Open Letter to the Independent Freezoner’s of the World

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Open Letter to the Independent Freezoner’s of the World

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Why a rally? Why a convention? The yearly convention gives hope to those outside the Church that there is still a Bridge that they can do. That they still have a 3rd dynamic. That Scientology as a practice and a method for enlightenment and personal spiritual growth still exists. There are now more Scientologists outside the Church than inside. We must come out of the closet, so to speak, and be proud to be Independent Scientologists.

The Code of a Scientologist does not state that you have to be a member of the Church of Scientology to be a Scientologist. You must only use the Tech to better yourself and the lives of those around you. We meet every year, as we have been for the last 15 years, for these reasons:

To bring hope to those who have left the Church and want to continue their Bridge.
To keep the Tech freely accessible so that it is not monopolized by the Church or anyone else.
To give a voice and a platform for anyone who wishes to speak up and share their wins and aspirations.
To provide a place where people can get more Tech and Training, and get all their questions answered.
To create a network of independent Scientologists in the field and maintain the comradery that helps provide a 3rd dynamic.
To continue to share the much needed R & D that is being done in the field concerning OT VIII, IX, and X.
To see some of our old friends and meet new ones too, and show ARC and help each other achieve their goals.
To keep informed about the Church and what is happening in the independent field.

Is it safe to do Scientology in the independent field? Is it legal or illegal? Come and find out at the convention, and listen to a lawyer, author, and former Church member explain the ins and outs. There is safety in numbers—don’t be a lone wolf.

So we need a representative from your group, or better yet your whole group, to attend and be revitalized at the convention. It does result in a revitalization in one’s purpose in doing Scientology in the first place. Your participation helps continue the flow of people out of the Church, and continue to expand and spread Scientology all over the planet.

We need your support to keep this game going, giving the people another choice besides the Church. The convention for many is the gateway to the independent field. If you have a group or feel like you’re alone out there, let yourself be known at the convention this year. Let’s network together and help each other reach the goals we most desire.


Rey Robles

P.S. Please see that attached flyer for more details on this year's convention or visit
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