Philadelphia Doctorate Course lection 21 - Shades of Night

Philadelphia Doctorate Course lection 21 - Shades of Night

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Philadelphia Doctorate Course,
lection 21 - 8 of december 1952 - Shades of Night (last part):

...We happen to be going through temporarily, momentarily, only for an
instant, a period when Man has made himself relatively free by the use of a
machine. A period which just succeeds after a period when he was terribly
enslaved by a machine. The industrial.. early days of industrialism with
their twelve, fourteen hour days, with their smoke-belching factories, that
were eating out the lungs and wits of everybody in them; that was a pretty

grim period. He had moved from one kind of slavery to another kind of

All right, he's.. he's moved out of that. This era is just succeeding
that and just before the machine is employed for his utter enslavement.

The reason you've got Scientology is to a large degree because it's
right here that there's a breathing period on Earth. There's a little
breathing period. I don't know how many years it is from here to the other
but you've already seen it begin. You've already seen the second slavery
stage start. And it started with Hiroshima.

It became dangerous according to the most learned of our national
political buffoons for knowledge to be disseminated. Of course, every country
that could possibly afford to build one now has an atom bomb. Though I don't
know quite where they got off that their atomic police was so important. But
it became terribly important to them to shut all the boundaries on knowledge.
And you've seen those things, those curtains shutting down. And those were
the shades of night falling.

And they say Professor Wumphgutta is no longer at the university, he
is working at our project at a destination point unknown and you have to have
cards and you have to have this and your political affiliations are wrong so
therefore your theories of nuclear fission are wrong. Uh.. the uh.. the whole
nonsense of thought police is moving right straight in. The shades of night.

Now we've got a period here of a very short space of time. You see it
ISN'T the destruction of civilization by an atomic bomb that worries anybody.
These jokers can't throw enough atomic bombs to blow this civilization up.
They just haven't got enough bombs, that's all.

Man is the most surprising character. I tell you, you co.. you could
lie in off of a beach and you could hear the sixteen-inch shells going in
over your heads like so many freight trains, moving in with tremendous
explosions in the s.. in the sand and in.. in different barricades, over on a
shore line and you'd hear your own gun going and everybody else's guns going
and the bombs and.. a coming down like hail, and you'd say, "There is..
couldn't be anybody left alive in there. That's utterly impossible - for a
single human being to have survived in the midst of that flame and rubble."

Oh, oh - your first landing craft hit that beach, all of that masonry
and everything else would vomit humanity and fire, coming your way. It's the
most fantastic thing, it.. it just exceeds your ability to figure out why
this exists that Man is so relatively unkillable. I have seen him live
through continually things he couldn't possibly have lived through, so don't
worry about the atomic bomb from the standpoint of wiping out a11 human
beings. No, it's something else. it's.. it's uh.. let's shut down the
communication lines of knowledge.

Here for a brief moment we have had them free and open and something
could happen. Now, because we have a big weapon, let's close all the
frontiers. There's a tremendous urgency against that because that's.. that's
real. That's going to happen here on Earth. There's really only one other
answer to it - an answer you don't want anything to do with and that is to..
to start in using your weapons as a police weapon to get it across. That
becomes very rough.

Start using Scientology as a police weapon in order to.. to free
people - very bad. Very complicated, not very doable.

Now, automaticity then tells you that bad automaticity would be that
which depressed self-determinism by pretending sympathy or service for others,
and good automaticity would only be that which raised the self-determinism of
others and let them more and more on a rising scale think, act and provide
for themselves. Or automaticity on all these lines and all these points, but,
"Dear I have to do it for you because you are so tired" is down, very

You want these automaticity people, bad automaticity people, out of
your preclear's life and you get them out by handling them with mock-ups on
the part of the preclear.

Let's take a break.

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