them mobile and few of them are
found in high restimulation. With the SLOTH we again find the GE in
a state which is not very mobile, not easily defensible, in a world
where the evolutionary line has produced more developed and more
carnivorous beings.

Man's line is not very pugnacious. The GE is smarter in Man's
line than the GEs in other lines, but Man's current intelligence
comes from an entirely different quarter than evolution. The SLOTH
shows Man's nature well, so far as GEs are concerned. "Leave me
alone and I'll leave you alone" is the philosophy here. But the
sloth was slow and easily attacked and he had bad times falling out
of trees when hit by snakes, falling off cliffs when attacked by
baboons. And the sloth was trying to THINK. The most pitiful painful
efforts at thinking are found in this series.

THE SLOTH is a chain of incidents and misadventures, mostly
showing up fear of snakes and of falling.

The Ape

When Man had advanced as far as the APE he was agile and
intelligent. The APE is usually an area of overt acts against
animals and incidents of protecting young.

The Piltdown Man

Man's first real Manhood is found in the PILTDOWN, a creature
not an ape, yet not entirely a Man. It is so named not because it is
accurately the real Piltdown Man but because it has some similarity.

The PILTDOWN contains freakish acts of strange "logic," of
demonstrating dangerous on one's fellows, of eating one's wife and
other somewhat illogical activities. The PILTDOWN teeth were
ENORMOUS and he was quite careless as to whom and what he bit and
often very much surprised at the resulting damage.

Obsessions about biting efforts to hide the mouth and early
familial troubles can be found in the PILTDOWN. It is a wonderful
area in which to locate GE overt acts.

Keeping women at home for men and keeping a man from keeping one
at home for women can be found in the CAVEMAN. Here one crippled
one's woman to keep her there or poisoned one's man for having kept
her there. Marital malaction often goes back to the CAVEMAN. Any
condition of interpersonal relationships can be found in this area.
Jealousy and overt acts around it, strangling, smashing in heads
with rocks, quarrels about homes, tribal rebukes, pack instincts can
be found in THE CAVEMAN.

Past Deaths

It must be kept in mind that past deaths happened to the GE and
to the theta being. Any GE has a regular line of past deaths, coming
on forward chronologically.

The auditor may have some difficulty locating GE deaths in the
last few thousand years because deaths are also registered on the
theta line. The GE under processing may have had hundreds of theta
beings in command of it down the centuries. There is a matter known
as the "second facsimile" or "duplicate facsimile." A theta being
takes a picture of the memory of a GE and carries it as a record. A
GE takes a picture of the memories of theta beings and carries
those. Thus there can be many "second facsimiles" of past deaths for
the same period of time. One should not be surprised at
"discovering" five past deaths all occurring in the same span of
years. Some will be second facsimiles, a maximum of two for that
period will be actual incidents. One death happened to the theta
being using another GE line, the other happened to the GE. They will
be in different places at different times.

Second facsimiles are "photographs" of the memories of another.
They are still pictures usually. Their characteristic is that they
show up with only two or three pictures of some long situation. As
they are "pictures" of change and age and everything else, they will
show up on an E-meter as charged incidents. But when one tries to
audit them, they change into the basic incident, the actual one, the
"pictures" vanishing. The existence of a real facsimile in the GE or
the theta being will restimulate and hold as locks, pictures taken
from former theta beings and GEs. Any death registering, or any
incident registering on an E-meter for a certain period in the GE
line tells you that there is a real incident in that area. Hunting
for the real one, you may find some of these second facsimiles.
These usually evaporate when touched and the actual incident is
quickly found.

This matter is mentioned because auditors are sometimes puzzled
by shifting dates on an E-meter or incidents simultaneously
occurring where they should not. An auditor, merely by pursuing the
matter, automatically sorts out the second facsimiles which may be
there and finds the actual facsimiles which must be audited.

Contact between a theta being and a GE must be very intimate for
a photograph to be taken of the other's facsimiles. Or two beings
must be in almost hypnotic rapport for the matter to occur. The
facsimiles themselves do not shift from one to the other. One being
simply sees, then makes a "picture" of the facsimile of another when
that other has the facsimile in restimulation. Any auditor has
"seen" his preclear's incidents.


ASSUMPTION is the name given to the act of a theta being taking
over a MEST body. This is occasionally found to be part of the
record of the GE strong enough to be audited. It is the sensation of
being taken over thoroughly, sometimes contains the shock of
contact. The ASSUMPTION takes place in most cases just prior to
birth for every GE generation.

Evidently theta being ASSUMPTION is recent on Earth. It is rare
to find a theta being coming to Earth 35,000 years ago, rarer to
find one earlier. 70,000 years ago is the present earliest arrival
of a theta being on Earth. In a great many cases, the preclear (for
the awareness of awareness of the preclear IS the theta being) will
be found to have arrived on Earth for the first time only a few
hundred years ago. E-meter reaction occurs in the GE line on these
ASSUMPTIONS and the auditor should be careful to differentiate
whether he is reading for the GE or the preclear himself.

The GE takes a poor outlook on ASSUMPTIONS but in reality it is
not much different to the GE to be taken over by a theta being than
by a new epicentre developed in the past generation.

There is a smothering peculiar to ASSUMPTION from the viewpoint
of the GE which is followed by a fear of being caught, a desire to
hide, a wonderingness at this nothingness which hit him and wrapped
him up.

[Chart not included of "Relationship of GE to Theta Beings"
showing how the GE can follow to change protoplasmic lines, as can
Theta Beings. Nor do GE and Theta Beings need to be coincident in a
protoplasm. "Human beings combine protoplasm, theta being, and
genetic entity necessary to be Homo Sapiens."]


The GE stays with a dying body to the complete end and then
soars upwards and obtains a downview of the dead. This is routine.
In that the anaten of death deepens as the end nears and goes deeper
than in any other incident, an auditor may leave the end of a death
unaudited by carelessness.

The theta being leaves earlier than the GE and the GE sometimes
records the departure of the theta being before the GE itself
departs from the dying.

There are conditional departures of both in bad accidents and

THE THETA BEING is the principal target of the auditor.

THE PRECLEAR is the theta being.

The main thing wrong with any preclear is that he cannot
disentangle himself from entities and somatic entities, from demon
circuits and MEST bodies. He wants to know WHO he is and WHERE he

A common complaint from a preclear is that somebody won't let
him be himself. The joke of this is that the preclear doesn't know
who HIMSELF is, much less why he can be allowed to be HIM.

Take any preclear and, using concept running, motivator, overt
and DED and you will find him instantly in the midst of dozens of
engrams if you ask him to run the concepts, "I am myself," "You are
yourself," "What is my name?" "Who am I?" and similar concepts which
attempt to single out his identity.

The only reason why a person becomes aberrated about other
people is that he cannot distinguish between himself and others. You
find preclearsQand auditors tooQwho go around thinking themselves
burdened with facsimiles of others, who become restimulated and then
try to run the engrams of others to cool the restimulation.

IDENTIFICATION OF THE REAL "I" is the sure cure for

WHO is the preclear? He is the theta being.

How does one really de-aberrate and clear a preclear? By
clearing the theta being.

By running genetic entity incidents, by cleaning up present
life, by running "past deaths," the auditor can get rid of
psychosomatics by the bale for the preclear. The auditor can
practically rebuild the body.

He can clarify thought by taking away pains restimulated by
thinking. He can do a thousand marvels never before possible here on
EarthQor anywhere else for that matter.

But when he has done all these things, often at great labour,
what does he have? He has a composite being, good enough to be
called homo novisQa theta-animated MEST body possessed of new and
desirable attributes. That doesn't mean he has the preclear cleared.
That doesn't mean that he has located the preclear for the preclear
and restored an ultimate self-determinism. It means the auditor has
done well. The auditor has made what we are calling a MEST clear, a
good, sane, rational MEST being about a skyscraper higher than homo
sapiens. But in that homo sapiens is a pretty horrible thing to be,
this isn't good enough, not nearly good enough.

This homo novis is limited in his self-determinism by all the
economic and social restrictions of an aberrated society. He is not
free of food, clothing or shelter. He dies when you get him too
cold, he perishes when the oxygen content drops too low. He is
living in a tolerance band which keeps him cramped to the face of
one second-rate planet in a tenth-rate system, prey to all the ill
will that blows. Is this being free or self-determined? Maybe he is
good enough to overlord his fellows into a security for himself
never before possible. But that is his only real route towards
security. He must fight and command for his three squares, he must
use police protection in order to keep himself free of bullet holes
and bumper marks. Compared to a homo sapiens, homo novis is very
high and godlike. Compared to a truly self-determined being, homo
novis is an ant ready to die under anybody's mis-step.

This universe is a rough universe. It is a terrible and deadly
universe. Only the strong survive it, only the ruthless can own it.
Given one weak spot a being cannot long endure it for this universe
will search it out and enlarge it and fester and probe it until that
weak spot is a festering wound so large that the being is engulfed
by his own sores.

Fighting this battle for survival, and fight it he must, a being
in the MEST universe cannot seem to afford decency or charity or
ethics; he cannot afford any weakness, any mercy. The moment he does
he is lostQfor he is surrounded by chilled, coarse rock and molten
energy which, no matter the state of aberration of his social
surroundings will engulf him instantly that he ceases to obey the
very least laws of MEST.

This is a universe of force. It is not a universe of reason.
Brutal, unthinking, without decency or mercy, MEST force awaits with
punishment any being with any weakness.

The possession of a MEST body is a liability for through that
body the being can be given pain, can be regimented by the routine
demands of eating and care from harm until at the very, very highest
he can be but a puppet dancing to the spin of some unthinking planet
under the strong glare of a remote and careless sun. Under these
conditions a being burdened with care and liability of a body, made
uncertain by an unknowingness, bows to strange and non-existent
gods, resorts to terrible make-shifts in lieu of justice, cringes
before the mightier bomb, the sharper blade.

You have examined an engram. A standard engram is simply the
collision of the body with the MEST universe with sufficient impact
to produce the confusion of attention known as "unconsciousness."

Should you care to make a test, just run "care of the body" as a
total therapy. You will discover that by running out the postulates
of a preclear about his body and its care and his injunctions and
insistences to others that they care for their bodies, you can
produce soaring changes in tone. An entire book can be written
concerning this therapy. An entire book has been written about itQ
the first in Dianetics. This therapy could be styled, "The efforts
of a theta being to reconcile the frailty of a MEST body with the
ethics of a theta being." They do not reconcile, these two.
Schopenhauer, Zeno and names without number in philosophy have been
trying to make this reconciliation for aeons. One says, "Defeat it
all and die, for only by dying can you defeat it." Another says,
"You can't win, therefore the only victory is in refusing to try to

Christianity and a million other -anities have struggled with
this problem and the result is a pot-pourri of answers, none of
which reconcile the problem. You have a soulQit goes off somewhere,
you don't know about it. You are a soul, you don't know about it.

Today we live in a vast cult called "Worship the body". Medical
doctors, school teachers, parents, traffic officers, the whole
society unites into this war-cry, "Care for the body." This stems
from the ignorance that the body is all that one has, that he will
have just one body, that his total devotion is the care of that

A body is a vegetable. It is not even a sentient vegetable for
it lacks perception in the whole theta range. Like any vegetable it
grows from seed and has habit patterns which help it survive. And,
like any vegetable, one way or another, it gets used by others.

Early theta beings saw MEST bodies acting and being as though
they were self-motivated. This was a curiosity. The early theta
being did not know that these MEST bodies depended wholly for their
wits under the guidance of a decayed theta being. The bodies looked
like entities of considerable force and skill. The theta beingness
of them was hidden and unapparent. Thus even theta beings have been
fooled by MEST bodies.

A MEST body, whether it belongs to the race of Man or the race
of ants is yet but an animated vegetable. Given a theta being to
guide it, it becomes part of a composite such as homo sapiens: here
we have a theta being, decayed into unknowingness, devoted to the
care of a MEST body. The "I" of this body, the actual volition of
it, all its wits and skills are theta things derived from the
guidance of a theta being. By itself the body would live, walk
around, react, sleep, kill, and direct an existence no better than
that of a field mouse or a zombie. Put a theta being over it and it
becomes possessed of ethics and morals and direction and goals and
the ability to reason; it becomes this strange thing called homo
sapiens, a being above animals and yet an animal.

Give this MEST body a psychotic theta being and you get a sort
of Frankenstein's monster. Give this MEST body a nearly unconscious
theta being and you get a zombie.

The body is a carbon-oxygen engine which runs at 98.6 F. The
theta being is the engineer running this engine in a homo sapiens.
There is already an entity running this engine, the GE, but there is
here only a total devotion to avoiding pain, seeking survival
factors of the meanest sort, begetting new MEST bodies. Every cell
in that body has its own theta, the GE is theta. A THETA BEING is
something else entirely.

In the first place, the theta being came into being without the
need of a MEST body, without the need of motors. It is close to a
perpetual motion picture machine in that it can create energy and
impulses. It thinks without facsimiles, it can act without
experience, it can know simply by being. When we have talked of
optimum performance in Dianetics or Scientology, we have talked
about the actual top level capabilities of the theta being, not the
capabilities of the MEST being. Early work in Dianetics treats of
the composite called homo sapiens and treats that composite for what
it is, an identity of several parts which act in greater or less
coordination. You can go right on treating this composite being as a
unit, you can go right on treating him and getting results for which
you will be praised. But you must know that you are not treating the
actual identity when you treat the MEST bodyQyou are furthering a
composite and actually you are subscribing to the International Cult
called "Care of the Body."

You can, at your own choice, go on living with and processing
this composite known as homo sapiens and create homo novis. You can
use Dianetics to make hitherto impossible strides. But be advised
that in this choice you are living with paradoxes which no
philosopher in all the ages ever reconciled-the injustice of death,
the depravity of human beings as in Plato, the penalty of assisting
another, the impossibility of having good ARC and survival too, the
liability of being kind and merciful and every "unanswerable"
religious paradox known. You, by persisting in yesterday's reality
are persisting then in problems which have never been resolved with
the factors accepted. You are demanding of a MEST-theta composite
that he be self-determined when every zephyr from a hard universe
contains death for him and can turn him like a top; you are
demanding that he be "careful" when his only salvation is to be
care-free, you are saddling him with all the unanswered riddles of
an aberrated life in an aberrated world. And you are condemning a
preclear to the dwindling spiralQ for the theta being as part of the
composite decays fast and soon dies forever in the rigid apathy of

Thus this data is given you. In lieu of this data the only thing
which could be given Man is the answering salute to the gladiatorsQ
they who are about to die.

As an auditor, the choice is yours to make the paradoxes or the
answer. I would not give you this data unless it can be demonstrated
on any preclear with ease. And I would not give it to you unless you
needed it.

Here it is.


THE CAPABILITIES OF THE THETA BEING cannot at this time be set
down in a full sweep of data. In the first place, it would be unfair
to tomorrow to detail in writing the exact constitution of a theta
being, for by just that much could he be predicted and brought again
into a low state. The auditor does not have to know too much of
these full capabilities. The preclear will discover them for himself
in processing.

But there are a few data necessary to auditing and these are set

A theta being is capable of emitting a considerable electronic
flow. This is not done by using facsimiles but is actually a
creation of motion which we now know as "electricity". A theta being
produces considerable voltage and amperage, enough to give somebody
a very bad shock, to put out his eyes or cut him in half.

The theta being, on his own, can instill anything on the
emotional range into another being for each emotion is a wave length
and wave characteristic.

A theta being does not use facsimiles to think or act. He does
"mock-ups" of the situation and by examining the "mock-up" knows how
something works or what should be done with a situation. His memory
is by pervasionQwhich is to say by pervading again the area of the
data or by approximation. He is not stimulus response.

Facsimiles are accumulated by a theta being at will, discarded
at will much as a man collects stamps.

Theta beings can rip chains of facsimiles away from other theta
beings. This is not done as a therapy but as an outright prankish

The identity of a theta being is not based on his memory of
events but on an actual knowledge of identity.

A theta being can be rendered unconscious by wave action-he can
be hypnotized; he can be made to sleep; he can be made to possess
facsimiles and use them. He can be aberrated in such fashion so as
to forget his identity. He is subject to all the laws and rules of
thought, emotion and effort as described in Dianetics and
ScientologyQwith the difference that, fairly clear, he has enormous
choice in their use.

A theta being can be de-aberrated by ridding him of his chains
of facsimiles and restoring to him his knowledge of identity.

A theta being can enjoy existence and emotional impact, he can
plan and act. His activities lie about 8.0 on the tone-scale. He is
very high aesthetically and devotes most of his time to aesthetics.

Theta beings associate socially with theta beings and have a
high sense of justice.

A theta being can be made visible by certain electronic flows;
he can be pinned down by certain flows. The wave lengths of these
flows are not known to homo sapiens at this time and methods of
emission of them have not been invented on Earth.

MEST beings of the class of homo sapiens are composite beings
motivated by a theta being, entities, the GE and the environment.
MEST beings, fallen away from being theta beings, incapable of
regaining a theta state in the absence of Dianetics, dislike theta
beings (whom we will call THETANS from here on, meaning a theta
being who has not been forced to have a MEST body). MEST beings,
trying to inhabit an area of THETANS are commonly balked and fought
by the thetans and the MEST beings then begin to trap and harass the
thetans and will use them to motivate new bodies when the thetans
have been reduced to little or nothing in power. The THEY which you
will discover in incidents are MEST beings. The current homo sapiens
is a THEY. MEST beings (amnesia and a MEST body) attack thetans who
menace them. Thetans can kill MEST bodies by throwing a charge at
them. Thus a war develops between thetans and MEST beings. Given
electronics and hitherto unconquered thetans, MEST beings can and
have won.

Thetans communicate by telepathy. They can move material objects
by throwing an energy flow at them. They can travel at very high
speeds. They are not bound by atmospheres or temperatures.

Thetans quarrel with each other by showing each other facsimiles
or throwing energy flows at each other, but they are not very

Thetans do not die. They grow in that there are young and old
thetans. Decaying, they obtain MEST bodies and eventually pass out
in the form of a solid, apathetic slumber.

A thetan can feel pain. He can be crippled and dismembered, but
this requires force which would blow half a town off the map.

Thetans live on some planets. They consider these to be "outside
the MEST universe" by which they mean outside areas inhabited by the
composite beings, the "races" which use electronics and need bodies.

A thetan, brought low enough to have a MEST body, may consider
that he has been trapped by "time warps" or that his universe is
another dimension or some such thing. This is not the case. Thetans
live in the same time stream with the difference that they can alter
concepts of time and get future or past at willQit is THE THETAN who
is altering his concept, not the time that is changing. So don't go
off on wild chases after fourth and fifth dimensions, time warps and
other time-space universes: teleportation makes it look like these
exist for the thetan. There is more to this but you don't really
need it in processing.

There are two states of "theta clear." One of these is a CLEARED
THETAN, from whom all incidents would be removed; the other is the
THETAN cleared of a necessity to have a MEST body. When we say
"theta clear" we mean the latter.

A THETAN is somewhat bound-in here on Earth because of the
existence of other system forces. Probably, with a few THETANS
active, this planet will be much less calm and orderly. Probably
homo sapiens will use electronics some day to re-trap thetans who
are bothering him but if homo sapiens has the techniques for getting
free himself, some miracle might avert this. Possibly a handful of
thetans will someday become alarmed at the worries and efforts of
homo sapiens and try to throw the remaining race into a super-
controlled slavery. All that is speculation but it is not a
speculation that life will become much more interesting on this
planet. It is doubtful if the thetans will pull off the ultimate
trickQsimply knocking out the atmosphere of the planetQthat "clears"
everybody after a fashion. There is nothing as wild in the books of
Man as will probably happen here on Earth. And it will happen and be
allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that
nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late.
Its incredibility is its best safeguard, so you needn't bother to
convince anybody who doesn't want to believe it. It took the medical
profession two and a half years to catch on to prenatals. People
getting cleared of bodies don't need any such time lag. And so, may
I make this simple requestQdon't get spectacular until a few of the
boys make it. You don't want to be lonesomeQand you'll need
reinforcements if a war gets declared on thetans here. The preclear
may think he can do it alone if he gets cleared of a bodyQhe'll need
more help and company than he thinks. So, again, as a final note on
this chapter, let's not go upsetting governments and putting on a
show to "prove" anything to homo sapiens for a while; it's a
horrible temptation to knock off hats at fifty yards and read books
a couple of countries away and get into the rotogravure section and
the Hearst WeekliesQbut you'll just make it tough on somebody else
who is trying to get across this bridge. Let sleeping sapiens snore
in the bulk for yet awhile. Then meet some place and decide what to
do about him and his two penny wars, his insane and his prisons.
Tell people who want to invalidate all thus, "Your criticism is very
just. It's only fantasy." Cure up the lame and halt and the
incompetent with whatever display of technique you need. Protect
theta clearing until there are a few.


THE HISTORY OF THE THETA LINE is long and interesting. All you
really want to know of it, however, is how much of it applies to
your preclear. You will be pleased to discover that this is
relatively little, a snap of the fingers in time compared to what
could be.

The whole track seems to begin about seventy trillion years ago.

Thetans like facsimiles just like a homo sapiens likes TV. A
thetan can take a facsimile and inspect it. He likes to collect them
like a bibliophile collects books. Any thetan has purloined packages
of facsimilies from other thetans just like schoolboys take pictures
of champions away from each other. Thus your thetan has two things;
he has his own record of real experience, of things which actually
happened to him; and he has whole banks of "second facsimiles" or
photographs he has taken from other thetan banks.

Second facsimiles are complete pictures. They will show up with
charge on an E-meter because they also contain the "charge
notation". But the moment you locate the fact that the whole bank of
second facsimiles was taken from another being, the preclear stops
using them as experience and they no longer show up on the E-meter.
The characteristic of the second facsimile on the E-meter then is to
show up for a short time, and then, identified as from a "borrowed
bank" not register any more.

The best way to knock out second facsimile banks is to run out
of the preclear incidents of "borrowing" facsimiles. He'll have many
of these.

A preclear, needing a motivator for some overt act he has done
will start to use a second facsimile as the motivator. It will even
give him somatics. A preclear may have as many as eight banks he is
using. Identify seven of them as "borrowed" banks and you have him
operating then on his own bank. This is the stop necessary to get
him running on his own actual track.

Sometimes you may find that he has used a second facsimile so
much that it has to be run. Run, it shows up as two or three still
pictures, not as a moving picture.

The only truly important facsimiles are those which actually
happened to the thetan himself, not what he borrowed.

You can plot out as you wish the whole track. Incidents given
here in this volume or variations of them will be found on this

A common history of the theta line as applied to your preclear
starts with his "Separation from the Main Body of Theta", continues
through "Home Universe", runs into his entrapment by MEST beings and
then through life as we know it with its cycle of birth, MEST body
living, death, between lives wipe-out and birth again.

The thetan lives his life in segments: the largest segment is
composed of "spirals"; as he goes through the MEST universe, he is
involved in a series of spirals each one less in terms of years,
ordinarily, than the last. The first spiral which occurred 70 or 74
trillion years ago, might have been as long as a trillion years, but
the next spiral after that was a little shorter. Succeeding spirals
each one shortened. The present spiral for most people is about
40,000 years long, although, many are on a longer spiral than this,
and not a few are on a very short spiral. The length of this spiral
might serve to indicate how much longer the thetan can continue. By
a spiral would be meant a more or less continuous cycle of action. A
life in a MEST body is a variety of cycles; it is not a spiral, for
the preclear's knowingness often extends to earlier bodies. The
first big cycle would be at its probable longest 76 trillion years.
This would be sub-divided into spirals, any one of which might
comprise more than one lifetime. Spirals could be sub-divided into
"lives", such as the current life which is only one division of the
current spiral. A whole spiral can get into restimulation in some
earlier period just as a past life can get into restimulation in
this life. The incidents contained in that whole spiral, then, would
be quite important. Sometimes a spiral has ended suddenly and
earlier than scheduled for a preclear. This has remained to him as a
very bad shock. It would be like a past death but of a very great
magnitude. The beginning of this spiral finds the being thinking he
is new with universes to conquer and the end of the spiral finds him
practically expiring, even as a thetan.

The overt acts of the thetan are "nipping" by which he harasses
other thetans, "nipping" MEST beingsQwhich usually kills them dead
much to the thetan's surprise, blanketing of MEST bodies for sexual
thrill and other purposes, trapping other thetans after one has
become a MEST being and the usual variety of overt acts common on

None of this is very complicated as a history. It is made to
LOOK complicated by the existence of "borrowed" banks, entities and
"cover-up" actions by the preclear. The main task of the auditor is
to get the preclear to identify himself as himself and to identify
the actual track of himself. The rest is easy.


THE TYPES OF INCIDENTS found on the theta line are somewhat
different than the auditor has been accustomed to running in present
life processing. The elements contained in those incidents are the
sameQthought, emotion, effort, counterthought, counter-emotion,
counter-effort, attention units and counter-units. The emphasis,
however, is upon attention units and counter-units. The reason for
this is rather obvious.

How would you go about nearly killing an almost immortal being?
It would require about the heaviest force possible. The tone scale
above two contains perception, below two there is little or no
perception beyond attention units. Here is the occluded case. The
individual himself may be running on a higher harmonic of his
occluded toneQbut the incidents which must be run to restore his
perception in incidents are all too heavy to contain much in the way
of perception. Hence, the tracking of attention units and the skills
necessary to that are the requisites in running theta track
incidents. Further, so heavy are these facsimiles that even when
using "mock-ups", one must be very conversant with TECHNIQUE 80, for
the incidents hang up when the motivator is run too long or when the
overt or DED are run too long. (Old time incidents were said to go
into recession. This is because they had an overt motivator opposite
from them which had to be run.)

The auditor never really understands apathy, fear or anger until
he has run the heavy facsimiles of the theta line. It is not that
they affect the preclear more stronglyQthey do not. It is that they
are so heavy they can be like so much glue or hardwood. Reversing to
the opposite incident, to the overt from the motivator, from the
motivator to the overt alone makes it possible to run theta line.

One might have known for a very long time how far back this
theta line went and how serious were the incidents upon it. But it
would have done him no good to know about these incidents for,
without attention unit running, which I developed only a short time
ago, the incidents would not be runnable at all.

There were two ways of running a case: one was to unburden it
until the natural resurgence of the individual keyed out the lower,
heavier incidents, the other was to run the incidents no matter how
heavy they were. The theta line, then, could not be audited at all
until attention unit running and overt acts had been developed and
refined for auditor application. The first method of unburdening is
the one which auditors have been doing wholly, whether they realized
it or not. The other one of cleaning up the incidents themselves,
the very bottom basics of the chains has not been in use because it
couldn't be. Thus Dianetics was kept to one life until such time as
the entire mechanical aspect of the lower track could be examined
and techniques developed for resolving it. Of course, these
techniques, if they resolve heavy incidents, resolve lighter ones as
well, and so a revolution in processing can be announced which, if
you MUST process only the current life, will resolve it in most
cases in five or ten hours of processing. If it doesn't resolve,
then the auditor simply doesn't know 8-8008 and that's all there is
to it.

Despite the fact that they are heavy, that they are strange,
theta line incidents are easy to audit IF the auditor knows 8-8008.
If the incidents are very hard to run, then the auditor DOESN'T know

There is just one warning about theta line-incidents: you are
auditing the theta "body", not the MEST body. It is theoretically
possible to run an incident out of the theta being which is too much
for the MEST body. A MEST body which has a weak heart had better be
audited in this lifetime only until his heart condition entirely
vanishes. Some of the theta line incidents kick back so hard against
the MEST body that the preclear is sure he will not live through
them. If the auditor doesn't balance the overt against the motivator
in 80, if he runs one side too strongly and heavily and really
drives in the somatic, he may be embarrassed by making a theta clear
before his timeQthe body still Iying about but not breathing.

The incidents themselves contain some things the auditor should
know about. One doesn't have to be a nuclear physicist to understand
these incidents, but the incidents are actually in the realm of
nuclear physics.

The auditor must only know the following:

1. Strong electrical currents produce in the vicinity of their
flow what are called MAGNETIC FIELDS. If you wrap an electrical wire
around a bar of iron and run current through the wire, you have a
magnet. When you put a new piece of iron near this magnet, the FIELD
of the magnet snaps the piece of iron up against the magnet.

2. In the vicinity of any strong current a wide FORCE FIELD
exists. If this is intensified (by using great quantities of
current) the FORCE FIELD may extend for hundreds of feet or even
miles. A radio station is a sort of FORCE FIELD in that it reaches
hundreds or thousands of miles out from it. It takes a radio set to
pick up or contact this field strongly enough to get a good reaction
out of it but actually, this instant, thousands of stations
throughout the world are sending force fields through your body.
They are too minute to be measured or detected without receiving
sets but they are force fields just the same, wave impulses
generated from a central point and extending far out from that
point. If a station could generate a billion times the normal
current a station uses, you would be able to contact that field
physically, it would be so strong.

3. It is possible for a wave to act as a RETRACTOR. That is to
say, it is possible for certain waves to pull back instead of push
out. You turn a hose on somebody. This pushes him back. There can
exist a wave which, if it were a hose, would pull you up to the
nozzle instead of pushing you away. Thetans can put out such a
retractor wave.

4. It is possible to rig up two or threeQor oneQstanding poles
which are then activated with a current which will apply a very
strong field to anyone in their vicinity. It is then possible to
vary these fields to get various patterns of fields or to shift from
one field to another to get various angles of attack on an object. A
thetan sitting amongst such a field pattern can be very thoroughly
battered and rendered unconscious. It is also possible to rig up a
post which would have a retractor wave coming out of it and which
would pull a thetan into the post and pin him there.

5. A field is not always visible. "Black band" waves are the
destructive waves. These are not visible and they light up nothing.

It may occur to the auditor that some of these incidents, as he
hears them being run, are very reminiscent of the material which is
commonly found among the insane in sanatoria. These people are quite
given to chattering about fields and secret waves and telepathy and
things being after them with electronic devices. The past ignorance
consisted of treating anything an insane person had to say as non-
factual data. Today many even say that one is insane to give thought
to any circumstances as occur on the theta line. An experienced
auditor knows that to make the insane sane it is necessary to run
the incidents the insane person is dramatizing. In a brilliant flash
of insight someday those in charge of sanatoria may see that the
reason the insane chatter about electronics is that electronics are
peculiarly adapted to tailor-making insanity and that electronics
have been used for unthinkably long times to handle and control
beings. Electronics alone can make a truly slave society. Those in
charge of sanatoria, in view of the fact that their own figures show
that electrical shocks do NO good and have NO beneficial effects
upon patients, may someday wonder why they themselves are so
violently psychotic on the subject of insisting that the insane be
given electronics. Ah, you have it! Those in charge are doing a
crude and ineffective dramatization of theta line incidents.
Electronics make slaves. If some of these electricity obsessed but
electrically ignorant chaps who so gently shepherd our insane really
WANT results, I can show them not just how to make a patient
tractable. I can show them how to give him total amnesia so that he
can then be taught like a child and may become useful in a few
months. You can REALLY wipe people out with electronics. Electric
shock is so stupid and so childish that one wonders, one wonders.

So heavy is the concentration on electronics in the theta line,
so closely connected with energy behaviour is the anatomy of a theta
being that only one trained in nuclear physics could have cracked
this riddle. And with the data on this theta line, human treatment
and the treatment of any life passes entirely into the hands of the
electronics experts and out of the hands of the meddlers with minds
whose training in electronics ends with knowing how to turn on an
electric light and who yet have at this writing the only legislative
passports into the craniums of the ill. The era has just begun.
Using theta line data, data accumulated from preclears about
electronics, wave lengths, practices and social customs, a handful
of electronics experts could bring entire nations into their command
with very little workQand those trained in yesterday would be
completely powerless to stop or even detect that pervasion of
command. This is regrettable, perhaps. Maybe all societies go this
way. The atom bomb is a toy compared to a device which would turn
into soul-less slaves an entire city, an entire nation, an entire
world. But instead of hiding this information, one should bring it
to light, for if it goes underground only then can it completely
have its sway. One does not look for such an enslavement to occur,
for you are reading the pages and the technologies which can and
will defeat it.

Thus, in running your preclear, keep in mind that he has been,
in the PAST, part of societies which had electronics down to a very
fine point, which could control the very breathing of their
subjects. Recall that he may have been part of a town, for instance,
in which any revolutionary, lazy or non-survival thought, if
thought, would bring him, without will, to the steps of the local
thought police station. Remember in processing your preclear that
for thousands of years he has played the game of enslaving and being
enslaved, and the depths of control were such, the acts in that
control were such as to out-soar any mere imaginings from modern
literature. Modern science-fiction, even that, is a weak piker
compared to the data of the past from which these writers of the
future took their plots. A public couldn't stomach what really went
on before Earth. Your preclear isn't able to stomach itQthat's why
he's forgotten

What does it take to aberrate a thetan? Thousands and thousands
of volts, thousands of amperes, poured into destructive wave lengths
and thrown straight in his face. What does it take to get him into a
position where he can be aberrated? Trickery, treachery, lies.

Running electronics incidents is not difficult, not if you know
80. But there is a datum which must be repeated here even though it
belongs in HOW TO AUDIT.

The definition in Dianetics of INVALIDATION:


By this definition, a man is invalidated by being struck by
anything. If he is run into by a car, he is "invalidated". Any
accident invalidates him. Any force which he cannot conquer or
oppose invalidates him.

Turn to the chart in your HANDBOOK FOR PRECLEARS. Here you see
on the CHART OF ATTITUDES, "I KNOW." "I AM." "FAITH," etc. The more
the force of an individual is cancelled out by counter-forces, the
lower he drifts on this chart. Hit by strong forces, he conceives
that he "isn't."

FAITH at the top of the chart turns to DISBELIEF at the bottom.

Turn a preclear loose into a heavy theta line incident and what
reaction do you get? You get BOTTOM CHART REACTIONS. That is to say,
the force is such in the incident that he is utterly unable to
combat it, thus he conceives himself utterly invalidated. In such a
wise he comes to express in the incident BOTTOM SCALE attitudes. He
can't believe it, he isn't there, etc., etc. Run any theta line
incident with its heavy impacts and your preclear will immediately
start to discredit it. Keep him at it, waive aside all his lacks of
belief and other comments and soon the tone band will rise a notch
or two. Keep the tone rising, using overts and motivators, and you
eventually get perception and concepts.

Why do you think these theta line incidents got lost? Why can't
a man who has undergone a between-lives battering recall that he
lived before? Invalidation by force is the answer. The chart of
attitudes will give you your guide.

There is another thing you should know about these incidents and
the emotional state of the preclear: he has become in his own eyes
so degraded by force invalidation that he has devoted himself to
this vegetable thing, the MEST body, as the last ditch effort to
control some part of the environment. HE is invalidated to nothing.
So the BODY has to be something.

And there is something else, a scale you should have of

CRITICISM AND COUNTER-CRITICISM are the overt and motivator
invalidations on the thought level. MISEMOTIONALISM AND COUNTER-
MISEMOTIONALISM are the overt and motivator invalidations on the
emotion level.

motivator invalidations on the effort level.

In current or recent lives thought, emotion and effort hang up
on the early theta line incidents. If you can't get a theta line
incident of the electronics type to unburden, run criticism and
countercriticism in the current life.

In general you will find the preclear has been subjected, as a
theta being to enormous invalidation of all his force, power and
natural attributes. The rise in tone potential in running the theta
line is such that you can expect the preclear to go from low to high
on the E-meter after only one or two heavy electronics incidents
have been runQbut make sure they are theta line and that they
happened to the thetan who is the preclear before you.

The intent of other beings was to make this preclear into a
willing or unwilling but at least obedient slave or to get him out
of the area and keep him running away thereafter or to nail him into
complete useless immobility. They wanted him to have good reaction
to police threats (and most psychotics go psychotic immediately
after a police interview, no matter how innocent it was) They wanted
him to leave MEST bodies alone and respect them.

On his part your preclear was part and parcel of many societies,
took his role in efforts to conquer thetans after he had been
conquered. He wanted MEST bodies to be respected now that he had
one. He wanted his slaves to be obedient. He wanted beings he didn't
like to start running and keep on running or, barring that, to be
immobile MEST thereafter. Your preclear has been guilty himself of
any crime or action he protests occurred to himQfor by his worry he
confesses that whether or not it happened to him, he did it to

Your preclear was basically good, happy, ethical and aesthetic
before the contagion of the MEST universe got him. Then, still a
thetan, he wasn't very good but he was still trusting and ethical.
Finally, when he had a bodyQwell, look around.


directed solely, at this stage, toward attaining a voluntary and
controlled separation between the MEST body and the theta body. This
is much easier to do than you would at first believe, and the
incidents necessary to accomplish it are relatively easy to
comprehend and locate.

Remember that to create a "theta clear," it is only necessary to
bring the being up to a point where it can leave and return upon a
MEST body. A cleared theta clear would be a fully cleared thetan,
something so much higher on the tone scale than a MEST clear or
theta clear that it is difficult to comprehend. A theta clear,
however, is not difficult to attain. Neither does it guarantee the
release of all possible aberrations. A theta clear, some tones
higher than anything known before, is yet subject to some aberration
and will be until he attains the state of a cleared theta clear.
(Thus, don't invalidate somebody as a theta clear just because he
doesn't act like a saintQhe might even be more devilish than ever!)

Separation from the body! How the mystics have striven for this
one! India and "join Nirvana" has given us "techniques" WHICH ARE
WITH IRON BANDS. So beware of mysticism and its techniques and
yogism. Your hardworking author has been over the jumps and through
the hoops of more mysticism than is even suspected and on the ground
where mysticism first hit EarthQIndia, and I can guarantee you that
these practices and hopes are a sort of theta trap to keep men in
their bodies, in apathy, ill and tied to superstition.

Theta clearing is about as practical and simple as repairing a
shoe-lace. It is nothing to do with hypnotism, voodooism,
charlatanism, monkeyism or theosophy. Done, the thetan can do
anything a stage magician can do in the way of moving objects
around. But this isn't attained by holding one's breath or thinking
"right" thoughts or voting Republican or any other superstitious or
mystic practice. So, which is the reason I've brought it up, rule
out, auditor, any mumbo-jumbo of mysticism or spiritualism or
religion. Rule out anything but good, solid, contactable incidents
which are run wholly and entirely with the mechanical techniques of
Dianetics with particular attention to 80.

The key chart of theta clearing is THE CHART OF ATTITUDES which
you will find in the HANDBOOK FOR PRECLEARS. All the straight wire
is done from that chart.

Here are some incidents, more or less in the order that the
auditor will find them and run them.

THE JACK-IN-THE-BOX: Here we have an invader trick, a method of
trapping thetans. It is a facsimile scrambler. It is very early, not
the earliest, only the earliest invader trick. The thetan area is
invaded by MEST beings. The thetans bother the MEST beings, nipping
them, etc. The MEST beings use theta traps. One of these is to give
to thetans pretty little boxes. These boxes contain a stack of
pictures. As thetans are disposed to gather facsimiles, these
pictures are very acceptable. The thetan looks over the pictures. He
finds they are quite similar one to another. They show, each one, a
picture of a box of pictures. When he replaces the lid, the box
explodes violently. He instinctively tries to dampen the explosion.
He gets his aura of beingness full of pictures which are extremely
confusing, being pictures of boxes of pictures. The running of this
incident is simple. One keeps the preclear's attention on the point
of explosion, out from him. Of course this point slams back at him
every time he puts his attention on it. You will find a preclear
with this in restimulation to be very curious about cereal boxes
which have pictures of boxes of cereal which have pictures of boxes
of cereal. There may be several such incidents including being near
such explosions.

THE OBSESSION: This incident is the incident which gives one the
feeling he HAS to have facsimiles in order to know. Actually one
doesn't need facsimiles. One thinks in concepts, approximations,
pervasions. A fine control trick is to make one think he has to have
facsimiles. This aberrates him and makes him easy to handle.
Educational systems are locks on this. The incident is an electronic
incident, very strong, and sometimes includes a great many source
points of energy directed against one's back. Just before it, one
KNOWS. The force of the waves themselves, depressing one of the
CHART OF ATTITUDES stops one from knowing. This incident gives one
an obsession to have facsimiles, to steal facsimiles, to do anything
to get facsimiles. One is actually trying to find what one lost in
the incident and that was lost by force alone.

WARNING: Don't ever try to run words or other perceptions out of
any electronic incidents. Words are seldom included in them.
Communication in such an era was usually by thought transfer, not by
words. This is very important.

BORROWING: Thetans hold facsimiles very loosely. A high scale
thetan can pick up and discard facsimiles at will. Further a thetan
often steals the facsimile chains of another thetan (as a result of
the OBSESSION). Thus we will find, as the primary source of
occlusion, the BORROWERS. A thetan puts a retractor beam on another
thetan and starts to drag out his facsimiles. The victim feels like
he is going to pieces. He, the victim, puts up a black screen to
halt the outflow of his facsimiles. The borrower counters by
throwing a cone of force above and below his victim, pinning him
between these two cones as thought to squeeze him out. The black
protecting screen usually can be held in place but the facsimiles,
like smoke, trickle out around the black screen and to the borrower.
The most remarkable thing about this incident is the SLOWNESS with
which facsimiles seem to run out. Each facsimile has its own time
tab. No matter how rapidly they are leaving these time tabs give the
ILLUSION of a very long time. Running up and down one's time track
often gives this illusion. Thus, although the outflow from the
victim may be done in seconds, it may seem to take years. The
preclear often protests against running this incident because "It
takes too long." Actually, it takes very little time.

Naturally, on the borrower, the overt act must be got as well as
the motivator as in all incidents run. If you don't get the reverse
to what you are running, incidents hang up. In the borrower, the
overt is the same as the motivator, as the incidents are very
similar but with the reverse action. Run the preclear as the
borrower and the victim both, one after the other, back and forth,
in order to get up the whole of each.

This incident is the source of fear of losing one's facsimiles,
the source of occlusion and the collapse of time tracks.

NIPPING: Nipping is a practice much beloved by thetans. They
send out two energy streams, like hands, and slap both sides of a
victim's head. This mildly shocks a thetan to which it is done. It
can kill a MEST body. This slap is notable for causing ringing in
the ears. This predates any invader. It is very early. It also
postdates invaders. In running NIPS one is running something very
important, for it is a basic on holding on to a MEST body. As in all
incidents, when you run the motivator, run the overt afterwards, or
vice versa.

BLANKETING: This incident consists of throwing oneself as a
thetan over another thetan or over a MEST body. Blanketing is done
to obtain an emotional impact or even to kill. It is strongest in
sexual incidents where the thetan throws two MEST bodies together in
the sexual act in order to experience their emotions. This sexual
lust comes from THE HALVER. It is very, very strong and is very
restimulative in the running. Here is where the second dynamic
becomes abated. There is considerable frenzy in these incidents.
This is also basic on fastening on to a MEST body or holding a MEST
body or protecting MEST bodies. It is an overt act. It has DED'S
later than it in almost any sexual activity on the part of the
preclear. At times a thetan will blanket a MEST body, and hold it so
that it can be attacked by another MEST body motivated by another
thetan. Later the thetan having committed this overt act, will start
protecting MEST bodies from attacks by thetans. This gives a person
great antipathy toward seeing men and women together, lays in a
basic on jealousy, etc.

There is a steep emotional curve in blanketing. First there is
the high excitement, then orgasm, then, for the bodies, contentment
or apathy as the case may be. This drop affects the thetan strongly
and he gets fastened to the bodies and it takes some while to
separate himself at times. These incidents make the future fixation
on MEST bodies possible. Thus Freud had something when he blamed
sex, but sex is far from the whole story.

The basic error a thetan made was in considering a MEST body
something very special, unmotivated by thetans. He did not realise
that any MEST (human) body is run by a decayed thetan. In thirsting
to run MEST bodies and in contacting them he thought he was
contacting a cellular body whereas he was actually contacting a
thetan and a body. He desired to go into ARC, without knowing it,
with a decadent thetan who had a MEST body. That every MEST
(humanlike) body had a decayed thetan on it was unknown to thetans
until now. This accounts for the enormous "kick-back" received by a
thetan when he nips a MEST body or blankets one. The body never did
have that power. The decayed thetan did. Respect of MEST bodies,
then, was entirely misplaced. This is the primary error thetans

THE HALVER: Don't think thetans were only abused. When MEST
bodies tried to invade and take over an area they usually wound up
enslaved to the thetans in that area. And the thetans used them
horribly. The invader sometimes came in with electronics, his only
defence against a thetan. The thetan quite ordinarily took the
electronics over and used them on the MEST bodies. One of the
processes thetans used on MEST bodies was a half-light, half-black
gun which shot out a wave. Half of this wave, usually the black, hit
the right side of the victim's body, the other half, in the same
explosion, usually the light side, hit the left side of the victim.
This had the effects of causing him to be two people. It is also the
basic on half-paralysis such as strokes. There was not always
regularity in this incident. Sometimes it was the practice to shoot
the victim one way and them turn him around and shoot him the other,
sometimes the sides and head as well.

The halver was rigged up with religious symbols and it truly
lays in religion. There is a devil on one side, a symbol carried in
the light, angels on the other side. Sometimes it was very fancy and
was complicated with dolls in the shape of nudes, angels, devils,
strung on wires to slide and dance.

It did terrible things to the victim: it gave him a conflict,
one side with the other, one being good: the other being bad. It
gave him sexual compulsion all mixed up with religious compulsion so
that an overdose of indulgence would send him to church sometimes
into a life of crime. It was a control factor used to keep the
community fighting itself.

The halver lies as a basic under sexual malpractice, under
religious fervour. It shows up in almost every preclear as being in
chronic restimulation. It is the one the auditor runs as an overt
act when the preclear has a sexual or religious motivator.

Remember that the restimulation of a motivator when one does an
overt act is not natural but a consequence of having a body and
implants about bodies. You will find some of this "you do wrong,
you'll get it right back" in the halver and similar incidents.

FACSIMILE ONE: This incident is in everyone's bank, either as a
second facsimile or as an original. Only in the latter case should
it be run. It is called "Facsimile One" because it is the first
proven-up whole track incident which, when audited out of a long
series of people, was found to eradicate such things as asthma,
sinus trouble chronic chills and a host of other ills. It has a
verbal content in most cases. It is quite varied when found as an
originalQfor in this case, it happened to the preclear in the last
ten or twenty thousand years. It was originally laid down in this
Galaxy about one million years ago.

The "Coffee-grinder" (which might be an alternative name for it)
is levelled at the preclear and a push-pull wave is played over him,
first on his left side, then on his right and back and forth from
side to side, laying in a bone-deep somatic which cannot be run
unless you recognize it as a vibration, not the solid board it seems
to be. When this treatment is done, the preclear is dumped in
scalding water, then immediately in ice water. Then the preclear is
put in a chair and whirled around. He was quite swollen after the
pummelling of the waves and was generally kept in a badly run (but
quite modern) hospital for a few days. Sometimes he was given
several and after the first one would report back on schedule for
the next.

FAC ONE was an outright control mechanism, invented to cut down
rebel raids on invader installations. It was probably designed by
the Fourth Invader and used by him in its original state and
"ritual" for a considerable time. It gave him a nice, non-combative,
religiously insane community. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF FAC ONE
APPERTAINS TO ITS "SUMMONS TO COURT." This was a sick quiver
installed in the stomach area by the ''coffee-grinder'' during the
first part of the incident. The coffee-grinder laid in "baps" on the
pineal and other points but almost knocked out the pineal potential
forever and relegated its actions to the pituitary. It knocked in
every other glandular point. And these same "baps" were used against
the vagus nerve to give what everyone knows as an "anxiety stomach,"
uncontrolled bowel action, etc., etc. The invader wanted people to
report when sent for. Thus the context (WHICH MUST NEVER BE DONE
"bapped" concentrates on getting the preclear to report quickly when
summoned and makes him terrified of arrest, of courts, of other
legal hocus-pocus. Thus criminal action against individuals, or
sometimes any legal action, interrupts the glandular system, gives
an anxiety reaction which has no equal anywhere else on the track.
Experienced police know this sudden hitherto inexplicable collapse
of the criminal and his feeling that he would rather be dead than
simply arrested: one cannot exaggerate the effect of FAC ONE in the
legal department. A check on psychotics recently showed five, taken
at random, to have been "triggered" by a threat of arrest a short
time before the psychotic break occurred. This is FAC ONE at work.

The "coffee-grinder" is a two-handled portable machine which,
when turned, emits a heavy push-pull electronic wave in a series of
stuttering "baps". It is violently restimulated by what construction
companies call "widow-makers"Qpneumatic drills of the kind used to
tear up pavements; the sound is not dissimilar. FAC ONE, not
silicosis, is responsible for the mortality of workers assigned to
these drills on construction projects.

In the original version, the invaders operated these machines
while wearing hoods and goggles, not unlike "hot papa" suits used
today on aircraft carriers. The victim was placed behind a black
gauze curtain but, in running FAC ONE, the preclear usually catches
glimpses of the "coffee-grinder" and the users. Some people who wear
horn-rimmed glasses are found to be solidly in the operator valence
in FAC ONE. Such people are lean and hectic. Some persons whose
faces are "swollen" and who have a "dumpy" build, who are given to
asthma, are found solidly in the victim valence.

The invader gratuitously left these machines around for the
yokels. Believing that the treatment was vital to get to heaven or
some such thing, the yokels practiced on each other, found new
victims and generally spread the implant around. Trouble with the
machines the invader left around was that they "backfired" while
they were working, sending out a ray into the chest of the operator
to restimulate him, the yokel operator not suspecting that the
machine was hitting anything else but his victim. And the yokel
operator had neither goggles nor a "hot papa" suit. One of these
unskilled operators lasted sometimes as long as forty victims before
he collapsed from restimulation himself. The "back-fire"
characteristic of the machine left around also inhibited the local
people from using electronic hand guns and "rifles", thus killing
off guerrillas who sought to attack the invader, for electronic
weapons have a flash back against the user.

FAC ONE deteriorated down the years, became quite varied and
with the colonisation of Earth about thirty-five thousand years ago
(or up to seventy thousand in a very few cases), when used FAC ONE
was quite non-standard. But it has been used on Earth against some

About a hundred and some thousand years ago the HALVER was
substituted for FAC ONE as much more efficient, much quicker and
less destructive of personnel and more creative of slave-like
devotion. Thus the preclear is certain to have the HALVER as an
original, you will also get an E-meter drop on FAC ONE. Be sure to
ask if it is original or a borrowed facsimile. And don't forget its
overt act is FAC ONE being given by the preclear to a victim.

in all banks. The incidents are not dissimilar. They consist of the
preclear being summoned before a council being frowned down, being
sent elsewhere than where he was. The odd part of these incidents,
to the preclear, is that he is not usually guilty of anything, not
aware of having offended. He is simply recruited, is brought in, is
sentenced to be transported and goes to a new area. The only thing
remarkable about these BEFORE incidents is that they are a very
definite degradation and condemnation of the preclear. They are best
run by scanning the preclear backwards on each column of the CHART
OF ATTITUDES, from for instance, "I KNOW NOT" to "I KNOW," etc., for
the council's intent is to reduce the person down scale in order to
get a more obedient colonist.

THE JOINER: There are three major JOINERS on the track; most of
them found will be second facsimiles and do not need to be run. Here
is the basic on entities. A person is "packed-in" with other souls
by electronics. Actually these entities are synthetic. Very early on
the track, two more entities were "added" to the victim. They were,
the three, placed in a ring and hammered by electronics to get them
to fuse. There is an empty spot in the centre. A later joiner adds
two more "souls". These incidents are responsible for the preclear
being "softened-up" to a point where he can be influenced by having
a hypnotized soul thrown at him. You will find the marks of these
souls on every preclear. They are the basics on demon circuits. An
entity favours the environment, not the preclear, and treats the
preclear just like somebody in the environment treated the preclear.
If you ask the entities questions, the areas (having demon circuits
in them) will respond. If you ask the entities why they are there,
they will tell you that they were the crew of the thetan, who is
asleep, that they will not work, that they were all bundled together
and sent here. The thetan response is that he made twelve errors,
eventually could not control his crew, went into ARC with them,
became like an entity, was bundled up, thetan, crew and all and
shipped down here to work matters out. The entities seem to be most
interested in keeping data away from the thetan, convincing him he
has done wrong. Each entity claims to have had a function that was
very specialized. Insane people are found to be running on their
entities, not their thetans. This is a very bad condition,
betokening very solid valence walls. Every entity can be audited
independently of the others. Past deaths can be run out of them with
the relief of many somatics. Each has a body, so they say, in pawn
elsewhere. Here is a wealth of data and detail. Fortunately none of
it is very important to us at this time except in understanding the
behaviour of homo sapiens. For these entities, regardless of
auditing, work overtime on the preclear. However, in auditing the
theta line one is interested only in auditing the thetan and this is
very easy to do with the incidents given above and below. One
ignores the entities. They may be simply borrowed banks. They do not
interfere with auditing for their incidents all run like second
facsimiles and, although they register at first on an E-meter, they
drop out the moment the auditor asks if the incident comes from a
"borrowed bank". If we had to audit through the complexity and
abberration of the entities, we would not have a very easv time of
it. Fortunately it is not generally necessary to even think or know
about entities in order to audit the thetan. The JOINERS, so far as
I can establish at this time, can be ignored. If an entity pops up
and won't be ignored, just make your preclear move into him and
audit out where the entity is stuck on the track (psychotic) and the
trouble stops. Considerable time was spent on entities in these
investigations. There was a great deal of data about them yet to
learn when they were by-passed in the discovery of direct methods of
auditing the thetan who, after all, IS the preclear. A case of
paralysis, however, was partially remedied by bringing the entity
who governed that side up to present time and putting the thetan in
charge of the area again. Experiment with them for your own
information if you like; you'll find entities lie, cheat, hold out
data and act generally neurotic or psychotic. Here is your "circuit
case." As the thetan loses control over his environment and his
body, these entities move in on area. Rehabilitate the thetan and
the entity problem vanishes. Start auditing entities and they
increase in power. These questions are at this time not answered
satisfactorily: Are entities sub-beings or are they simply
electronic installations? Are they very decadent thetans who have
been blanketed by the preclear? Have they simply decayed until they
follow the GE line? Are they control factors from "between-lives"?
This question has been answered: Is it necessary to audit entities?
And the answer to that is, No.

THE ICE CUBE: Here is an intriguing incident which, if your
preclear demands, should be audited. This is evidently a method of
transportation of beings to a new area. The being is packed in ice,
is taken to the new area and is usually dumped in the ocean. Your
preclear, if he has this one in restimulation, has very cold hands
and feet chronically. A thetan responds to hypnosis, pain, force and
other factors. He also responds to being frozen in ice. You may
wonder how the being, if the ice-cube is used or is necessary at all
can get into the between lives area so easilyQin other words, if he
can be transported between lives with ease, why should he be dumped
originally in the form of an ice-pack. Possibly the answer lies in
two invader crews at work; an old invader, already in command of an
area but rather down scale, controls by between-lives; a new invader
crew with more ambition plants beings in the same area. These beings
then fall into the between-lives routine which exists unbeknownst to
the new crew. The new crew in the area is later much surprised to
find that their planted beings, so carefully dumped in the sea from
a saucer, are being picked up between-lives and given "treatment" by
an old, established invader whose methods of political control are
long since established. When such a discovery is made, the new crew
may very likely knock out some of the old crew installations and
upset the routine.

THE ICE-CUBE is quite authentic.

BETWEEN-LIVES: At death the theta being leaves the body and goes
to the between-lives area. Here he "reports in", is given a strong
forgetter implant and is then shot down to a body just before it is
born. At least that is the way the old invader in the Earth area was

The implant is very interesting. The preclear is seated before a
wheel which contains numbers of pictures. As the wheel turns, these
pictures go away from him. He is moved aside to the right, the left
the back. A mirror arrangement shows him still sitting there before
the pictures. A force screen hits him through the pictures. The
pictures dim out. The whole effect is to give him the impression
that he has no past life, that he is no longer the same identity,
that his memory has been erased. The force screen flattens his own
vitality, thus invalidating his existence, thus installing, by force
alone, a forgetter. The pictures, by the way, are simply generalized
views, stills of vacant lots, houses, back yards, of a recent Earth
period and they could apply to anybody. They are not the facsimiles
of the preclear. The incident contains such force that the preclear,
at first quite closely in contact, runs it willingly. As the force
cuts down his past identity he begins to disbelieve the incident,
then himself. If left in restimulation he has a difficult time
remembering things for some days.

Gradually through a life-time this BETWEEN LIVES incident keys
in. At first it engulfs childhood, then later and later years.
Finally, with age, the preclear starts to cycle through it
automatically and goes into a second-childhood, which is to say, he
anticipates the coming implant, conceives it to have been done if he
lives beyond a normal life span for him. (If it usually happened
that he died at sixty, should he now live to seventy, he will get a
feeling in the last ten years that it has been done to himQa routine
time restimulation effect.)

Preclears do not always report, to have been implanted once is
to get a restimulation on dying which will wipe out the past life.
Some preclears have one, some have five, some more of these

The life to life forgetter would follow as a natural course of
events from the fact that the preclear identifies himself and is
identified by others as a MEST body; further he identifies everyone
else as a MEST body. Also he would rather start, if he must be a
MEST body, with a clean slate and a new body. Also he has many overt
acts of convincing others they should forget their entire pasts, for
by that he can train them for a better future for him. NO IMPLANT
WOULD EVER SUCCEED unless there was a natural cause and reason for
the implant to magnify.

The report area for most has been Mars. Some women report to
stations elsewhere in the Solar System. There are occasional
incidents about Earth report stations. The report stations are
protected by screens. The last Martian report station on Earth was
established in the Pyrenees.

Entities have between-life incidents independent of the thetan.
These are not necessary to run.

There are many types of between lives earlier on the track,
about ten different periods of the entire track being devoted to a
practice of keeping a thetan in a body, working and in an area.
These show up as second facsimiles and are not necessary to run. But
the data is there in the secondary banks and it is very "wonderful"
data on how to keep races enslaved.

THE EMANATOR: Now and then your preclear is found "stuck" in the
EMANATOR. This is a large glowing body of radioactive material which
hangs magically in thin air, a sort of a god, an all-knower. Its
outpulse puts one into a trance.

The story usually starts with the preclear "volunteering" to
come to Earth and do good. He walks into the presence of the
emanator and that is that. He has volunteered, perhaps, simply out
of curiosity, wondering what is contained in that big building. His
"agreement" is of course enforced. He is told that they will keep
his body safe for him. He "agrees" to go help out and is transported
by hypnotic transference.

It never occurs to the preclear to question the safety of his
body. He reports back to it between lives. The body is preserved and
can stay that way for some thousands of years. But bodies do not
last forever. One day the preclear dies on Earth and reports back
dutifully to find no body. After that he conceives himself to be
lost. He is given no new goals between lives, he is ignored. The
next life may find him knocking on the door of a psychiatrist for he
is very "lost" and "homeless" and generally bewildered. Running the
emanator sequence and loss makes all right again.

The EMANATOR trick as a recruiting device is very old. You will
find many second facsimiles about it in the preclear's bank.

THE DOUBLE-BODY: With one body in a trance in one place and
another body here on Earth, trouble occasionally occurs. A preclear
during an operation may switch bodies. Pain, an anaesthetic or a
serious accident cause him to change to the other area with a
shocking impact on the other body. The other body quite commonly
dies or is deranged by the sudden impact. The preclear wakes up from
unconsciousness on Earth and tells (or represses) the fact that he
has died. Obviously, as the surgeon or doctor will attest, he didn't
die for the heart of the patient kept beating. Actually the patient
flicked into the other body, transferred the shock and pain and
killed it, then came back here and awakened.

This incident leaves a patient very, very badly disturbed. The
surge into the between-lives area is so obviously not a death that
attendants there, if attracted, will knock the body there out with
commands to forget, to not let anyone know in order to "protect" the
mystery. Everyone particularly mental doctors, has in the past
accounted for this circumstance of the patient thinking he died with
wild theories about the effects of anaesthetics and delusion. But no
patient so treated ever recovered by being informed that it is all
anaesthetic nightmare and delusion and they do recover immediately
if the incident is run out. Nitrous oxide is very vicious in this
regard, for it does not dull any pain, it simply "drowns" the

Patients wake up after such a double-body incident with the
feeling that they have just learned the secret of the universe, but
they can't quite recall it. They have, to some extent. They've
learned they're kept and implanted elsewhere.

It IS Important for an auditor to know that a DOUBLE-BODY may
have happened some lifetimes ago during an accident. To a preclear
who doesn't know of the past life, much less the DOUBLE-BODY, the
result is quite alarming.

To run a DOUBLE-BODY, run the operation or accident on Earth,
then run the incident as from the other body in pawn. Then run going
"under" on Earth and waking in the other body and then waking on
Earth. Then run being in the other place and appearing on Earth. Run
the DOUBLE-BODY until it is very thoroughly reduced, running the
overt acts on it as wellQwhich will be what the preclear says they

THETA TRAPS: There is no subject more interesting than that of
THETA TRAPS. It is of vast interest to any invader. It is of vaster
interest to your preclear. How can you trap a thetan? By curiosity,
by giving him awards and prizes (of an implant), by retractor
screens, by mock-ups, by ornate buildings which he will enter
unsuspectingly only to be electroniced down; by many such means the
thetan is reduced from KNOWING to a colonist, a slave, a MEST body.

All theta traps have one thing in common: they use electronic
force to knock the thetan into forgetting, into unknowingness, into
effect. Their purpose is to rid the area of those nuisances, the
thetans who cannot be policed, and gain personnelQalways the former,
not always the latter.

The thetan feels himself, in some traps, being drawn up to a
post. He fights it with his force. It cannot be successfully fought.
He succumbs. A day or a hundred years later, he is picked off and
elsewise used.

A thetan can sustain many implants of this character without
becoming obsessed about having a body. But he becomes obsessed very
easily about having facsimiles.

THE JACK-IN-THE-BOX is a variety of theta trap.

THE BODY BUILDER: Sometimes a thetan is taken off a theta trap
and put into a field which makes him fight again with his attention
units. The purpose of this field is to make him resist its force and
to resist it so as to mould him. Out of his attention units he
"builds" a body. Later he is given sharp shots through the places
where joints are supposed to be and is generally tailored into a

There were many of these on the whole track. In your preclear
they are probably second facsimiles.

The body builder used some fifty million years ago was very
precise. Although it has degenerated and is less formalized and
although it is doubtful if you will find it in more than a second
facsimile, the original version is given here:

After he was caught in some kind of theta trap, the thetan was
handled as follows:

THE JIGGLER: Placed over a post, the thetan was moved up and
down rapidly and eccentrically for some time. He would try to hold
onto and stop the post, would go into apathy and finish by being
entirely invalidated as himself and would think of himself as the
post, that having become cause.

THE WHIRLER: The thetan was placed on a platform which whirled
eccentrically, jerkily to the left and right until he would turn as
the post turned.

THE BOUNCER: The thetan was bounced up and down eccentrically
until he had a facsimile which fixed him, it would appear, on his
time track.

THE SPINNER: A chair device was used to spin the thetan until he
had no orientation. This is the probable source of the slang term,
spinning, meaning going insane.

THE ROCKER: This swung or teetered the thetan to the left and
right, slowly and quietly. This incident is dramatized today by
mystics who, not being low enough on the scale to die, finish the
job by picking up old electronic implant motions and practising them
until they have "control of the body"Qwhich they mean to mean
without meaning to mean it, complete body control of "I".

THE BOXER: This incident is a cousin to the "FLY-TRAP." Its
purpose was to make the thetan into a complete stimulus-response
mechanism. He was hit from every angle by a device not unlike a
boxing glove. He would be forced to kick back against it with his
force. At length he would be psychotic enough to return every motion
be received. This is actually aberration itself. It is the
psychologist's definition, though vaguely put, of a "well adjusted
human being," one who stimulates and responds without thought.

THE FALLER: This installs fear of falling, also fixes the thetan
in the incident on the track. He is dropped again and again and
again to different drops and at varied intervals until he is jammed.

THE EDUCATION: After all these, the thetan was given a complete
education. This was of a hypnotic, stimulus-response variety. It was
the type of education which makes a file card system out of a
thinking being. It is dramatized today in universities as it
requires no skilled instruction.

THE FLY-TRAP: Very, very early on the track, a long time before
any of the present populace came into being, there was a theta trap
called the FLY-TRAP. It was of a gummy material. The thetan who got
into it punched and fought at this material until he was psychotic
enough to react to the physical universe laws of responding to
motions. He was taken out of this trap by a crew of do-gooders who
had caught him for his own good and who trained him in religious
sweetness and syrup until they considered him fit to be part of
their group. The attitude of these people was SO good, their manners
SO understanding that the thetan usually ran away as soon as
possible. Sunday school sometimes brings this, even as a second
facsimile which it nearly always is, into heavy restimulation.

Remember, auditor, that a second facsimile doesn't have to be
audited but will blow when the preclear sees that he "borrowed" it
from somebody. But that doesn't mean he won't use it. Lacking a
motivator, your preclear guilty of some overt act, will go back into
his "borrowing" and pick out any second facsimile which looks
vicious enough to justify his own action and he will use it to the
hilt. Thus you may find your preclear stuck in incidents of great
age and fury. You may find him with Arsclycus in full bloom (where
they spent ten thousand lives labouring on the same job, were
stuffed like snakes every few weeks to feed them, where they
returned after death because a piece of their own body was held in
pawn) and unable to work and given to a weariness beyond
description. Located as a second facsimile the entire incident tends
to depart. Or, locating the overt act the preclear actually did
himself, the second facsimile goes without auditing. If a preclear
holds hard to a second facsimile, he is guilty of more overt acts
than he is telling the auditor, or the incident is something else
than it appears to be. Ask your E-meter.


GENERALIZED INCIDENTS would include anything the preclear has
done which is an opposite motion to the incident in which he is
"hung-up". The opposite motion is what hangs the incident up.

A MOTIVATOR is an incident which happens to the preclear and
which he dramatizes.

AN OVERT ACT (which may also be covert or accidental) is an
incident which the preclear does to another dynamic.

A DED is an incident the preclear does to another dynamic and
for which he has no motivatorQi.e., he punishes or hurts or wrecks
something the like of which has never hurt him. Now he must justify
the incident. He will use things which didn't happen to him. He
claims that the object of his injury really deserved it, hence the
word, which is a sarcasm.

A DEDEX is an incident which happens to a preclear AFTER he has
a DED. It is always on the same chain or subject, is always after
the DED. It means THE DED EXPOSED. It is covered guilt. Its effect
on the preclear is all out of proportion to the actual injury to
him. One would think he was murdered by the harsh word or the
scratch. He will explain violently how terribly he has been used.
Whenever you have a preclear who has been too abused for words and
keeps on giving you incidents which tend to fix their guilt on the
family or women or some such thing, the auditor can recognize these
as DEDEXs and know that he must look for the DED. The preclear is
usually quite unwilling to give up the DED but the E-meter will find
it. It is on the same subject as the DEDEXsQif he has many incidents
about things his mother did to him and these seem fairly routine,
there is a previous incident about his mother or some earlier life
mother where with an unmotivated cruelty he executed a DED.

A MISASSIST is an incident wherein the preclear has tried to
help on some dynamic and failed. These are very aberrative. The
incident may be short and harsh or it may be a large number of small
incidents. The MISASSIST is a failure to assist either by omission
or commission. It is always preceded by a MOTIVATOR-OVERT situation
lock-up or a DED-DEDEX situation. The preclear, having injured some
dynamic has come into the state of protecting that dynamic out of
all proportion to the other dynamics. Perhaps he has many times
succeeded in his protection and such incidents are not aberrative.
But one day he tries to assist and fails, or he should have assisted
and didn't and the result is the straw added to the weight of an
earlier facsimile hang-up.

A DEGRADER is an incident or chain of incidents whereby a low-
toned person seeks to bring down the tone of a higher toned person.
The actual intent of the low-toned person is to get another low
enough so that the latter can be helped. The low-toned person
believes he cannot be of assistance to anything higher on the scale
than himself. Therefore he will attempt to reduce the tone of
another and then, when he has him well down by degrading him, he
will be unable to assist, becomes sympathetic and conducts himself
properly until, of course, the person is up again. The preclear
will, if very low-toned, try this on the auditor. Any low-toned
person will do it. The preclear may have many DEGRADERS he has done.
Or he may have had many DEGRADERS happen to him. IF THE PRECLEAR IS
he permits to DEGRADE him. If he accepts criticism from women, he
has a DED-DEDEX on women. If he claims it was father who got him
down, who invalidated him, he has a DED-DEDEX on his own father or
some past father or man who looks like his father. If you find a
DEGRADER situation, look for the DED-DEDEX on the same subject. If
the preclear is given to invalidating he has a DEGRADER chain he has
done. The dynamic he DEGRADES has a prior DED-DEDEX.


THE TRANSFER is the single most important phase of TECHNIQUE 88.

It is a circumstance rather than an incident. It is a specific
action of the thetan with regard to a MEST body. It is the swing of
the thetan from out of the body where he belongs into the body where
he is thereafter in trouble. THE TRANSFER is the action of going
into the MEST body.

Except in deaths or severe accidents or operations you won't
find a transfer out. Your task in auditing is to find and run all
the transfers into bodies in order to achieve a self-determined,
fully alive transfer out.

WHERE is the thetan? Contrary to any past practice, his second
best place is just outside the MEST body monitoring it with direct
contact on the MEST body's motor controls on either side of the
head. His very best place of course, is out of contact with the MEST
body entirely and fully alive as "I." His worst place is inside the
MEST body.

The thetan, in most cases, is behind and above the MEST body. In
many cases he shifts position rather often even in one incident. Now
and then he is found to run the body from in front of it. This
causes a direction reversal on the part of the person so that he
doesn't know right from leftQpeople can teach him continually but he
will still say his right is his left and his left is his right, and
so it is, for "I" in this person is the thetan and the thetan is in
front, facing the MEST body and right is the thetan's right, of

There are cases where the thetan is barely or hardly ever in
contact with the body. These cases can be considered quite
aberrated, the thetan seeing the body from across the room or the
street, convinced that he is the body but unable to do anything
about it. There are cases where the thetan is inside the body
continually but this is to say that he isn't a thetan at all but
degenerated into an entityQand we find this is in those low-tone
wide open cases, full on but raving psychotics or nearly so.

A thetan is pretty bad off if he thinks all he can do is run a
MEST body. This alone is a half-transfer. He hasn't gone into the
body yet forever thereafter, perhaps, to be an entity, but he has
achieved the level of degradation where he thinks the MEST body is
more important than he is and that he IS the MEST body, he has
become propitiative toward the body to a point where he is a
servant, where it becomes him in his eyes.

A full transfer occurs many times in the span of a thetan, but
it is not permanent until he enters the body to stay in there from
there on.

In doing a DED a thetan catches the sorrow waves of the body he
is wronging, feels sorry for it and then, for one reason or another,
merges into it. This is a temporary transfer. But after a few of
these he will become obsessed with being the monitor of a MEST body
and will devote all his time to it. Then he will suppose that his
only method of perceiving is through MEST perceptics, his only
method of emoting is through MEST emotions. And he comes way on down
the scale, becomes a servant, feels so degraded that he is himself
nothing and the MEST body everything and so tends it continually.
Eventually he will merge with it in a permanent transfer and that is
probably the end of the thetan, the genetic entity and company
thereafter perhaps running from within, perhaps in the next life
being picked up by a new thetan. Thetans are continually being
pumped into the MEST line. They do not last very long. The "I" of
the individual is the thetan.

The foregoing paragraph contains steps which the auditor must
know. This is the cycle he is trying to work out of the case.

You will find many conditions occurring in the TRANSFER. There
is another type of transfer, the switch transfer wherein a thetan,
to protect the body he has assumed changes in sudden moments his
control to a person startling or attacking the thetan's property.
This can become very bad and very involved. It happens in families
and amongst friends and when they part or somebody dies, the thetan
is suddenly bereft of some of the property he was controlling and so
carries on as if MEST was important.

The CONTROL TRANSFER is a specialized kind of transfer wherein
the thetan, having devoted himself to a MEST body now begins to
control the environment and other people for his body much as he
controls the body. Having forgotten his skills and having many
brands of aberration, whereby he will transfer permanently, at least
some of his control, he yet adventures to reach out energy-wise and
start to control other people than his own body and also attempt to
control MEST objects and motions. He is at first very capable in
this but, having aberrations which cause him to stick on things, his
control of the environment becomes too extended. When he loses some
of the environment he conceives that he has lost some of his ability
to control. We get then a dwindling of control along all the
dynamics throughout the lifetime until he finally cannot even
control all the MEST body but only some small part of it. A thetan
without aberration could safely enter into and control the whole
environment lose widely and reassume control. A thetan very
aberrated will get restimulated when he loses some control of the
environment and won't thereafter try to control that type of thing
or person again. These control transfers and their losses will be
found widely in any case and are almost as important as auditing
control of the first dynamic.

As you run facsimiles you will find that there are those seen by
the preclear as though within himself and those seen by the preclear
as though outside himself. Audit the latter to audit the thetan.
Audit the former and you audit only entities.

CONFUSION OF IDENTITY is a primary problem with preclears. Now
that WHO the preclear is can be established and WHERE he is can be
seen by the preclear as he runs facsimiles, this confusion can be
resolved. But do not expect to solve it for the preclear rapidly.
And do not expect to be right yourself the first time.

TECHNIQUE 88 is an E-meter technique. It can be run without an
E-meter but this permits all manner of dodging and evading. And
there are usually six or ten entirely different banks in any
preclear beside his ownQlots of places to dodge into. But
SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 solves all this for you.

The entities all have banks. Now these are either stolen banks
(from some other thetan long ago as in BORROWING) or they are the
identity of this entity. We aren't much interested in auditing
entities except when auditing one can reduce rapidly a physical
somatic or physical ill easily done for the entities hold these in
present time and they will audit in present time. A thetan high
enough to be outside the body to a normal control distance is not
going to hold a facsimile in restimulation just to hurt or injure
his body. Only an entity will do this or a thetan who has
transferred all the way into the bodyQwhich makes him an entity and
thereafter he will behave like one (no work, high ARC with groups in
order to upset them covertly, etc., etc.)

You will find an understanding of your thetan's goals a little
helpful in making sure you are auditing the thetan. He was quite old
when he first fixated on the idea of controlling MEST bodies. That
was not too long ago if he is still operating just outside the body
(about arm's length). One of the reasons he fixated on a MEST body
was because he was terribly bored.

There is a considerable liability to being a thetan from the
standpoint that one is quite immortal. Even death cycles will look
good to a thetan whose aberrations have reduced him down from the
goals and hopes he once had. Now he begins to have hopes for a MEST
body. This body will grow and die but at least it will change.
Aberrations cut this thetan down to a point where he couldn't see
any change possible, could not see his own goals would ever be
attained; so he fixated on a MEST body, became involved in the pure
mechanics of operating and caring for one, became more aberrated by
contagion from the entities in that body and the uncertainty of life
in a mortal being, lost his goals as a MEST body, finally became
pretty sordidly sick of the whole thing.

Now, magically, you uncover for this thetan six or eight banks
full of seventy trillion years or less of incident. The thetan is a
wizard at liking to act at being somebody else. That got him into
believing he himself was a MEST body. Well, it will also get him
into believing he is any one of the entity banks you uncover. And he
will let you audit these things until doomsday. Vicarious existence,
better than a motion picture.

But ask this thetan to confront the existence which he
shudderingly forsook? Never! It was boring. He's been through all
that. He actually knows what happened to him but it was bad enough
to make him wish to forget it until he forgot it. He'll say he's
this entity or that. He'll be happy, in preference to facing his own
past, to just go on and perish as a MEST body.

There are two remedies for this. The first is the E-meter. That
is an unequalled remedy. You can find out the identity of every bank
in the preclear and know that the thetan isn't any one of them. You
can find out the first to last transfers. You can discover the
location of every incident the thetan should run.

Now in using the E-meter you will discover something strange
with regard to the thetan. At first the meter will be much more
active on the entities than on the thetan himself. For one thing,
the thetan should be OUTSIDE the body. For another, the thetan would
rather look over and shove into view incidents he himself has never
before seen. He'll help you audit these entities endlessly.

People who keep running incidents without any recourse to an E-
meter will achieve much with the body, very little with the thetanQ
hence there is no rise in tone although the auditing hours continue
to stretch out. In people who continually self-audit without
direction, the thetan is just being very propitiative toward MEST
bodies and is giving the entities a wonderful work-out. The body
gets better sometimes. The thetan never gets better. And he is "I."

The behaviour of the thetan in the past was often copied after
something he took from the entities. He found an entity role would
restimulate, he became the actor and performed the role. He left his
own bank alone and neglected although there were aberrations to
dramatize there too. (And by the way, you will find the thetan
occasionally trying to stop the body from dramatizing out of entity

The thetan bank, the one you want, will give you less active
needle response than the entity banks when you first start auditing.
This is a sort of negative sorting. But you may have to audit an
entity or two because of the way the entity has the body stuck on
the track.

The point is to find the thetan bank and audit it. The conflict
in this person derives from the ambitions of the thetan being balked
by the laziness and stupidity and desire for death and destruction
on the part of the entities. You can audit any side of this conflict
you want. But by simply making the thetan sufficiently strong, the
entities become cowed and won't act up or even drop out and leave.

The other answer is to clean up present life with attention to
all transfers in it, all switch transfers, all control transfers.
Audit the thetan handling the body until you have the current life
well up.

You will find that you will have to start by giving the preclear
a drill to locate where the thetan is. Simply run him up and down
the track through various incidents, with good attention to
attention unit running, each time locating the thetan outside the
body and handling it. The preclear will get a dim concept of the
handling but he will get a good concept of the location of the
thetan. Now, in the current lifetime, locate the thetan being
distracted from his task by noises or arguments in the environment.

Run the sympathy of the thetan for the body, the refusal of the
thetan to feel sympathy at times. And run in particular antagonisms
or angers from the body at other bodies, from the other bodies at
the thetan's body. Get all the DED-DEDEX computations out of the way
and then audit the thetan entrance somewhere around the time of
birth. It isn't an entrance, it's a possession of the motor

When you have this thetan in good shape for this lifetime he
will be strong enough, usually, to tackle NIPS, BLANKETINGS,
BORROWINGS. But don't be amazed when you run your first of these to
find that the thetan has been using an entity bank. Any borrowing,
however, is good to run. Any blanketing on the second dynamic shows
your preclear once and for all that he IS a theta being without a
body by showing him an incident to that effect.

If the case is incapable of finding the thetan in current life,
then take the youngest entity and audit it.

It generally is the thetan but transferred inside the body.

How long it will take you to audit a preclear to theta clear one
cannot say. The route reaches high very quickly. Using this know-how
and 80 you will attain a MEST clear in a very short time. Aside from
inaccessible persons and psychotics in general, most cases should
become MEST clear in a few weeks of hard auditing.

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