Internet auditing by skype and cans

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Internet auditing by skype and cans

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Having been Skype auditing for years, I can tell you that "YES!" people do go Clear and receive gains!
(I'm on my SHSBC so I only audit to Clear).

What does it take? Great TRs, comm cycle, pc hatting and BOTH pc and auditor taking responsibility for the session. I've NEVER had a pc blow session.

Many of my clients are veterans who do not wish to leave the house to go to the VA Administration for counseling (which they would get free). Not all veterans qualify for a T1 line to be put in their home for internet gov't counseling. Many of these individuals have body damage that makes them self-conscious of being in public. Skype auditing is magnificent for these clients.

In addition, I have many clients in countries where Scientology is NOT allowed: ie Vietnam. The starting rate of pay is 50 cents an hour. Suggesting they fly to an auditor is ridiculous. I've gotten more up the Bridge this way than many of them would have imagined.

Don't cut the reach for the tech.
We don't live in a perfect world, and as auditors, we need to help where and how we can.

Nanette Kern
Class V Grad/ C/S
Professional auditing in any place on the planet ... 206965424/ Auditor class X, skype: timecops

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