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HCL-SPEC of Apr 1952.

Also see our postings of various other HCL lectures.


Transcript of taped auditing session.

Mary Sue Hubbard audits L. Ron Hubbard. Ron is trying to locate
and question entities (BTs) connected to him (see History of Man).

The tape quality is poor - (?) is used where it was unitelligible.

This tape has been designated confidential and is not in R&D
volume 10. The non-confidential lectures in the HCL series
are in R&D 9 & 10.

They are using an old style Matheson meter. References to
"Drop in tone" refer to the tone arm moving downward or what
would be called a long fall (LF) or long fall tone arm blowdown
(LFBD) in modern terminology.

In the session, Ron and Mary Sue are trying out various ideas
and seeing if they drop on the meter.

HCL-SPEC 5204C.. April 1952 (exact date unknown)

(59 min)


LRH: Okay! Alright, set the machine.

This is a psychometric session of scouting the
battle of universes. Battling MEST - oh - and certain other
universes which we know not much of this moment. We'll know
a great deal more. Sue has got me on a machine, we're
scouting out an entity which we got trapped here, several
of them.

Oh, we got them trapped alright. The only possible way
they'd have would just be to run. The second they started
to run out of the MEST Universe, they'd have to take every
entity in this universe with them. That would make them very

Alright! Now, what have we got so far?

LRH: Gimmie that Drop - get it dropping.

MSH: Okay.

LRH: We got this being hooked up to this machine. Okay!

LRH: You say when it drops.

MSH: It's dropping...

LRH: Okay. Alright! Now ... we're not getting a
characteristic swing here, are we?

MSH: That's what I was noticing. You see where it swung ...
Is some entity in operation there?

LRH: Um-hm.

MSH: Is this the way the meter reacts when an entity is in control ...

LRH: No entity in control of this meter.

MSH: Is this a theta reaction?

LRH: Yeah, they'd all like to say yes. Yeah, yeah, this is a
theta reaction.

MSH: Your needle is dropping.

LRH: Mmh?

MSH: I said, the needle is dropping.

LRH: Somebody turned out to be a group.

MSH: That's what I know. I've been getting a typical reaction.
At least, having been (?) no entity (?) oscillation (?).

LRH: Well then, somebody hooked this thing in. Now we hook it
out. Okay, what have you got?

MSH: The needle is rising and falling.

LRH: It's oscillating, isn't it? You know that's just a
little bit too cute. The second we get ready to make a tape on
this stuff, we've been discovered. Nothing but an oscillation.

MSH: (?)

LRH: I am, for the first time in ages, completely without a somatic.

[Ed note: the theory here is that somatics come from entities. The
implication is that the entities have gone into hiding to avoid
being found out in this recorded session and therefore LRH is
suddenly free from somatics].

MSH: Big drop in tone. Can you get the answer now to the question?

LRH: This thing is slopping on. But it stopped the characteristic
vibrations, didn't it?

MSH: Mmhm.

LRH: I got a notion their all standing about 20 feet from me,
at least.

MSH: Undoubtedly. What did you think of?

LRH: I though of a sinking ship, but that is not answering this
characteristic swing.

MSH: (?) ... an entity just answer the question here. Has the Mest
universe creation failed?

LRH: Yeah

MSH: mmhm. (?)

LRH: We're starting to get tone reaction in spite of everything,
here, mmhm. Okay. I guess we got this entity backed off the map now.
We got him. He started to turn on a somatic. The second he
started to turn on a somatic, he went out of the field.

Okay! Just ask me the questions and we'll watch the meter.

MSH: Okay. What's the purpose of the entities in the Mest

LRH: Destroy it.

MSH: Big tone drop.

LRH: I'll be darned. Big drop?

MSH: Big drop. Yeah.

LRH: Because the MEST universe is a creation of the theta
universe. Bang!

MSH: Their basic purpose is to destroy theta?

LRH: Defeat it.

MSH: Defeat it?

LRH: You couldn't destroy it. It's indestructable.

MSH: Mmhm.

LRH: That's much to their sorrow.

MSH: Mmhm. Whats their chief part of (?)

LRH: (?) - Big drop.

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: Go on.

MSH: What's their main purpose in attacking the Mest universe now?

LRH: Destroy it.

MSH: But I mean - (?) - your own universes?

LRH: Yeah

MSH: What happened to their universes? A drop in tone.

LRH: Drop in tone?

MSH: Drop.

LRH: What happened to them? I don't know what happened to
them. I can sort of get a vision of the Mest universe
spreading and spreading and going across black stratas and
it starts across these black stratas and whenever it does
that it's wiping out somebody else's universe. The Mest
universe is an expanding universe and it's saying to the
other universes to such a degree that it's just a heck of a
note. And it was started out by theta ...

MSH: Drop there.

LRH: But we did just fine. We made what was called a
universe. Did it drop?

MSH: I couldn't see it.

LRH: Did it drop?

MSH: A little something.

LRH: All right.

MSH: Well what are these entities? what are they made out of?

LRH: There is a method of (?). You're not saying drop on it...


LRH: Okay. Because we want this on the tape. The tape won't see.

LRH: Well here we made this what we've been calling Home
Universe. That's actually the MEST Universe,

MSH: Dropping there.

LRH: and was actually the Home Universe and we were just
getting along fine and the reason we settled off and just
started to make the Home universe and so on and dropped off
the main body of theta is because theta started expanding.
No more than that. It just started expanding. I think there
was probably something wrong in its vicinity or something
of the sort.

MSH: The needles rising.

LRH: Something wrong in its vicinity.

MSH: Drop there. What was wrong in its vicinity?

LRH: It was getting encroached on, so it's sort of a
divide and rule. It's the whole modus operendi of the other
universes. They started riding up the main body of theta to
some degree. No, no drop. Anyway, the theta universe just
suddenly got ambitious and decided to make a universe
and picked up everything and...

MSH: Your needle dropped.

LRH: Yeah, just started making the universe and it made
what you've been talking about, we've been talking about
as the Home universe, nice aesthetic, very constructive,
thought pools and that sort of thing. It started spreading.

MSH: Creation by thought.

What did you think then? It's now dropping.

LRH: We're getting an oscillation of the needle.

MSH: (?) there?

LRH: There's something sub-dividing north, this current, I
can sort of feel it drawing away.

MSH: Big drop on that.

LRH: Mmhm. They're really trying to handle this current
like mad. But we know much more about the Mest universe. We
know all about the Mest universe. It's just these damn
things that keep us from knowing about our own universe.

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: Now here we are, here we are going into a what we
call the Theta universe, which is the Mest universe, but
all we were doing, we would just throw out some chaos and
then straighten it up. That's our modus operendi.

MSH: The needle dropped.

LRH: All right. The modus operendi of throwing out
something and building on it.

MSH: Bam. All the way down.

LRH: Throwing out something and then building on it, and then
throwing out something and then building on it, throwing out
something and then building on it. That's the way we
proceeded. And all of a sudden our universe that we were
building, encroached upon, you know, lent itself as prey
to, began to be preyed upon, I guess it actually encroached
upon and moved into, or expanded into...

MSH: When did it begin attacking?

LRH Maybe it just started attacking these other universes.
Wham (laugh)

MSH: Wham!

LRH: All right. It started attacking these other
universes and tried to mold them in line. Did it drop?

MSH: It dropped. Your needle dropped on that.

LRH: And it started attacking like mad, and started going
into these other universes, started moving in on them...

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: because that was all the raw material there was. Ha,
ha, ha... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... That was all the
raw material there was. Okay! Just started using them as
raw material. That's not quite it, just started using them
and incorporating them into the MEST universe. Did
something to 'em.

MSH: Did they find a useful purpose for them in the MEST universe?

LRH: Tried to. That's clear as crystal to them. They try to
use everything.

MSH: Is that where it made it's big mistake?

LRH: They didn't make any mistake.

MSH: Well had they put them...

LRH: Thetans win. Bang!

MSH: Bang! (laughing)

LRH: But theta had to learn all of these laws and rules.
But it really didn't have to learn laws and rules at all,
because it made the laws and rules.

MSH: What happened to Theta that they started (garbled)?

LRH: One day, all of a sudden these other universes
started throwing in shock troops. They actually did. They
started throwing in troops.

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: Entities.

MSH: Another one.

LRH: And they started throwing in entities and these
entities kept enforcing time upon theta but theta started
enforcing time on them. No drop.

MSH: No drop.

LRH: Ah ... So, the time was enforced. They just ... they did
it without time and these other universes started adding time
into it, for time is an invention of theta.

MSH: No drop..

LRH: Well, I guess I'd be talking from the theta side
right now. They don't know where time came from. These
entities don't know where time came from either. Crash!

MSH: Poor drop. Who created time?

LRH: Big drop.

LRH: They created time. Everything was beautifully
simultaneous 'til they came along.

MSH: They made everything grow old?

LRH: Time made everything grow old. They tried to make
everything antique and deteriorated. No?

MSH: No drop.

LRH: They tried to use the universe themselves. Nope.
They tried to destroy and roll up the theta universe. They
used the MEST universe. The theta universe actually made
the Mest universe and it became modified by the other

MSH: No drop.

LRH: Oh, and then the Mest universe ...we got a drop on
this.. is just a straught creation of theta. Crash! The
Mest universe is just a straight creation of theta and it's
working busily with the Mest universe and is putting it
together and hanging up stars and space and time. I guess
space was already there. Nope - time was already there.
Nope. Well they hung up space and time and this was very
antipathtic for these other entities so they're going to
misuse warp time. Misuse it. They made Theta misuse its
time. Anything which you figure Theta is doing would be
anything that you consider constructive, anything,
building, expanding, creative, aesthetics. Well maybe ...
according to that, - there's no needle drop there?

MSH: No.

LRH: Just according to aesthetics. Aesthetics alone, Theta
is interested in aesthetics alone and other entities came
in and made it hard for Theta entities to survive in its
own universe. - Little drop?

MSH: Small drop, yes.

LRH: Theta is trying to survive in its own universe.

MSH: Crash!

LRH: Crash, and it's under very heavy attack. Maybe the
attack isn't as heavy as we like to think.

MSH: Did the entities want to make us think it was pretty heavy?

LRH: No, they want us to think it's very light. They don't
want us to think there's any attack at all. They don't want
us to believe there is any attack.

MSH: - (?) - to attack the Mest universe?

LRH: They gotta make Theta believe the Mest universe isn't

MSH: Big needle drop.

LRH: Apparently Theta believed that this universe isn't
worthwhile, it isn't worth doing, and let it all go on and
do something else. There's no purpose in it or anything
else. Well, the purpose is to build a universe. Crash!

MSH: mmhm.

LRH: Well, the purpose is to build a universe and that's
Theta's purpose and that's why we're doing what we're
doing. And the only why is not, ...

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: ... why are we surviving, why
are we here, why this, why that. These people aren't
building a universe and aren't interested in building any
universe at all. They're entheta people. They are very much
in control of entheta, and there might be such a thing as
an entire entheta being. Bang! Small drop?

MSH: Just a small drop.

LRH: Well my entities wouldn't know too much about this
except maybe people like Sara, but these things don't quite
respond on thought, emotion, and effort. They're

MSH: Drop on that.

LRH: They don't change in tone. Their tone is below 2.0,
Nope. They don't change in tone. They don't fit on the
tone scale too well. They don't fit the band. What we've
got is enturbulative theta. There is theta effected by
these things will vary on the tone scale. Drop.

MSH: A small drop.

LRH: And one after the other you get effective theta so
that you're actually observing theta which has been dragged
down more and more and more. And it isn't the Mest universe
entering into Theta - Yes, it is - Oh, I see, what they're
doing is bunching up - big drop.

MSH: mmhm

LRH: What they're doing is bunching up. Theta and the Mest
universe is trying to keep Theta from telling the
difference between ... put it off the pin! ... they're
trying to keep Theta from telling the difference between
itself and Mest.

MSH: Chiefly in the living being.

LRH: In the living being. They're trying to convince it
that it isn't motivated.

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: Mmmhm.

MSH: There's several of them in succession.

LRH: Seven.

MSH: Seven.

LRH: They've been at it from time to time. There's six,
there's six entities or seven entities. There could be
eighty entities, there could be hundreds of entities, there
could only be one entity. I don't think there's any
standard number because they come and go.

The drop is, they're not answering. We know how many there
are already. We've already scouted it - crash.

MSH: Crash - huhuh.

LRH: Standard number of maybe three in the stomach, one of
those is a theta being. One of the stomach beings is more
or less theta. There's a certain amount of theta in each one
of the cells. Flick?

MSH: Yeah.

LRH: There's a certain amount of theta in the main body,
in the body itself. When you have theta trying to escape
from the body, doing this sort of thing, it's actually an
entheta being. That's the ambition of the entheta being,
not the ambition of theta. Theta can walk in and out of its
body but entheta beings are so damned fast at taking over a
body that the theta has got to be very watchful about the
whole thing so it doesn't leave its body. But the entheta
being is trying to convince theta that it has to take care
of its body. We're not getting very many drops on this


LRH: - (?) - There's something wrong there. There's
something about theta. Theta could get out of the body, as
a matter of fact, theta doesn't need a body.

MSH: No drop.

LRH: Theta needs a body? Theta's got to have a body?
Well, bodies have got to take up this thing. Maybe bodies
is an entity creation ... Ohhh...

MSH: You're dropping tone.

LRH: Ohhh ... Boy!

MSH: You're dropping.

LRH: And as a matter of fact, it might be a big drop in
tone. In other words, the body is created by entheta beings
and theta is occupying it. Yet these entheta beings have
forced pieces of theta into these bodies because they won't
motivate otherwise.

MSH: (?)

LRH: Well, they think they're winning on that basis but I
think there's a deeper significance in what theta is doing.
Look what theta is doing right now. We got to untangle that
point. What is that point now?

MSH: About the body.

LRH: Bodies are by entheta beings.

MSH: Mmhm.

LRH: Maybe the entheta being would really like you to believe
the body is vital. There's a secret about bodies. You got a big
drop on entheta beings creating the body ... Oh, I get it! They
didn't create the body, they usurped the body. They made
the body necessary. Some way an entheta being made the body
necessary to theta. We've picked up theta beings trapped in

MSH: Mmhm... which is just a confusion between theta and the body,
caused by an entity. The needle dropped there.

LRH: Well, the confusion between entheta beings and the
body. Entheta beings love bodies though, because bodies
originally meant theta.

MSH: Well, they've caused the confusion between the body
and theta.

LRH: Well, the body and the theta - there is a vast difference
between a theta being and a body. A body and a theta being.

MSH: Small drop there.

LRH: There's a difference between the two of them, very
definitely, and they've made theta believe that the body is

MSH: Well, what are these entities composed of?

LRH: What..?

MSH: Well, what would you call this kind of stuff?

LRH: Well, it may be first universe stuff - and stuff ...

MSH: yeah.

LRH: ... maybe twenty-ninth universe stuff - fifteenth universe
stuff - twenty-first universe stuff - thirty-three universe ... is
there a thirty-three universe?

MSH: No Drop.

LRH: No ...

MSH: They come from a lot of different universes.

LRH: Oh sure - theta has taken over a heck of a lot of petty
principalities and organized them. These universes have different
times and different spaces and different this ... They can get
into them through the MEST universe. They can get into
the Mest universe. There is a door. A hole in space by
which they can get in to the theta universe.

MSH: No drop on that.

LRH: No drop. - Well, theta trapped them. We got a drop -
(Line charge)

MSH: Mmhm.

LRH: Well, good for me. We will find out about this.. What
is theta up to here?

All right! Theta trapped them. Maybe theta used them as
bodies. Bang!

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: Maybe theta puts it in the body to do something with
the body.

MSH: You got a drop on that. What was the ...

LRH: They were supposed to walk around as a body - maybe
they're just sort of slaves. Maybe they were under a terrific
compulse to have bodies.

MSH: Did they hold the body together?

LRH: They're slaves.

MSH: Did they take the power away from theta?

LRH: They were trying to. Theta reached out to pick them
up. Now they're trying to enturbulate this by saying the
theta and the entheta is the same theta --. (Yawning and
speaking at the same time = muttering) and it makes a body
and the theta is a sort of a god that makes bodies. No - no

MSH: Did theta first of all give a lot of duties to these
entities and then gradually started taking control?

LRH: I think that's very possible. I think it's very
possible they do their job too well.

They're maybe under compulsion by theta.

MSH: You got a drop on that.

LRH: Each one was given his duties and theta put them into
bodies, one way or the other. But what theta has to
realize, and theta really has to realize this, there's too
much, too much. You put these things together in a body -
so, you get a body - then, this body had better be under
control of the theta being. I think theta beings are waking
up on schedule.

MSH: Your needle keeps dropping.

LRH: It's entities that you can shift around from one person to

MSH: Small drop on that.

LRH: It's energies you that can shoot from being to
somebody else. (MSH starting to say something and LRH
interrupts) Theta beings supposed to be hypnotized and they
go to sleep.

MSH: You got a drop on that.

LRH: Theta beings can't be hypnotized. Enteties can be
hyprnotized. - we got one drop there.

MSH: yes.

LRH: Theta beings could be hypnotized? These entheta
beings that we're questioning just don't know.

MSH: You got a tiny flick.

LRH: They hope.

MSH: You got a tiny drop.

LRH: I didn't know know there was a drop.

MSH: It was reading.

LRH: What was it? What was the question?

MSH: (?)

LRH: I told you ... its on the tape. Well, entheta
beings could certainly be hypnotized. Maybe they can't be
hypnotized. What is the big confusion going on?

MSH: Do they try to make theta think that its been hypnotized?

LRH: They could. Maybe theta makes theta think its been hypnotized
so they keep on working. Maybe theta keeps itself from knowing
what its doing.

MSH: You got a drop on that.

LRH: 'Cause if it didn't keep itself from knowing what it was
doing, it'd get all upset with these entities. Once you got a
drop on there. (?) a terrific impulse to handle these entities
- manhandle them and so forth.

MSH: Well why doesn't theta just get rid of them now and
take them out?

LRH: (?)

MSH: What do we have to do - rehabilitate all these
entities in the body?

LRH: Nah. Nickel a billion. They have no value. Oh, you mean
why doesn't the theta being kick 'em out of the body?

MSH: Yeah, mhmm.

LRH: I don't know, we'll have to find out if these are his
servants. - Is that it?

MSH: No you didn't get a reaction. Are they theta food and
do breathing and have any great value to it?

LRH: I don't think in recent times...

MSH: You got a drop.

LRH: The entheta beings ... I think in recent times
entheta beings have been triumphing in certain locales
over theta and I think earth is a prison planet to
some degree because the entheta beings have pretty well
won out over the people that are here.

MSH: You got a big drop on that.

LRH: I did? Entheta beings have worn out all the people
who are here and what I got a big drop on is just the ....
Well, now we can do a rehabilitation job throughout this
part of the universe and we can do a rehabilitation job on
straightening out these entheta beings and theta. Because
all the entheta beings are running around - they're here,
out of line. They may be the product of a union. The entheta
beings -?- or something of the sort. They didn't do what
they were told.

MSH: You got a drop there.

LRH: It's all wild stuff - psychotic. Entheta beings are
in charge of bodies. Entheta beings that would get into
charge of bodies.

MSH: You got a tiny drop

LRH: Entheta beings will take over bodies and wouldn't
obey theta. This is the story of King Solomon and the Genii.
An entheta being has got to be able to say I hear and obey -
snap and pop and click his heels and go on his way. But the
entheta beings that we have down here on earth, wouldn't.
We talk about King ...

MSH: Drop in tone. You're needle's dropping.

LRH: Well we talk about King Solomon's ...big drop
here... we talk about King Solomon's conquest of the Genii.
And how he sent them all off to certain parts of the desert.
They all revolted and he beat them all up and threw them off
into a certain corner of the world and there they went and they
finally had to surrender. Now you can go out and pick up jars
and all sorts of things now, and in the Arabian Sea and so forth
and look them over and you'll find out they've got entheta
beings in them. Their demons, Genii, Jinns, (?), (?).

MSH: Big drop when you were telling me -(?)-.

LRH: Well that's what theta did. Now, theta sitting
right out in space some place, other planets, and so forth,
all of a sudden says, the hell with these bodies and
beings, we've got a heck of a lot of theta beings ...

MSH: Bang! Needle is dropping.

LRH: ... who have been beaten by entheta beings.

MSH: Bang!

LRH: And the battleground is too rough and these things
have mutinied so let's put 'em all in one place and lock
'em on to earth. They gotta stay on earth til we get 'em
straightened out. They'll send somebody down here sooner or
later and he'll straighten them out.

MSH: You're getting drops in needle on all this material.

LRH: They'll send somebody down here some day and he'll
straighten 'em all out and that will be the end of that.
All the entheta beings will wind up in good shape. But
that's the whole and complete project. It's not necessary
.. Oh, it's partly the rehabilitation of the theta beings
that have suffered and partly the problem, how do you
control an entheta being that's gone out of control. I
think theta must have known this for a long while ...
Crash! Theta has known this for a long while. All these
theta that's down here on earth don't know this.

MSH: Big, big drop.

LRH: One of the reasons why the people down here on earth
don't know is so the entheta beings won't find out and look
further, so people here on earth are not supposed to know.

The theta beings - the destroyed theta beings, the bummed
up theta beings that are down here on earth right now, ...

MSH: Bang!

LRH: ...have promised not to know.

MSH: big drop again on that.

LRH: They promised not to know.

MSH: When you started to say, "they promised not to know"
the needle goes all the way to the end of the dial.

LRH: They're escorts - they're prisoner chasing actually.
But actually, they were guys that were completely loused up
by entheta beings. They were theta beings that were all
loused up... drop... all loused up by entheta beings. And
the entheta beings are pretty well confident. They were
subsidian degraded theta beings that have been walked over
the top of, you know. No. They were asleep.

MSH: No.

LRH: Any one of these combos, an entheta being and his six
servants. Drop? Was that a drop?

MSH: That was a drop, yeah.

LRH: An entheta being and his six servants - yeah - a
theta being asleep, asleep theta being and six servants.

MSH: There was a drop.

LRH: I thought maybe there were more than six.

MSH: Doesn't agree with it.

LRH: The theta being is served by six entheta beings.

MSH: You have a drop.

LRH: We picked them up here and there. The entheta beings
here and there have gotten something on the theta being so
they can blackmail him - they can pull in somatics on him -
they can do all sorts of tricks - gettin no drop.

MSH: No drop.

LRH: The theta beings have gone to sleep...

MSH: You got a drop.

LRH: ... so they can no longer control the entheta beings.

MSH: Crash!

LRH: That's why this is a prison planet and that's whats
wrong with people on it. The problem is then, is how to
wake up these theta beings. How to wake up these theta
beings and put under control all these entheta beings.

MSH: Crash.

LRH: Mars has been shipping things in here. Mars is
actually a theta operation.

MSH: A little drop.

LRH: -(?)- theta operation.

MSH: slight.

LRH: The beings on Venus are not ... they're entheta
beings and theta beings. A theta being with six servants -
these things run errands, messages, bringing things and they're
trained. - No drop. They hold together bodies. Drop.

MSH: No drop.

LRH: They hold together bodies. They hold together mest -
-(?)- An entheta being can hold together a mountain like we
use a safety pin.

MSH: (Laugh) no-o-o.

LRH: No drop?

MSH: No drop there.

LRH: They hold bodies together. They take care of
procreation. Entheta beings get very easily aberrated on
the second dynamic.

MSH: The needle suddenly is very still. Then started rising.
They don't like this to be known.

LRH: No, they're very second dynamicky and when an entheta
being gets looped up on the second dynamic and had
something on the theta being on the second dynamic, that
theta being would leave and be sent to earth.

MSH: Bang!

LRH: Purity - When a theta being , purity - on the second
dynamic had been contaminated, he came under the control of
entheta being.

MSH: No drop.

LRH: He came under control of his own entheta being. His
own entheta beings pass up on him and blackmail - no drop.
Anyway, become contaminated, the entheta being would become
loused up on the second dynamic.

MSH: Big drop. Did the theta being punish its own self by
coming down here?

LRH: I guess so. They surrendered to it. They just agree
to it. They wouldn't be asked to agree to it because they
wouldn't be in communication with this other theta being.

MSH: Yeah that's a drop. Did it take itself out of
communication with the other theta beings?

LRH: It dropped out of communication with 'em. It wouldn't
take itself out.

MSH: ----

LRH: Drop in communication --- entheta.

MSH: Drop there. How giving about some characteristics of
an entheta being.

LRH: There's a standard set of them in the body ... no drop
.. Everybody has its own set - maybe these things are just
.. Maybe they get orders from other bodies and they think
these are orders from theta beings .. Crash - little drop?

MSH: yes. MMHM.

LRH: They think these are orders from theta beings and so
they obey. Where you got a mother for instance ... this is
the dwindling spiral - they were trying to get out of the
society in the theta universe, off earth.

MSH: You got a small drop.

LRH: And you have mothers and they start going on this
entheta line. As far as bodies, they become terrifically
unbalanced as far as this entheta control is concerned -
entheta control. The body gets unbalanced ...

MSH: You got a smalldrop.

LRH: All of a sudden an entheta being gets in there. It's
people who louse people up that are down here. Crash!

MSH: mhmm. Crash.

LRH: It's people who louse people up - all people who are here.
In fact there's no theta beings - there's been three or four
attempted rescues down here. Each time it goes all haywire.
They get to the religion. These entheta beings are controlled
over by religion. I think there was an experiment one time that
was a religious experiment.

MSH: You dropped. Needle's dropping

LRH: Big experiment on religion.

MSH: Is that when Christianity came into being?

LRH: That's an entheta operation. No drop?

MSH: Slight.

LRH: It's got to be an entheta operation.

MSH: Is it?

LRH: Entheta - The entheta is actually, like anything
that is under duress, these entheta beings - we shouldn't
be calling them entheta beings - we ought to be calling
them Targs... That's the proper name.

MSH: Crash!

LRH: Targs - Some of them are Targs. There are several
other kinds. There are other kinds than Targs.

MSH: Where did you get the name - Targ?

LRH: That's common in a lot of theta languages. It means
slave. Entheta slave.

MSH: You got a drop

LRH: Lower order slave. Body holders- horse holders -
boot polishers. Entheta is really (?)

I guess there may be some other prison planets out in
this galaxy.

MSH: Are there any other planets which are (?).

LRH: I think flying saucers right now that's coming to
dump off more theta beings. -Ah, dump off more entheta,
enthetaed beings. Targs.

MSH: Mmhm

LRH: What they're dropping down here is Targ ridden. It's
a desease - somebody gets Targ ridden - gets unbalanced.
The thing to do is not so much how to know how to get rid
of the Targs but how to straighten out Targs. - No drop?

MSH: No drop - Targ doesn't want to be straightened out.

LRH: What?

MSH: Maybe Targ doesn't want to be straightened out.

LRH: They want the theta being to be straightened out. No,
they got to control theta beings or die. These have been so
disobedient. The trouble is they're under terrific
conservation. You can't kill 'em. You can banish them but
they keep theta blind. In a blind theta trap. Earth is

MSH: Nice drop.

LRH: There's no problem about it. I know what makes a Targ
operate. He operates just like a theta being operated. He
gets aberrated. He gets down tone scale. He gets stuck in
incidents. You get no drop on any of that?

MSH: No.

LRH: Theta beings get stuck in incidents.

MSH: Slight, yes.

LRH: I guess Targs have a different method of remembering.

MSH: There you got a drop.

LRH: I guess it's the Targ that has a facsimile.

MSH: No drop.

LRH: The theta being has the facsimile, then.

MSH: MmHm. The Targ (?)

LRH: The Targ employes the theta beings facsimilies against
the theta being.

MSH: (?)

LRH: That's how you get engrams in restimulation that
won't knock out. This is one track theta didn't know. Theta
hasn't gone on this track before. He's never had much
trouble with Targs before.

MSH: You dropped the needle.

LRH: I guess they didn't know if the Targ was trying to do.
Maybe there's a secret society of Targs that suddenly decided
that and messed up a lot of theta beings. But the central problem
is, how do you handle and straighten out Targs. No - the central
problem is how do you straighten up theta beings. How do
you wake up theta beings who have been run down by Targs.

MSH: Bam!

LRH: That's it! Because if the theta being got awake,
they'd have no trouble controlling the Targ. If a theta
being got awake, why there isn't a Targ anywhere around
who would dare do anything.

MSH: Bong.

LRH: Theta beings could do things to 'em. Crash - Theta
beings could put them in agony just by looking at 'em.

MSH: Bang.

LRH: Yeah - you just look at 'em and they go boom. The thought
of being looked at by the theta being or examined or
questioned by a theta being. Theta beings can see right
through them. There's a trick sort of turning them around
and you look at 'em and they suddenly start to spin. They
go flying into a million pieces just because they're a piece
of the theta universe.

MSH: Drop

LRH: I guess they're composites in the theta universe -
some of them. No drop?

MSH: No. What did you think of?

LRH: Nothing. I just moved my fingers on the cans. But I
thought of - you can't get any good management, eveybody has
got targ-ridden.

LRH: The one thing the Targ will not let you do, under any
circumstances, is win. The Targ is against all construction.

MSH: Crash!

LRH: Because the Targ is a slave and construction makes a
Targ sweat. It's very aesthetic to the theta being but it
makes a Targ sweat. Targ is the guy who does the work - I
guess not. Well these Targs won't admit they were having

MSH: Are they afraid they'll have to work?

LRH: They're afraid they'll have to work. Yeah, they're
afraid I'll find out that they can work. Look at that drop.
They're like a bunch of labor leaders...old union guys.

MSH: Big rise in tone.

LRH: Big rise in tone. Oh, they're proud of the union, workers
of the world unite. Hey, communism is a Targ philosophy. Theta
beings never work. Big rise in tone. They're proud of
communism. Says so.

MSH: That's right.

LRH: Communism is their great success. That's why anybody who
thinks in this society is immediately attacked, you're surrounded
by Targs. See what's liable to happen right now.

MSH: A drop.

LRH: I'm about thiry percent of weight right this minute.
I'm just liable to tell all these Targs where to go. I'm
surprised somebody hasn't sent a theta being down here
because look at all these Targs, and put them in their
places. There was something wrong with it. Hah - the theta
being - Crash! ...

MSH: uhuh

LRH: The theta being who has never been Targ ridden just
did not understand how the Targ ever got in control.
-little drop - Yeah, he did understand that the Targ got in
control but he didn't know the mechanism by which he got in
control so he didn't think the Targ would get out of line.

MSH: Big drop!

LRH: And the theta beings thought that the theta beings
had gone out of line. They condemned the people here on
earth, the theta beings here on earth because they didn't
think the theta being ... they didn't think the Targs would
ever get that good. They had philosophies about it. They
have never understood this.

MSH: Drop.

LRH: Because your theta being who has never been Targ
ridden would not know what a Targ ridden theta beings was.
Just incapable of understanding. That's why the only people
you find on earth are people who have suffered from
degredation. Amongst the Targs you will not find one theta

MSH: Bang!

LRH: In other words, you talk about this process and that
process, you talk about his personalities. Sure they have
personalities. We've seen them in market places, we've seen
them hauling food and crate along roads in other societies,
we've seen them in armies of Targs. - There hasn't been any
drop - you know why that is? I don't think any of these
Targs would admit this.

MSH: They wouldn't admit it?

LRH: They wouldn't admit to ever having been slaves. They
might have me think they've all been gentlemen... big drop.

MSH: mhmm

LRH: They've all been gentlemen polishing their fingers and so on.

MSH: That's very confusing.

LRH: They're monkeys.

MSH: They're columns of workers in communism and so forth and yet
they lack (?)

LRH: Oh, they'd never have their hands dirty. They
wouldn't go out and wash the car for me.

MSH: No.

LRH: They wouldn't wash the car. They wouldn't do
anything like that. They wouldn't mop the floor. Actually,
you know what you could do with a Targ? A Targ can do
poltergeist, if he wants to. Not if he wants to - if he's
ordered to.

MSH: mhmm

LRH: He can do poltergeist.

MSH: Big drop.

LRH: If you just suddenly ordered Targ to go out and sweep
the front porch, you might not even see anything but the next thing
you know, the front porch would be clean. You could see 'em. These
Targs have blinded the theta beings they're with and they do love
the blind theta being. It's where a theta being has been wrecked,
that you find a person.

MSH: Dropped the needle.

LRH: Earth, by the way, had a whole line of oncoming theta
beings that was doing all right and all of a sudden they
had to have a plan of patrol unit of Targ ridden theta
beings. - no drop? -

MSH: No drop

LRH: I can't find out why the hell this evolutionary scale
on earth. Is it all Targ?

MSH: No drop.

LRH: I guess it's theta. Maybe evolution on earth is
incredibly fast.

MSH: (?)

LRH: I can do it. Here's a big point. I wonder if we
weren't as an assembled group, jumped over ... How come all
this stuff about being put in with the Targs? The Targs
being put on you. Was that a theta ceremony? Whereby a
person could have a body?

MSH: A little drop there.

LRH: I just get the sensation that these Targs would love to
lie like hell about this whole deal.

MSH: A big drop, mhmm.

LRH: Well, you do find a lie all over the place. All of a
sudden this is the one thing we mustn't know. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

MSH: You got something on the theta being. When he comes into
the Mest universe and just attached themselves to the theta being.

LRH: I guess nothing but Targs were dumped off here.

MSH: You didn't get a drop on that.

LRH: Well the theta being and the six Targs, were dropped
off, each one, in a bundle. - a little drop on that.

MSH: mhmm.

LRH: Ice cubes - operation ice cube. - nope, nothing on
that. Oh boy! This is a big secret.

MSH: They were all packed together in a body, is that it?

LRH: Maybe that's the punishment of the theta being that
allowed itself to become Targ ridden. No? - That's the
punishment of the Targs and they threw a theta being in with


MSH: no.

LRH: It's sort of crude. There's a theta being and six
Targs together - we got that. There's a drop on that, isn't

MSH: Mhmm.

LRH: A theta being and six Targs. First we had one Targ,
way back we had one Targ, then we had two Targs, then three
Targs, or four Targs, and then we had six Targs. These
Targs would never admit that they had ever been inferior,
in fact, they are all something. You know, they're struggling
for the existence of all Targs on earth if they knew it. Now
why don't the theta beings come down here and straighten
them out?

MSH: Do all Targs have the same tone level subject to the
universe and ...

LRH: Here's thought. Maybe there's no theta beings on earth.

MSH: No? There's a drop on it.

LRH: Well, there's a theta being in every human being, almost.

MSH: Yeah. Chiefly asleep in most human beings.

LRH: Maybe it was just a big experiment. Theta beings in suspended
animation, that's what they are.

MSH: This secret is how to put a Targ and a theta being
into a body here on earth?

LRH: They aren't that way out there. I guess a handy way
to dispose of them.

MSH: Does a theta being electronically consider himself to
be a Targ?

LRH: Mmm - Yes that theta being, I guess, that had
considered himself a Targ, became too closely allied with
his crew so he lost control of his crew and it's almost
a ceremony about it. Which is "Listen here you, you're no
longer a theta being - you must be ... you're a Targ ridder,
or you're a Targer. You're a Targ man. You're on the same
level as your own crew. You're not controlling the thing.
You no longer can conquer.

MSH: You're one of us. Know that you're one of us. You
got a small drop.

LRH: The Targ say so?

MSH: The Targs. You're one of us.

LRH: Well everybody on earth does that don't they?

MSH: Yes, Mmhm. Now I'm getting a drop.

LRH: It's typical Freudian philosophy. Well, how come these
theta beings had to be condemned? And if they were condemned ...

MSH: It seems like the Targ would get something on them and
convince the theta being that they were all wrong and they
had done something horrible and sinful and then of its own
decision come down here and they would have gone down here -
no drop.

LRH: No punishment - it's just that the theta being would
be about the same as the Targ and in disgust one of those
would be sent down here.

MSH: Is there a ...

LRH: He brought down original Targs. Maybe a theta being would
loose his Targs and become very degraded and couldn't do anything
about it -

(a knock on the door)

Come in. ... couldn't do anything about it and he'd just get
punished by being single.

MSH: You got a big drop on there.

LRH: Loose his Targs and then you'd select any of these
damn Targs that was lying around and you throw this guy in
with these Targs and throw 'em down there and tell 'em to
work themselves out. Oh yeah. That's a command we're under.
Throw 'em down and you tell 'em work it out.

LRH: There's six Targs.

MSH: (?)

LRH: That's marooning. That's the piracy of marooning. You
give him a bag ... a few books, a little powder, a musket,
a bag of bicuits and throw him on a desert isle and that's
what happened. Here's this guy, you make ... the six Targs
they make a body with him, and you're out, work it out and
when you got it all worked out you come back up here again
because theta doesn't control theta. Theta controls Targs.
And when you learn how to control Targs, you're all right.
Big drop!

MSH: All the way on this too.

LRH: Well that's the start. Crash. Therefore these Targs
have been fighting like hell because the day of their
liberty is at end the day theta gets well.

MSH: Big drop on this last part. - (?) - and they'd go.

LRH: That's why your collectivists are nothing but scuds.

MSH: Christ!

LRH: That's why your socialist is nothing but a crab. Well
for god sakes, that's why they consider fascists so horrible.
Socialists for god's sake. There couldn't be one of them
who's worth a damn. There could be a level of theta beings
getting together to work out the problem but nobody could
find enough theta beings that are awake.

MSH: Right.

LRH: This is a battle of the Targs. Entheta is winning. Well...
I could just see apathy getting to these Targs all over the

MSH: Heh!

LRH: "Well, you work it out" they said ... Goodbye! That's
a theta consul you hit.

Or they gave you these six Targs but they aren't
necessarily the Targs that you had before. You lost them.
Maybe you got your own Targs. Sometimes you did and
sometimes they didn't. Yeah! This accounts for one I
had one time. There's one of those things sitting there.
Oh, it's just a Targ... No it's not ... one of those things
or something. Don't pay any attention to it. Skirt snatched
away from it. Well there you are. For a while ... yeah.

Now you're running Arslycus?

MSH: Mmhm.

LRH: You're running Targs. That's what happened to Targs.
That's also what happened to you.

MSH: (?)

LRH: That's what happened to Targs. They're not afraid of you.

MSH: Oh, I see.

LRH: The theta beings lived in the joint.

MSH: Mmhm.

LRH: And you were a theta being. You lived in the joint. What
you are, if you did. And you're running the history of one of
your own Targs.

MSH: (Laugh)

LRH: Big drop...all the way across.

MSH: Yeah

LRH: So, these guys that feel so bad about you... you
can sneak up on these guys and say, "Remember this" and
"Isn't this horrible" and so on, and the guy gets a hell of
a big drop, you know damn well he's asleep. It doesn't
matter what the hell you do to one of these Targ riders,
one of these Targ ridden guys. It doesn't matter what you do
to a Targ. Kill 'em. Just put 'em under control. Like
last night. "Go on out for a walk." Bang.

They'll obey anything. Wow! No somatics.

[To instructor] Hey you!

Instructor: Yes sir?

LRH: All those Targs, go on out for a walk, all of them.

[sounds of shuffling chairs]

LRH: Hey, I'm jokeing!

Instructor: Yeah, I know.

LRH: Good. All out for a walk. Walk up and down the road until
you're called back, then I'll put you to work!

LRH: [to MSH] We even have a great instructor.

(The end of the Tape.)

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