The Free Being SHSBC-281

The Free Being SHSBC-281

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6307C09 SHSBC-281 The Free Being

The SHSBC is the place that you have been coming to for the last trillion
trillion years. It is LRH's job to make auditors who can clear up the track.
If we hadn't waited so long, it would have been easier, but two things
prevented its being done sooner:

1. The state of civilization.

2. The previous failure to realize that the cycle was the cycle of
loss of the OT.

A being now had come to the point of believing that the only safe place to be
was in a meat-body civilization. The fight, the quality of life, had been
lost. Peculiarly enough, freedom as an OT has come down almost into PI, say
to 500 years ago, for some. But they were lost, too. There is no way to
obtain and maintain a stability as an OT [as things stand]. What is peculiar
about this war on OT's was that it was lost by the most powerful.

All battles are won by a combination of force and intelligence. Given
enough force, you don't need much intelligence (viz. nuclear bombs), but then
all you get is a short-term win. A long-term win is achieved only by a
balance between force and intelligence. Intelligence alone is never enough.
For instance, in the Communist takeover of Tibet, the wise men of Tibet were
powerless to prevent it. There is an imbalance in any defeat. Any
co-ordinated civilization, combining technology with force, and keeping force
and intelligence balanced, can make a monkey out of an OT. Literally! There
is an implant, four galaxies over, that taught you that you came from apes.
The whole Darwinian theory is implanted there in about a day. In fact,
thetans had different tastes, relative to bodies. For instance, some liked
cave-man cultures and some didn't. This is not evolution. It is just
different mock-ups for thetans. The "civilizations" of tree-top pre-men and
of cave-men were just two different styles, with no evolution between them.


The deterioration of matter is not nearly as rapid as scientists think it
is, and the earth has been here much longer than they think. Carbon-14 dating
methods, the measurement of time elapsed by deterioration of atoms, doesn't
work, because this deterioration doesn't occur as fast as scientists think.
Suns in this area have been burning for at least 200 trillion years. Dark
stars, suns that look as though they have gone out, were never lit. They
don't go out.

So society is full of misapprehensions and stupidities that, themselves,
act as traps. These stupidities are intelligently conceived as a means of
cohesing a society. Ignorance is used by the intelligent as a means of
entrapment. If everyone remains ignorant of the society, nobody can get out
of it, so they have no choice but to co-operate and keep society going. So
these meat-body societies operate on a combination of mediocre intelligence
and mediocre force. They make the airplane and the space ship and progress no
further. Then they disintegrate. Societies repeat patterns over and over
again. Thetans get on different kicks and make these societies. But beware
of societies with as much progress as there is on this planet. Various
unusual forces are at work here. This planet is evolving unusually fast,
because, for one thing, it is being used as a dumping ground. It is on the
periphery of the galaxy. Sun 12 is handy to other galaxies and to the center
of this galaxy. It is still being used as a dumping ground. For that reason,
this planet has a very heterogenous society and lots of trouble, because no
one is guiding it. Most planets have some guiding thetan. These don't
change. They are rather like a little play town. There is no master hand
guiding this planet. If there were, there would be far less trouble than
there is. When you take thetans that have been indoctrinated to have certain
types of societies in bodies that have been mocked up, and then they get
scooped up and dumped as unwanted in one place, you have lots of different
impulses at work, one with the other. This produces lots of friction. That
is what our society is.

This society belongs, nominally, to the Espinol United Stars, or the
"Espinol United Moons, Planets, and Asteroids: This Quarter of the Universe
is Ours." This is Sun 12. "There has been no command post occupied for this
system, now, since 1150 AD, at the time when a group on Mars was finally
abolished and vanished." You notice that at that time there was a sudden
resurgence in science and learning. It became an uncontrolled civilization,
and no one has been paying any attention to the dumping that has been going on
since. "Nobody took any interest in this system, and [it has] been running
wild ever since that time."

"Probably the most basic impulse on the planet is simply the basic
impulse of thetans who have been reduced to more or less meat body level,
which is total co-operation" with one another, as you see in Communism: We
are all equal. There must be no personalities of any kind, [and the cult of
personalities] must be banished." This is the least common denominator of
implants and indoctrination: the notion that they must have teammates.

Why did you arrive on this planet in the condition you are in? No good
reason, particularly. Certainly not just because of the overt-motivator
sequence, though you will try to find the overts you did that pulled it in.
You are still trying to be reasonable and intelligent about it. You think
that there had to be a reason. It is true that you have overts, but "the only
reason you were ever punished was for being you, for being powerful, and for
not being quite intelligent enough.... The exact crimes were to be there and
to communicate."

Once upon a time, "some OT came along and [for fun] ... put together a
civilization, [complete with] curbstones and hairdos. Some other thetan came
along and [interfered in some way], so... to get even, ... [the first] thetan
would indoctrinate his pet society on how to trap a big thetan. So this
became the most accomplished skill that a meat body society had: how to trap
a spirit."

"No OT was ever so out of his mind as to depend upon any of his men or
troops to untrap him. He never [taught] them to do that, because at the time
he was doing this, [it never occurred to him that] he would be caught....
Singularly unintelligent!" It isn't this universe that did it. You were just
knuckleheaded. Not enough intelligence was used, proportional to the force.
Tributes to God are tributes to the workings of an OT. Creating the entire
universe seems like a very intelligent action, but it was knuckleheaded,
because no one worked out how to reverse it, to unbuild it, to cause things to
as-is. This lack of intelligence was recently dramatized by Frankie the
Limper's funding the atom bomb, without building a defense against it. OT's
in the past have employed too much force and too little intelligence. An OT
could build anything: atoms, molecules, suns, traps, but he didn't bother to
figure out how to turn it off when he got tired of it. The problem came from
an insistence on matter that was to "endure forever". This was not smart.
Eventually, that is what theta poles were made of. "That's the pole you've
been on. Confounded things last forever.... It's possible to be trapped for
over 13.5 trillion trillion years."

The tech for trapping thetans is vast, but there is nothing on "How do
you get him off of it?"! Here is a problem: how can you free thetans when
there are no OT's left. All an OT has to do is to pull the trapped thetan off
and toss him "out in space to cool off." Seems simple, but it requires an OT,
and what if there isn't any?

Einstein was dead wrong. He only contributed to the ignorance by which
you get trapped. Space wagons used to travel trillions of light years per
day. Teleportation is a pipe dream. You just unmock a body here and mock it
up there. "It's not the same atoms.... The skill [of] making matter
disappear has been grievously neglected, ... like the tech of how ... [to]
free a thetan.... The failure to teach a meat body society equally to free or
to trap ... was just unintelligent." This situation is like the phenomenon of
stuck or single flows in processing, where if you run motivators long enough,
the PC will give you an overt. You can always get trouble when you run only
one side of a flow.


That is important to you, because it says where you sit as a being at
this exact moment and why you are interested in the technology before you, and
why it is appearing at this time. Everyone will tell you that this technology
is impossible. It isn't. It is only neglected. They think it is impossible
because they have outflowed the reverse technology. The technology Isn't
neglected because the lack of it didn't cause societies trouble. It did. The
Galactic Confederation is in trouble right now because of this lack. The
Confederation operates on a limited OT basis. Its hierarchy of command is
that of a limited level of OT, and it goes down from OT's at the top to the
doll body as the ship captain and the post captain, and down to meat bodies.
It is one of the few civilizations that has endured a long time just because
it has used these different levels. They have tried to maintain a no-change
condition, which is dangerous and impossible. If you don't improve, you
decline. The problem of the Galactic Confederation is that they have run out
of the OT's that are needed to command units. That is the limiting factor on
how big they could be, since not once in 80 trillion years has anyone ever
suggested repairing OT's. They have a static and therefore declining

OT's get peculiar. They get fitful. They get moody. They can get keyed
in, and all they could do about it was to subdue the errant thetan, turn a
sleep-light on him, tell him to get more solid, and take him down to the
hospital. "I know. I was there. I was the guy they did it to."

If the technology of untrapping is so vital, why hasn't someone worked on
it? Because they are afraid of the technology. "Governments would fear OT's,
if they knew about them." The Galactic Federation, of course, does. They would
worry about how you could maintain the social strata and the fixed
organization, if every janitor could be an OT. It would be fine if you could
restrict the technology to OT's, but it would spread to doll body and meat
body beings. They would fear the social and political upset that would occur
if you freed thetans. "You'd have to give them a political solution which was
as great as the political threat. You cannot give them a tech without taking
responsibility for [it], or nobody'd listen to you. People on earth don't
think that scientology doesn't work, [but they've been trained against the
vector of it. They've been trained to destroy," to entrap, to set up a fixed
status of something and then work out a destructive means of entrapment with
it so people cannot leave certain social and economic strata of the society.
You are not up against Pavlov, Freud, etc. You pose a tremendous threat to
the social structure of our current civilization. You can tear it to pieces
by rehabilitation of thetans' tremendous power and force, which can only be
safe if there is also tremendous intelligence connected with it, so that the
greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics will be produced. For
instance, an OT can pull the air cover. Mammoths have been found in the polar
regions with fresh-frozen vegetables in their stomachs. To explain this
phenomenon, it would be necessary to explain the fact that they must have been
quick-frozen in sixty seconds, in a tropical region. What natural cataclysm
could have taken place in sixty seconds. Somebody pulled the air cover and
gave the planet a reverse spin, because they got mad. An OT who could do such
a thing in a fit of pique would be terribly dangerous.


An overt act doesn't just damage; it damages the greater number of
dynamics. One can commit an overt act unintentionally by lacking data or not
using sufficient intelligence to see what really is for the greatest good.
But a really heavy overt act is one where one deliberately sets out to damage
the greater number of dynamics. Keep this in mind during sec-checking. You
should be looking for actions that are really harmful to a greater number of
dynamics, not just some irresponsible actions. "An overt act is often
realized after the fact." You could have done it a smarter way that wouldn't
have been an overt. So you get regret and hung-up overts. You seldom find
anything in this lifetime that is a real deliberate overt. It has been awhile
since the guy had power enough to do a real overt. Some thetans will take on
their shoulders more responsibility than is rightfully theirs. However,
running dubbed-in overts won't get them anywhere. But under all that, there
is a real overt of magnitude.

A phase of this universe has taken place and ended: the phase of the free
being. The free being has lost, to solid, unintelligent, mean-level
societies. Another cycle opens up now. This new cycle involves a different
kind of being -- one that is as strong as the old, but experienced; not as
stupid, because now you know what the score is. Now you have good reality on
a meat-body society and can see their political frailties and the
impossibility of obliterating them, because they start again elsewhere. They
can be managed, handled, helped, or thrown on a reverse vector.

The use of intelligence with force can maintain a freedom of action ...
without racking up a new bank ... and new overts," a new war against the
thetan. There has never been a lasting or intelligent society of free beings,
for as-isness has dropped out as an ability and needs to be put back in. But
such a society is needed, since everyone, on his own, puts everyone downscale
in the long run. If "freedom" means "total irresponsibility", up and down the
line, you are not talking about freedom. You are talking about catastrophe.
We don't need war. We need a balanced technology with the ability to meld
force and intelligence. We need knowhow and force, not knowhow in the use of
force. We need a balanced intelligence that can reverse what one does,
unmocking matter as well as making it, freeing as well as entrapping. If you
know how to enslave people, you should know how to free people. If you are
going to make up matter, don't insist that it be indestructible. In dealing
with meat body societies, don't just stir up the ant hill. It will just
disperse and continue to grow.

The era of total irresponsibility is over. A long cycle is over in this
universe. The cycle of the free being vs. the meat body society is over. The
battle was lost, and the free being doesn't exist anymore. We shift gears by
just putting some intelligence in with the force.

Freedom with no barriers is insupportable. There is nothing in this case
to be free from or to push against. Freedom must be worked for. If you think
that you will stay clear or OT just by never destroying anything again, you
are nuts. Criminals should be permitted to free themselves through
compensating victims.

Not to do things for the greatest good of the greater number of dynamics
is an overt of omission. One can't maintain freedom in the face of failure of
such magnitude. You cannot be or make an irresponsible OT. We have to
continue to take responsibility for our fellows. Not to take responsibility
for others is to lose our own freedom in the end.
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