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30 DEC 64 SH Spec-51

Around the edges we will get something like fog. Those are locks.
Engrams are locks on the reactive bank. They are locked up on more
significant material.

Next is a rim of secondaries. A secondary is an incident containing
misemotion which depends for its presence and persistence on a moment
of physical pain and unconsciousness.

Next comes an earlier band, the incidents and strata of the whole track.
The reason people get themselves mixed up (pc who was Caesar) is that
civilizations follow a pattern. There have been other 17th Centuries
etc. It's like the bank, it follows a pattern. They are quite
identical, these civilizations.

In the bank, the pc has to confront an awful lot of unconsciousness and
pain, and you get the phenomenon known as "boil off". It doesn't do him
much good to boil off. He's simply dramatizing, he's not as-ising. We
could say that it's the accumulation of unconsciousness which blanks
out the track, because he tries to confront it and off he goes. Or he
does contact something and a spear goes through his stomach.

GPMs have as their first manifestation just the fact that there is a lot
of mass and significance present and it's awful black, and you find a lot
of pcs who can't confront it, who are just in this blackness.

When we approach this, either a terrific significance or a lot of mass
moves in on the pc. So there are two routes of aberration, significance
and mass, and the two phenomena that you encounter as an auditor are only
significance and mass.

Now, there is also space in the bank, and energy, and also time. The
thing that really kicks the pc around is the mass or the significance.
When energy turns up it's because mass is sitting there, and when he's
having trouble with space - why, it's because he's hung up in a piece of
mass in that space, and if he's having trouble with no space at all it's
because he's in mass. Time you can do things with, like dating incidents
and so forth. Everybody's wound up with this thing called time, and it's
not directly approachable. Why is his time sense out? Well, it's
because he's got too much mass to confront if he moves up to present
time. It's the mass that holds him from moving up to present time.

People dramatize significance or mass. The one who is in the
institution is dramatizing significance totally. In other words, the
"think" in it is so overpowering that he is just it. The one in hospital
with aches and pains is dramatizing mass.

The primary is significance. Mass is secondary, but the truth is that
mass impinges upon the individual. If you don't believe it, run into a
brick wall.

The real route into the bank is with significance and mass - familiarity
with the significance and mass, erasure of the significance and erasure
of the mass. Even when you only try to destimulate a thing, you can't
help but erase a bit of it. If you continue this, by the time you've got
him down to here he's getting familiar with the bank and erasing it.

It takes familiarity and it takes erasure. If you got your pc up to the
point where he was familiar with the bank but he hadn't erased any -
well, he would eventually stick after he had gone so far.

So a person has to be brought towards the bank on a gradient of greater
and greater familiarity, and greater confrontation, and greater ability
to handle mass in the bank. If this isn't done you have case failure.

These are the two roads, and they must be travelled simultaneously.
These things aren't neatly on the perimeter. I've laid this diagram out
nicely for you. They are also sandwiched in between there.

There is the overall pattern of the reactive bank, and its approach is
by familiarization and erasure simultaneously, and the two things you
are handling are significance and mass.

The pattern of GPMs themselves consists of a chain of GPMs under the
heading of one purpose or goal.

A goal starts with "to" and then it has a root and then it has an end word,
like "to catch cats". "To catch" would be the root, and "cats" the end

These string out down the bank in a very orderly fashion. We have here
the top - it's not a circular bank, it's linear if it's anything because
time is of course included in this and it represents itself to the thetan
as linear - and way down the line, many many GPMs away we have a finite
bottom and that is the furthest from the individual. This is so
organized that the statement of the goal and the progress of the GPM is
upwards, so it actually runs from the first GPM at the bottom. This is
your goal as an RI (reliable item), bottom oppterm; this would be your
top terminal and your top oppterm.

The bank then sits with the goal as an RI, and appears to run linearly up
this way. The place however where it is approachable, where it is
runnable, happens to be here. So the bank must be run backwards, it is
run from the top oppterm of the top GPM. You run it top oppterm,
terminal, and so forth, back and forth, down.

But the top has an interconnection with the bottom, so that the first
four terminals (here) and the first two terminals (there) are
interlocked. You want to know what is the top oppterm and the top
terminal of the top bank? Well, it matches up to the bottom of the one
furthest away.

Well, let's see what the individual sees when he first starts in on this.
He gets just a big horrible confusion, and out of this he can pick a
significance. He's not likely to get in much contact with mass,
although the mass is going to upset him if he does get in contact with it.
His first contact is going to be upsetting, it's not just a walk in the
park. He's liable to get ahold of this area here, and it's an item of
some sort, and he gets some charge off, and the charge most likely is
more likely to be a lock. If he gets very enthusiastic, he will get this
much closer into it, and this will be merely a closer lock. And what will
it be a lock on? Well, the most expressive significance in any GPM, it
has a common denominator to each one of its items and that's its end
word. Its end word is the same in each item except for the two that join
up to the upper and the two that join down to the lower one. The end words
are the same through the remaining items, so of course it's a
significance which comes off the whole thing like a horrible miasma.

The next thing he gets is the end word of the GPM, and it will check out,
and you will get a "whoom" on the meter and a slab of charge off this GPM.
He has actually cut a slab of charge off this GPM. The next thing to do
is look around and see what else he's got. The nearest one to it, sitting
next door to the positive, is going to be a negative. Now let's say this
end word was "running" and the opposite to running was "stopping" or
something like that. If you found "running", the next easiest one to
find would be the one that's adjacent to it and would be its opposite, a
dichotomy. The penalty is that you are liable to go up here to
"pausing", and you will have "running" and "pausing" and it will look
like a dichotomy. But it's not, it's part of the pair up because it's a
dichotomy too. It will be "pausing" and "rushing", then "running" and

You can get a pc to persevere along this line, picking things up. What
he's doing is picking up the positive end word and then he will pick up
the negative end word, and then he will pick up a positive end word and
then he will pick up the negative end word, and then a positive and then
the proper negative end word. From the middle of the bank towards the
top of the bank, the negative end word is closer to the top than the
bottom, and from the middle of the bank to the bottom, the negative is
closer to the bottom of the bank. He will pick up this pair, and he will
pick up this pair, and then we get to a very interesting phenomenon.

All the time we are walking him through big masses and the only reason we
are getting away with it is because erasure is occurring. If you find
someone who is going into the bank with no TA action or no needle action,
watch out, because you are not getting any erasure. It's very dangerous
if you play around the GPMs with no TA. Watch it, man. All you are
getting is significance. If you were running the bank linearly (which
you wouldn't be, under this system) and you went down six items with no
TA, well there are six masses that are just about going to blow your pc's
head off. You haven't erased them. It's necessary to have TA.

R6EWS, six end words in a line, they go in sixes, there are six of these
things associated and they will all be the same breed of cat. The
principal one will be in the middle, this would be something like
"start" and that would be "stop", and then down here we have a
modification of that pair, and above it we have a modification also. In
the middle we always have the main pair and on either side the modifiers,
a gradient of meaning. They are not as positive as end words, so when you
start putting together your R6EWS, you will actually run into this. You
are going to find this bank has been all pulled up into one crossroads.

He's got GPMs pulled up here from down there etc. etc. and there's where
he lives. If he's got a physical illness or a hidden standard, it will
be found at that point. By running R6EWS, you will blow the rest of his
hidden standard, because you are going to find where he has his track
bunched up, or where he has got two words mixed up or some word that
doesn't belong with some word. They have these two things that don't
belong together consistently pulled together, and they have the whole
bank out of shape, and that's where they live.

You have got some locks and then some closer locks and then you get an
actual end word and then you could find the pair to that end word, and the
first moment that you find the end word the pattern of the GPM starts to
unsnarl. We have the pattern coming clear to the individual. The
pattern is an actual thing, it's the orderliness with which the bank is
put together. He's been living in a very disorderly bank all these
years. Now the pattern is starting to emerge in pairs, then it starts to
emerge in sixes, and then he starts to fall wise to the remaining
patterns. He may or may not cognite at this point, and I wouldn't leave
it to chance, because he could get in too much trouble.

The data is known, why not give it to him? There is only one GPM per end
word, that's all. So you look at your 18 item GPM as the whole one.
That's one end word, 18 items. The next to it is the positive of that
negative. The top one is absence, by the way. The next to it is the
positive of that negative with 18 items and a different end word and a
different root. This has one root and a different end word, the same
root as your first one but a different end, and this one has the same root
as your second one but a different end, and this one has the same root and
a different end and that's what your dichotomies are. They alternate.
They are just alternate next to each other all down the line, so
therefore you could run out the bank in three months just like that.

Now, only two roots and they alternate all the way down the line, but you
must know this, that this top here joins that bottom there to sound like
a dichotomy. I won't bother you with what the end words are. It also
sounds like a dichotomy because the middle of the bank is "now", that is
the "present", and the second one is "here", so of course it looks like
all the bank is now present here, and then you get earlier and late all
mixed up because they are the flanks of now, so that gives you three here
in the middle and "now" doesn't have a dichotomy as such. But this thing
flips, it's got a couple of negatives, so at the middle of the bank you
get your sequence of positive closest to the top and negative furthest,
the negative end word is prior to the positive, but from this end of the
bank up, you get your negative closer to the top than the positive.
What are the root words? There are two root words, two roots and several
hundred ends, a pair and because of that one and because of an item
compulsion and all that sort of thing, you get a tendency to make up GPMs
to run. So you move it out and you make up all kinds of GPMs to run
because of that, but you must run them because that is the second one,
"destroy". Horrible, isn't it?

Now, this is going to shock you. All the bad end words have "to create"
on them, all the good end words have "to destroy" on them, and that just
boxes you up. It proves my basic contention that man is basically good,
because he doesn't dramatize this 100% of the time. You find it
relegated to the average action of a society or government. The
individual is mostly not dramatizing his bank.

So let's hazard a guess as to why this bank was made up, and why you
agreed to make up a bank to this pattern. In other words, let's see if we
can get at the reason why a person has this bank. Like all cures it
becomes the eventual poison, and it is poison.

Well, to do this we have to look to the line plot. The line plot is the
line plot of these 18 items, and as we go up this line plot (actually it's
run down this way) we find that this goal is blocked by other doers of the
goal. So the bad goals one could get were booby-trapped so that no one
in the universe would go bad; you would immediately run into its
oppterms. If you tried to carry out that goal you would get into
trouble. If someone had the goal to destroy sanity, it was comforting
to know that he would run into the line plot and it would be booby-
trapped. So after we have got the pairs, and after we have got the sixes,
then we begin to (actually you can do another thing with the end words,
you can plot them on the track R6EWP) - well, after we have got that, then
you have the line plot of the sixes, then you could work out your line
plot and find out what it's all about. It's the same line plot as you run
on down the line as far as I know.

You do find people do dramatize these things. Take fame; we know that
societies destroy fame, they work on that pretty hard. So you have got
this whole thing that just wouldn't dawn on you. It's incredible. It's
so strange and so foreign to a thetan's way of thinking that he never
duplicated it and he's been going all this time because he couldn't
duplicate it. He's basically good and he's got nothing but basically
bad goals and the whole GPM is wrapped up on this one thing.

So what you do it take the line plot and fit the goal into the line plot
and you run it down item by item, and you run the next goal item by item,
and you get lots of TA.

It's rather incredible that the bank would be backwards, that
everything you love in life you have a goal to destroy, and everything
you hate in life you have a goal to create.
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