THE ROLE OF EARTH (SOP Lecture 8A, 30 Oct. 1952)

THE ROLE OF EARTH (SOP Lecture 8A, 30 Oct. 1952)

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(SOP Lecture 8A, 30 Oct. 1952)

(Tape begins in the middle of a sentence.)

… the thetan go over and take possession of the body of, let’s say we want to influence the premier of what what was that, so we move this thetan out and make this thetan go over and knock out the thetan in the wife of the premier of what what was that. And then we are holding the body of the person that we sent over there and they are still connected and in communication with this body. At which moment, it’s pretty wild stuff for walking into a session like that, so we simply monitor, now all of a sudden we find our-selves able to monitor the wife of the premier of what what was that with great ease. And we get her into a tremendous affair with the Court Chamberlain, you see. And we just get things squared up like a fire drill and the next thing you know he’s dispossessed. They say his rent’s up on (unclear), or something of the sort, because of scandal, because of this, because of that. But it’s a very neat, a very neat political maneuver and it is so neat that there’s probably not a member of the class of (unclear) who is along the category of 4 or 5 who hasn’t done it. And that is the reason why a lot of 5’s and 6’s are completely unwilling to get out of their heads. Because it is an overt act to send somebody out of his head. And you’ve sent people out of their heads over to some vast distance and having sent these people over they run into a body or something, which is then injured. Or something happens to their body right where you are and you cause a complete foul up and extinction of a being, and after that when somebody comes along and tells you to get out of your head you’ll find a 5 is trying desperately to stay in his head, because he furiously objects to being sent around, here, there, to these various points on earth. And because there is a Ded line on it of having sent people out of their heads, and so on. So you work this back and forth and you get some of the most interesting phenomena. (student) But Ron… (Ron) This is all the early stuff by the way. (student) Ah yes, I know, but you see what happened was he then went into the moment he eventually got this communication with (unclear) fine. He developed a round kind of pressure on top of his head, so I got him from inside his head, where he was, to look around and know where all beams coming from someone… (unclear)
So I got him to (unclear), he couldn’t do it (conversation is unclear, rest not transcribed).
I want to call your attention to something of considerable interest to you. It would be terribly interesting you see, if all of this were just a fairy tale on what is the state of the real universe. But you are engaged with certain problems, you are engaged with certain definite problems, and these problems have to deal with 3 certainties. And I’d better tell you something about these three certainties. But before I do that, there is a certainty called the MEST universe. Unless you can discover and unless you use a certainty on the MEST universe. What is actually the series of agreements which we call the MEST universe? Unless you are willing to use this data for what it is, you 11 find yourself and your preclear in a state of delusion. In other words, you are saying that something that is the MEST universe, isn’t the MEST universe. And that of course is a method of getting everything upside down, but royally. If you went around, for instance, telling everybody that there were no lorries going down Highland Park Avenue and being quite upset and so on, because no lorries were going down Highland Park Avenue. And there they go down Highland Park Avenue. Well, you can do this silly trick of going out and saying „Well, in view of the fact that there are no lorries going down this Avenue, it doesn’t matter if I step onto these big red things.“ And so on. It’s just as idiotic as that, as when you get some kind of a planned set up condition of affairs. You examine this condition of affairs very carefully, you’ll find out that it agrees to this extent as NEST universe. That is the definition of MEST universe.
Is of course the common denominator of agreement. That is the NEST universe. It is a series of agreements. And when you are examining the MEST universe you are examining something solid. It’s some agreement that you agreed on, that other people agreed with you on, and so on. Now what did you agree on? And that is the NEST universe. Now you take preclear after preclear after preclear after preclear, you put them on E-Meters, you try to run them, you try to do this, you try to do that, straight on through. And you find in each and every case you are finding the phenomenon of entities, bodies in pawn, communications, space ships, other planets, locations, beingness in other states and all of this. And you find this to be a consistent condition. You have fulfilled this definition of the NEST universe. It’s evidently agreed upon. And it’s agreed upon, because you, it’s actually true, you couldn’t go out and get somebody off the street and put an E-Meter in their hands and start asking questions on this without getting the same response as you’d get from your classmates on this. They would know nothing about this.
I took a little girl one night during a demonstration and put her on the E-Meter and this little kid, I started to question her and I was going to ask her about something just to show the class what the series of questions would be about current life. And the next thing you knew this little kid was shaking to such a degree that the chair legs were rattling against the floor and she says you mustn’t ask me any questions, you mustn’t ask me any questions, you mustn’t, you mustn’t, you mustn’t. She was going all to pieces on the thing and I said, well of course it’s perfectly all right for me to ask you questions, and so on. Where are you? And she said, I’m sitting before a big panel. And she says, I didn’t use to sit there. I’m sitting there right now. That’s me. I sit in front of this panel. This is my job, this is my job. I’m not supposed to tell you what my job is, but it is this panel, and so forth. I say, it’s a communicator switchboard. Noooo. And she just starts going on. I said, you wouldn’t mind telling me the codes that go across the panel and she passed right straight on out.
Interesting, isn’t it? She’d never heard of bodies in pawn or other governments or invader forces or anything of the sort. So I snapped her around and carried on with the rest of the questioning and was simply able to do so cause I happened to know, this is a very funny thing to say, but I happened to know her commanding officer. And gave her, silly isn’t it, and gave her the messages which had gone across her panel an hour before. At which moment she immediately quieted down and she said, well I’ll probably be taken all to pieces in the morning. And I said, no you won’t be, and she wasn’t. But she was a communicator who was running a communications switchboard.
Now another time, just to give you the consistency on this, another time in front of the class, much as this one, I picked up a girl, put the electrode terminals in her hand and started to ask her about this and that and we find her sitting in front of a communication switchboard. The girl knows nothing about electronics. If you told her to describe to you how to how to answer a telephone she would probably bog on it a bit, and yet she is a communicator. She’s a communicator in a system known as the space stations. The space stations exist down here in the solar system. They use the asteroids of a very peculiar system. This solar system has a planet which is broken up, the asteroid belt. It gives a low gravity platform for take-off and so on. And that broken planet is of considerable interest as a space station, that is to say a galactic jump. Now there aren’t any planets up at this end of the galaxy which form a good galactic entering spot for incoming transport and other ships. And they got this beautiful broken up planet here with a light gravity sun, and so on, makes a very ideal spot and as a result this area of the solar system got into prominence. It got into a little bit of prominence and it’s slightly a bone of contention.
And there was the fourth invader force was here. The fifth invader force came in to use this area and the name of this solar system is Space Station 33. And they started to use this area without suspecting that the fourth invader force had been there for god knows how many squillion (?) years. Had been sitting down and they have their installations up on Mars and they have tremendous screened operation. The Martian operation is a fascinating operation simply because it has gone into 100% holding force. And it does everything it does with tremendous coercion. It’s sitting behind a defense screen of enormous size and nobody, it’s practically impossible to penetrate that except as a thetan, and if you penetrate as a thetan you go through the Martian screen and they’ve got you. Well now, the point is, the fifth invader force operated for some little time here in this system without suspecting the existence of the fourth invader force. And all of a sudden they started to lose crews and they didn’t know where they were going. And they got a little more upset about it and a little more upset about it and a little more upset about it. And a battalion was sent down here to earth 82 hundred years ago, the 3rd battalion. If you find somebody who is a member of the 3rd battalion, why speak up. Because the whole battalion, its officers, staff and so forth, was under the command of the expeditionary force commanding officer for this, not for just this area.
All right. This sounds awfully wild, it just sounds terrifically incredible, but that’s just incredible in the frame of reference of earth. Actually this isn’t very incredible. So 82 hundred years ago they came down in the Himalayas and the upper, upper headlands about, about oh I’d say about 72 miles north-west of Khaiber Pass. And put a base in there and not, still not believing that there was anything like an invader force operating in this system, failed to take any vaguest precautions with regard to their installations. They put up no defenses. After all what was here? Nothing but homo sapiens. Just just nothing and no danger, no menace, and so on. And they were in this installation just a very short time, when all of a sudden with a terrific crash the fourth invader force, which was a little more active then than it has become since, knocked out this whole battalion. A battalion of that size is in the neighborhood of about 3000 beings. And picked up all of its staff, all of its staff officers, and so forth, and took them through to Mars and then knocked them back into this human race here. They are still here.
There are saucer crews here. There are all sorts of things on earth here from the fifth invader force. Very interesting. This is directly and violently in opposition to the fourth invader force. And the fifth invader force out of its own protection took over Venus, all relatively violent times. Took over Venus and tried to stabilize the Venutian. If you called a fifth invader though a Venutian he would probably shoot you ouf of hand, because it would be a horrible insult. They merely monitor the government of Venus. And they leave Mars strictly alone.
Now this is really roughly a rundown of the „political situation“ in this solar system. Now that’s very interesting, because it gives you as preclears bodies in pawn of the fourth invader force. It gives you tremendous volume of personnel that have been poured down here for various purposes, all of them under some kind of a covert direction. Typical game: every goal they’ve gotten, they have a reason why they can’t reach the goal. I mean, you see, typical game sort of an implant these people are operating on. They are relatively inefficient, but boy can they hold onto things, do they accumulate MEST and that sort of thing. You’ve got your big holding operations and you’ve got running through this a fifth invader force operation, which is strictly really disinterested in earth, not really interested in earth at all as such. Because earth is a heavy gravity planet and who the hell wants a heavy gravity planet. Earth would be much better off lying in chunks in an orbit around the sun. But naturally that’s a pretty rough assignment, blowing up something this size and putting it around so nobody would do that.
But completely aside from that fact, earth has been used consistently as a prison and it is a prison and it is heavily screened. There are installations in Mongolia, there are installations in the Pyrenees here on earth and there are installations down in the mountains of the moon in Africa“ which pick up very often people on death. And the thetan doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s in a state of deep hypnosis really and the moment he finds himself in association with a dead body the thing keys in and he reports to where he is supposed to go. And he is changed and moved around here and there and comes back. Now he’s really from death back to assumption of a new body and so on is ordinarily a time period of about 15 minutes and he has 3 engrams in those 15 minutes: 1) the death, 2) the wipe-out and implant between lives and 3) the assumption, knocking out the GE and taking over a body at birth. Very interesting.
All right, you’ll run into these things with pcs. That’s the only reason I am talking to you about it, not to romance with you. A body in pawn utilizes not the thetan but ridges. Here’s some of the most fascinating things. They’ll take a thetan and they’ll build up ridges and these ridges will act like personalities, and because their wavelength is known they can be monitored. So you very often run into entities. There are a certain number of entities and they are in a certain order and so on. And they act like beings in a person, but they are not beings.
And you want to know, how to get rid of an entity? A couple of us ran into this problem in the last week and that’s why I am going over this ground with you. Actually this is covered to a very marked degree in the course books and covered in „What to audit“. Not perhaps with the frankness that I am covering it with you now, but it’s covered. Now, how do you get rid of an entity? You simply find where that entity is located geographically in the body. You do this with an E-Meter. Your next step is to find out where the entity is stuck on the time track and you’ll find out that it’s some sort of an incident having to do with a body in pawn. It will be a between lives implant. It will be something on this order. It may be that you will find that the person during an operation has suddenly conceived that he is dead, has reported back in. He obviously was not dead and what they did was lay on to one of his ridges, which he took right along with him of course, lay on to one of these ridges the fact that he mustn’t know and he mustn’t tell. Very often he’d appear back in the body with the violence of pain of an accident or something of this sort. He killed the body in pawn, to which he was very nebulously attached while he was here. Body in pawn, something floating and fluid or under an electronic, constant electronic vat. You find these described, they are lying on a palate, or something of the sort. The body is completely motionless and at the foot of this will be something that looks like a window and it’s not a window. Now here’s a big joke for you, you can take a body, you can take a preclear and coax him to knock off a body in pawn. Make the body dive through one of those „windows“. Make him raise enough hub-bub and (unclear) so that he will be gunned down by guards or something of the sort. It’s really not much of a shock because, as you see, he is not in that body. He is just nebulously monitored by that body, because somebody can walk in, stir up the body, give the body a command and he himself will perceive the command. This is a relay system of ridges.
Now if you get rid of one of those things, run out the point where the ridge is stuck on the time track. You just run it out as an incident. You ask the preclear to move into that area of his body and push on through the incident as though it happened to him, and he will tell you in a moment or two, but this didn’t happen to me. This is just lying here. Up to that time he thought it happened to him. It didn’t really. What it was was a facsimile laid down on one of his ridges. And you’ll find that as many as 5 or more bodies in pawn are being held here and there throughout the universe from one preclear. All they do is take, they grab the phenomenon of ridge, you see, and they throw a facsimile into play on that ridge and the person can be monitored.
Now the horrible, most horrible of the entities is the stomach area entity, because it’s in conflict with the GE. This entity is quite often responsible for nervous stomachs and so forth.
Do you want to know something about cold-blooded brutality and why people here on earth are so completely horribly fixated on „let’s be kind“ and „let’s get it organized one way or the other“? It is the utter brutal disregard for beingness which you find throughout the systems. What you have here and consider humanitarian and so forth is a very interestingly built up system. There is a cast system, which is exercised in other parts of the solar system, which would appall the most viciously minded duke who ever lived here on earth. This slavery and what men are put to in that slavery, how men are treated and so forth. Now for instance, the body in pawn, which will have something to do with the stomach entity, the stomach entity has become so terrified, they will actually go along and just kick it or shove needles into it, or something to make a pain shock come down and hit somebody here on earth. It’s, they’re fed with, forced quite often, fed with a sort of a paste of some sort. It’s put into something that looks like a grease gun you see. They stuff the mouth full of grease gun down the throat and push this thing down and that’s feeding. Really very interesting. But you can keep a body alive for an awful long time under these conditions. You’ll find people who have had bodies in pawn some ten thousand years. They just go up and give this body just a little bit of a tremble of course and it just comes completely to pieces.
Well now as far as reality of this stuff is concerned it has not generally been accepted here on earth, that such things existed. But I notice we have what’s known as science fiction. I notice we have that. And noticing it many many years ago I thought this would be a good gag, so I wrote a lot of it. You wouldn’t dare write real science fiction, not not real science fiction. Nobody’s guts could take it, that’s all there to that. So, you’re looking around for brutality and what’s mauling your preclear around and why he is in apathy and so forth, you better readjust your sights again as to what it takes to aberrate a being. It takes plenty. It takes terrific magnitude of incident to do anything to a human being, to do anything to a thetan. Up in the billion volt category.
All right. Now as I say, this sounds science fictiony. Well don’t let it sound science fictiony to you, because the truth be told it’s not science fiction. In the first place it’s not fiction and it really isn’t very closely resembling what you read and call science fiction. Science fiction is just a very shamerical sort of a picture of it. Space is wild! There aren’t any writers down here and there’s no audience down here that could take, that could take real stuff about space. It’s wild.
Well, let me tell you a little story. This isn’t just a story. One of the fifth invader force, an officer came down here to take a survey. And this is very adventurous. And in order to take a decent survey of the place. Of course you understand the fifth invader force officer carries a doll. They don’t carry bodies, they carry dolls. Their identification is a doll. It’s a very little, flimsy mechanical affair, that you can make talk and walk and so forth. They’re cute. They’re about a meter tall. They’re very light. Therefore you don’t need, you see, you don’t use oxygen in saucers. And all of this stuff in science fiction is for a kaka (?). Boy that is for a kaka beyond a kaka. It’s simple beyond simplicity. You have this little doll and the thetan energy that a fellow puts out is quite sufficient to monitor the control switchboard in the back of the doll. That’s all. Simple. And he tunes it up, he’s got his wavelength tuned in and so on. He can walk it around and he has at the same time in installations, he has what you would classify as human beings. And there are people in bodies who are doing work in various installations out through the system. Bodies exist. Now I’m talking about officers. They are a pretty high order of thetan. So they, here’s a doll, he’s monitoring this doll, and he parked his doll and picked up one of the persons connected with the ruling house of Habsburg and went on a survey of the domain and took notes on it. Unfortunately he didn’t have any foggy notion of how violently this particular prince was hated. And this prince was assassinated and before this officer could disconnect, and so forth, the thetan charge that would suddenly sprung up in the assassinated prince was sufficient to overwhelm and overpower this officer momentarily and he went through the screen. I’m telling you this because it is an average story, not a spectacular story. Not because it is different, but because it is the same. And he went through the screen and he landed on an installation of about a few hundred miles north of the equator, what you would consider north. I’m just trying to translate the words and directions of on Mars. Boom. He went through. And the Martians said, oh boy, what do we’ve got here? Wonderful. Wonderful. A high volume thetan. He must be a space officer of some type or other. So they took a couple of standards. Put them down in the (unclear) cells, cause it had a good identification through a body in pawn, and so forth, and they decided they’re gonna use him back here against earth. He wouldn’t transport, so they just threw him in the clink. You might say they kept him there, and kept him there and kept him there, and kept him there and kept him there, and kept him there. One fine day, one fine day they took the body in pawn and threw it through the guard screen and blew it up. They were able to do this and himself got free on the back concussion, you see, of this explosion, and went out. He went back down to a base called X and said, where have I been for the last 27 years’? Hmm. Something of the order you should ask. And he wrote out a chit and he got a couple of cruisers and they put together a few commando forces and they took that installation to pieces, but thoroughly to pieces. They took what Martians were in that installation and so forth and put them ~n cans. As far as anybody knows they are still up there. But blew this thing practically off the face of the map. Most Martian stations are much tougher than this to crack.
That’s an incident of the tiniest character in a person operating. Now I told you that incident because it is a fairly modern incident, from the last few hundred years. You’ll find lots of incidents like this in your preclears and lots of background like this and they can’t understand why their values are this way and why their values are that way. They are trying to fit the most outrageous set of earth values up against the values which they have had for god knows how long and they just won’t mesh. And this assists in the oblivion that you find people in. By the way, this is a matter of small interest, but within the next century, that same officer, that same officer had completed his survey back down here and is up on one of the space stations now. But you see, you can’t be sure exactly what you’ve got your hands on, and just because I have told you this story, and just because I have mentioned such stories to you as somebody with a body in pawn for ten thousand years, being monitored and sent all over the place and that sort of thing, is no reason why you should tell it to your preclear. But it gives you a line on what to ask, just a slight lead of a question. You say, where did it happen? He could say, Kentucky or Sussex, but he normally won’t. He’ll say, Mars, Venus, or he’ll give you some planetary name you’ve never heard of.
You’ve got to audit these ridges through to get rid of these ridges, if you’re going to treat the body, but you understand that when we are working with this sort of thing we are to a large degree treating the body, and this is a question of who the hell cares? You’re treating the body. Bodies are a nickel a million. If you only knew it anyone of you here, anyone of you could pick himself up the line and go out and pick up any body you see around. This person is gonna die some day, pull him out, pound him on the head, say, Mars. He’ll go. It sounds very horrible to you doesn’t it? It sounds like a terrible violation of private rights. That’s because you’ve decided upon a much higher level of action. And yet what do you know. It happens every once in a while, it happens. You could do this.
Now if you are out of your body and stable and if your preclear is out of his body and stable, the point I’m trying to make is: that you have escaped from and stepped sideways from the liability of sudden body shock. If you have done this all by itself, so that the body can be hurt and so on, regardless of the state of knowingness, regardless of the ability to put out energy, regardless of any other of these abilities, you have achieved a knowing immortality for your preclear or for yourself. You have stepped actually out of the line of stimulus-response and being the victim on all of this sort of thing. And of course it makes a tremendous difference to a person. He didn’t realize how widely one’s values change on such a thing, because it just doesn’t matter how many bodies would kick the bucket, it doesn’t matter, you would come up shining on the matter. You want to perfect that skill, because it is the only thing that ever got you in trouble. You are unable to stay outside of bodies, when they were getting a sudden shock or when they were hurt. So, so get up through the command range on a body. Don’t get, stay down on the other level and actually what you’ve got is an immortality. So your body gets knocked off. So what? Very few people have a viewpoint, even when they’ve been out of their bodies, developed up to the level that it should be. I’m going to give you today some very vital data on this, cause I’ve seen that there are 2 or 3 points, which have not been clearly grasped, and in view of that I will get the data to clearly grasp them. Now I don’t care, you can say I’m telling you fairy tales about this sort of thing. It’s something we won’t worry about the credulity or incredulity of the data. Don’t force this data on your preclear! Because if you force it on your preclear you will throw something into violent restimulation that you 11 be sorry for. But if you find your preclear is having an awful time over something or rather in some zone of his body, let’s say, some entity is stuck on the time track in that zone and it might be one of the reasons why he can’t get out of his body. And if you’re going in for the business of cleaning up bodies you’ve got to be able to resolve the problem of entities. You resolve the problem of entity by finding out where this entity is located in the body and then finding out where it is stuck on the time track and you will find a death or a transplant or something of the sort occurring at that point. You ask the thetan, the individual, to sort of move into that area and move through that incident and bring that entity up to present time. Now he has a tendency to give the entities complete credit for beingness and the entities don’t have beingness. They react to passing energy. The energy goes out from the individual through the entity and the energy comes out from the environment and goes to the individual and passes through the entity. So the environment can restimulate the entity, the preclear can restimulate this entity. You see. And your preclear looks at this and wonders why in the name of common sense he acts that way. It’s because when he puts out energy in that direction that entity stimulus-response wise, that ridge goes into effect. And he has no accounting for the fact, because he didn’t put anything of the fact. And when somebody scolds him suddenly or something of the sort he’s perfectly willing to bite their head off, but instead of that he feels scared to death. Why? This is unaccountable. So he begins to believe that there is something wrong with him. The truth of the matter is there isn’t anything wrong with him. That’s the truth. The only thing you could say would be wrong with him is he has a lot of ridges around him which have facsimiles on them. And these ridges can be thrown into restimulation and then he stands there and watches this. So you see, it’s a mystery to him. So he begins to think after a while, I must be nuts. No. He’s saying, ja I’ve got some. There isn’t any such thing as a sane entity, because there is no such thing as sane stimulus-response activity.
But don’t think your entity can’t think it can think. It has a certain low order of beingness. It is not alive, it’s running on the thetan’s energy, you see, but because of the associative nature of energy and other things it can think. It can act. You can talk to an entity and have him talk back to you and so on. You can throw the attention of the thetan around the body so as to restimulate the entities. One after the other. And therefore, but you do this like this. Now you say, all right, this right outboard entity, now I’m taking to this right outboard entity, so and so and so and so and so and so. Preclear saying, so and so and so and so. And you say, do you like ice-cream? No he says, it says it doesn’t like ice cream. What you’ve done, you see, it take the thetan’s energy beam and you’ve thrown it out here onto this ridge, because you said the right outside, didn’t you? So that’s direct stimulus-response. It’s just a ridge and there it sits and you throw the thetan’s energy at it and your energy is going at it. Don’t omit that point. You’re restimulating it, you’ve got a beam on it, he’s got a beam on it, so of course it’ll talk. Cute. Very very humorous mechanism actually, but people seldom feel like laughing. Because they can make a man feel like he is being torn to bits. You talk about fear and you talk about agony and being pinned down and all the rest of this. This is on these darn ridges.
Now you are looking at, what I’ve been describing here, you are looking at the reactive mind. You are not just looking at something that’s vaguely like the reactive mind of the first book, you are looking at the reactive mind. The first book could be said to be a description of ridges and the behavior of ridges. Do you want to know a lot more about how outrageously ridges can behave, and so forth, just read about the reactive mind in Book One and that is actually the ridge. That’s the ridge’s behavior. So the reactive mind has geographical locations in the body, is found to be energy ridges on which facsimiles have been affixed. And the stimulus-response character of them causes very very aberrated behavior. They have an associative quality, that is to say, there’s this absurd logic, that’s one thing mirror another thing, and so forth, but they are down closer to an identity, A=A=A=A, than they are to thinking really. And that’s the way you tell what this thing is, it’s reasoning on a A=A=A=A. You can actually ask an entity certain questions and it will give you identity responses. Korzybski. Korzybski in his tremendous piece of work there was trying madly to differentiate over above around under alongside of and for god’s sake let’s do something about this A – A=A=A of an electronic ridge to which facsimiles are affixed.
Now you want to know routes out of this trouble. How do you get away from this trouble. He points out a route. His route however, although Hajakawa (?) and some of the boys in general semantics believe there is a therapy involved in it. There isn’t. You can train and train and train and train and train, when you are training into differentiation and all you are doing is training in a secondary circuit response. You see, you are saying, the fellow starts to identify and then he gets very careful and differentiates. Well now, he’s got a circuit set up that differentiates what he started to identify. And of course all you are doing really is giving a lot of credit to some ridge. You’re getting the ridge credited beingness and the guy will get worse. He won t get better. So watch crediting ridges. That’s true, isn’t it? You’ll watch that happen.
So if you must be concerned with the body, the thetan when he moves out will generally leave the bulk of these ridges in the body. If he moves out knowingly he just leaves these ridges sitting in the body, and so on. But he has built them up and he has carried them around and he’s pulled them in and he’s done these various things with them, he’s finally fixed this body with a great many ridges. These ridges have a very strict pattern, they have a very strict behavior, and this outrageous story I have been telling you about space stations and all that sort of thing, is very much responsible for the state and action, the weird insane character of these darned ridges today. Now you’re gonna find preclears once in a while who will start giving you messages. Of course they are on a communication line, why shouldn’t they give you messages. Some guard’s been walking past some cell where there’s a body in pawn and all of a sudden this body stirs. Bodies are not supposed to do that, so he says, oh oh somebody just died, but then it doesn’t stir the way a body stirs when it just died. He’ll say, ah, ah, ah, somebody is monkeying around. Probably a few years ago they said it was some damned hypnotist, nobody will believe him anyway. They didn’t do too much about it. But that’s not been the case here in the last year or so. They’ve been fascinated and they are just about as helpless as babies in diapers, because they’ve got a holding operation. They are guilty of tremendous overt acts themselves. They have no method of attack. They have been influencing via the mind for so long that they’ve actually lost their initiative to do anything else. If anybody was going to do anything to earth on a violent side or if anybody was going to do anything to people on the violent side it would be somebody like the fifth force. But the fifth force has completely opposite interest in earth. It does not want to do anything to earth. If anything is protecting earth at this time it is the fifth force people. But isn’t it strange that you will find the fifth force people occasionally have a body in pawn here. You’ll find an occasional body in pawn from the fifth force. When you do it will be a different proposition, because it is monitored by consent. The guy is here with a comm line set up. And he is almost in a state of knowingness concerning exactly where he came from and what he is doing. It’s a different proposition entirely. You have the difference between a young ambitious, braze you might say, and an old decayed)caved in braze, and the two just don’t mesh. They don’t fight on the same battle ground or anything. So there is no active contest involved here, a battle or action.
Beyond this insidious action through the mind we all of a sudden find Russia and the United States going to war. Why? Silly huh? Everything would militate in favor of peace, and yet the most insane things will suddenly happen. Some joker in the US will suddenly order all the ships into port at Pearl Harbour, suddenly, inexplicably, and then fix it up so that none of the messages to warn Pearl Harbour get there. He insists on putting them all in top secret code. Here are telephones lying all over the place, pick up the telephone and say, hey we just got word that there are a couple of Japanese aircraft carriers staying well out off Pearl Harbour and I know we told you all to go into port there in the last 3 days to secure for an (unclear) inspection and take all the ammunition out of your magazines and put them below, the ready boxes and that sort of thing, but you know there’s a little danger here about a fight starting. A few hours ago you sunk a Japanese submarine right outside the harbour and how about snapping and popping and getting on the ball there? You probably ought to be able to put the ammunition back in the ready boxes and maybe a few of those ships get out of the port, just in just in case, just in case. Oh no, oh no, ha ha. Now we are going to find the admirals and the generals. We find they are all at party so wet 11 have a conference with them tomorrow and then tomorrow we’ 11 put it all in code. It takes about two hours to encode and it will have to be two hours to decode and we’ll get that word of warning to Pearl Harbour at ten AM Pearl Harbour time Sunday. How do things like this happen? The men that did those stood up and asked bluntly where their loyalty and what their actions were and their intentions, you would find out that they were completely sincere in their jobs, just completely sincere. They tended to do the very best they could for people and nations and everything else. But all of a sudden from some quarter in sails one of these wild ones. One of these terrifically wild bits of business that you just say can’t exist.
Well, the human race will shadow box with this for a long time if it remains the human race. It’ll keep on doing this. So don’t expect that your preclear will be able to explain completely some of his actions during his lifetime. Little actions. It’s wonderful what small minds can think of as worthy goals. Very small minds. As far as the Martian operation is concerned. Honey, let’s all go out and play hop-scotch, something real serious. A bunch of old fat boobs sitting around in the dirt playing big important games. But they are playing an important game which runs an insidious line and the therapist all of a sudden encounters. Because he is trying to make somebody sane and he finds as long, and you’ll find as long as you dodge away from this and say it doesn’t exist and that sort of thing, that you’re gonna find a certain number of cases that you aren’t gonna be able to do anything for. That’s just inevitable. Now if you want to do something for those extra cases, those additional cases, why just remember some of this data which you have in the course books and remember some of the data I am giving you now. You might say to yourself, oh no my god not that, and solve the case.
Well, I didn’t mean to talk very longwindedly on that subject. I am sorry, it just happens to be something which I am interested in, as curiousa of course, strictly, and it’s something, if you’ve got good sense, you won’t talk much about it out in public. Our real refuge as far as friends of communication is concerned is really us. Our refuge is us.
Now, you know by the way, a lot of speculation goes around. Every once in a blue moon I pull some kind of a gag off. I pulled one a little while ago, I didn’t pull it intentionally. I said, yes I knew her commanding officer. That happens to be true, but it doesn’t mean that I have, let me make my position very clear, that I have any axe to grind with regard to this. I don’t have. I am not part of this fight. It’s just something that you take a look at and you say oh no, and then you get interested and you get rather partisan about the thing as far as your sentiments are concerned. There’s the partisan of watching a bright new operation and watching an old dead operation, watching an awful lot of beings being terribly unhappy and awfully mucked up and all fouled up like fire (?). For what reason? Weird beautiful reason, so that a planet which could get along very nicely is just running off the rails all the time. Nobody can get anything going on this planet. Not supposed to get together and so on. What benefit is it to anybody? The funny part of it is it has no benefit. It is in the line of a terrible habit as far as the fourth invader force is concerned.
Now as you go around you’ll find out there is machinery stuck out here. A lot of it. Just chase your pc around in various directions and the next thing you don’t know, he’s gonna say there’s lines going here and there’s lines going there and there’s a big machine sitting over here, and there’s another machine sitting there, and so on. Well, don’t let him monkey with it too much. Those are fourth invader force machines. This whole area of this end of the galaxy is booby-trapped. And those machines are bearcats, some of them, to turn off. And although they might look like they are very easy to turn off, it’s something like a picture. The Germans used to use this as a booby-trap. They put a picture slightly askew over a fire-place or something in a bombed cottage, and then your own troops would come in and somebody couldn’t resist straightening up the picture and of course it was trapped and it would blow up and blow everybody up in the room. They had to straighten up the picture. Now actually you have no great interest in these machines, cause they can’t do very much, one way or the other. And the truth of the matter was, if you were to hand a map to the fifth invader of some of these machines that you’d found and that sort of thing, he’d be only too happy to send a cruiser or something of the sort to blow them off the map. But it would take a few mega – mega – megavolt to do very much to these machines.
Now, you find occasionally a sickness will set in on a preclear a very short time after he has been on one of these excursions. That’s because he’s hit an antipathetic wave, which was rigged to be a nice wave. So don’t let your preclear sit around and listen to beautiful music or something of that sort. That’s a theta trap. Don’t let him go around and he says, oh you know there’s the most gorgeous looking temple or something. I keep going over there and looking at this beautiful temple and you’ll say, wait a minute. What does it look like? Oh, it’s gorgeous, the most beautiful architecture. You say, come home now. And he, let me, let me. Oh no, come home now. All of a sudden your preclear is gonna be in appetite over tincup into a theta trap.
Theta traps are trapped ordinarily with aesthetics. The other type of trap is a mechanical trap, which has a matching wavelength in its construction. It’s a post or something and the thetan throws a beam. He’s just passing through the area and all of a sudden something echoes at his wavelength, and the next thing you know he thinks somebody he knows is over there. He goes over to look and then the second he tries to get out of it, the more energy he puts out the more active the trap becomes. There is no energy in the trap but the energy the thetan himself is putting into it. He’ll stay on these things for god knows how long. Those are the types of traps.
As far as a thetan being very badly implanted is concerned: how can you implant an energy unit? That’s an interesting question. How can you implant an energy unit? It’s a question, in which you should be awfully interested, because you can’t. You can get at some ridges, but it can always move out from amongst these ridges. You have to get it to agree and change its mind about something and once it’s agreed on something of the sort, why then it’s possible for it to be in the state which keeps on holding onto ridges. So the most important thing you can do with a thetan is postulate processing. Not ridge throwing around and the rest of it. I’ve said this before and I wish to point it out and punch it up now. Postulates. Postulates. You can take any preclear you know and take, run from bottom to top of a scale, that scale I gave you many weeks ago, just to change one’s postulates. And if you keep this up, you keep this up, you go on this way, you’ll get better and better and better and better. But we have in all of these wild hitches a terrific amount of coversion. It’s very covert all of this overtness toward beings. It has to be, because you cannot actually aberrate permanently an energy unit. You cannot kill it. All you can get it to do is change its mind, that is to say alter its postulates, its concept of beingness. You can get it to alter its concept of beingness really. And if you can get it to alter its concept of beingness, then it will keep on holding these silly ridges all around itself, with facsimiles on them, and the ridges keep going into stimulus-response and because your thetan did not know the mechanism, he actually lacked knowledge of it, he couldn’t beat it. He couldn’t beat this game so he’d stay at a low level. Now, possessing the knowledge of this is not really the same thing as being a Theta Clear. I wish to impress that upon you.
Let me give you the example of my boy Nibbs, L. Ron Hubbard Junior. Interesting thing lately, a little, he’s a nice kid, rather standard hot rod American kid, terrific sense of irresponsibility and a nice kid. His friends all liked him. That’s what you judge a kid by. He got along well with people and that sort of thing, but he had practically no goals, nothing, nothing to look forward to or anything. Standard young American today, being picked up by the draft and shoved here and shoved there. All right, he had 7 hours total processing, up to stable outside of his body and so forth. It was in the course of about 36 hours he completely changed his attitude, his personality and so forth. He got a terrific sense of responsibility. He was reaching back and picking up pieces of knowledge of this sort and that sort, fitting them together and getting himself an education off the track. He was going around trying to help other guys out, and he was doing this and doing that and he sobered down. He’s a guy who people would care to know all of a sudden, not just this kid. Fantastic change. He went along for a little while and he thought he was very savvy now. He was perfectly satisfied that he had reached a state of knowingness where he could cope with things. I (unclear) on him not too long ago and boy that boy had been having to burn the mid-night oil and the morning oil and the afternoon oil in trying to catch up with the knowledge of Book One, the course book, Science of Survival, Self Analysis and so forth. Just so he could live! Get the idea, just so he could stay up in state. This knowledge is vital. It’s an education which one has to have to remain this wise. See. Because if you don’t know about this and you don’t know about that and don’t know about something or other. It was not knowing about this and about that, about something or other that made it possible for any of you to be tricked into something in the first place. See? It’s just not knowing this data, which is fascinating. You should say, yes if you get a guy up to a high state of knowingness he should know all of this. I refer you to Science of Survival on the theory of enturbulation of theta with MEST and then its disenturbulation again. That is data of the MEST universe, which is being gained. Your potentiality knowingness goes way high, but this does not mean that data goes that high. To remain stable, Nibbs is doing a terrific job right now. By the way, he’s just started in to teach a Theta Clearing Course in Phoenix as of today and he is using the tapes which you heard and a few stuff I’ve written him in letters and so forth. And everybody was having a very hard time with it in the States one way or the other and they are making it the hard way and he was very interested in getting the show on the road and so forth. He wanted to come over here very desperately, very badly, and he was all booked and he had his boat passage and his passport and then time was running short and then he was gonna pick up an airplane and come over here. He was gone do anything and he finally phoned me up on the telephone and said, aren’t you going to let me come over there? And I kept telling him that the operation in Phoenix was in very very great need of his services and he finally buckled down and he’s running that operation now. He’s 18 and of all the guys anywhere in that vicinity, there’s just two people that I trust a very great deal. One of them is old Alphia Hart, who is the hardest boiled soft hearted character you ever saw. A great guy. And the other one is Nibbs. It’s fantastic. You don’t know American youth, but you know how irresponsible some British youth is. Well, just as a strata of responsibility. Well now if you multiply it by about a hundred you’ve got American youth today. And all of a sudden we’ve got a man, very responsible man. Quite interesting. By the way his attitude toward me is very interesting. It might be of interest to you, a datum you might like to know about. He used to look on me rather resentfully and so on, because you see, during the years he was growing up and so on I was off to the wars and off on expeditions and here and there and I wasn’t home and his home life blew up pretty much and so on. So he…(tape ends)

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