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Web auditing in any place on the planet

A lecture given on 15 June 1950
The question has been raised of how clears will affect our cultural pattern.
I would hate to go out on the line because I’m not a prophet. I know my slide rules, and my symbolic logics. Let it rest right about there. But there are some very strange angles on all of this, it’s a very interesting subject. I find that the clear, however, is extremely interested in his fellow man and that he has validated the initial premise of the fourth dynamic, 1 the mankind dynamic, and the third dynamic too, in that he finds that although he himself is clear, he is forced to live in an aberrated social culture. So he starts to work on it. He is an interesting man to have around because he wouldn’t think that the best thing to do with a criminal was to throw him in jail and then let him get good and sour on society and then release him so that he will rob another bank and then put him back in jail again. He will see that that is idiotic. He is thinking more clearly. And he is liable to become quite impatient with the situations of people. Clears also have a tendency to pretty well stick together.
It is difficult to count the exact number of clears to date. There is a matter of scientific honesty, and the honesty amounts to this: One has to be very careful to delete all variables. Someone could have been told that he is now Superman. This might be sitting squarely on a manic, and he goes around and acts this way. Here is suggestion entering into the situation. What is the status of the clear? If it was outlined for someone before he himself went clear this would upset the entire observation. These people are brought up to a level where there are obviously no more engrams, and the difference in their appearance, ability, energy and so on is quite marked.
However, the series on this is going to be disturbed by current information on Dianetics. It means that I can’t make a check back on these clears in two or three years without finding that many of these people have gotten hold of the Handbook, and are now thoroughly convinced that they are supermen because they have suddenly found out that they are clears in this society. That is going to upset the series. I wanted, if I could possibly get it, a ten year period of observation on this entire group of people, and they are scattered all over the place.
So, every once in a while somebody, following his scientific methods and so forth, rushes in on me and says, ”Well, give me the addresses of some of these clears.” In the first place it would be against my ethics to throw these people to the lions, which is what I would be doing, and furthermore it would upset (by suggestion and so forth) the whole observation.
It would be like the gentleman I was talking to the other day who was begging me to do something to him that I knew would utterly unsettle his rather unstable mind. Then he refused to have anything further to do with me because I wouldn’t do it. A remarkable state of affairs. So he tells people I am unscientific.
But how about being ethical? You don’t put hand grenades into the hands of the aborigines and say, well, just because they don’t know that these hand grenades are going to go off when you pull the pin it absolves one of responsibility, because it definitely does not.
A very bad situation could occur whereby some psychotics hear about Dianetics, who have the word ”clear” in their banks, and who are then going to tell you and their neighbors and everybody else that they are natural clears. Or after you have worked on them for five hours they are going to go around screaming that they are clears and go into a complete manic state on the subject, just because they know of the existence of Dianetics and have heard of a clear. I have already heard from about three people who have told me very solemnly that they have discovered that they were natural clears, but that they were perfectly willing to have me associate with them.
This is an aberrated society, and there is going to be a lot of aberrated reaction to Dianetics.
On a neglect engram pattern you will find out that the patient will gradually recover interest, because his interest in life is what has flagged, his interest in himself. What has happened to him is that he is smashed on dynamic one. 1 That is his blocked dynamic. In view of the fact that he can’t consider himself anymore, he computes therefore that he must neglect it.
Now, as the engrams erase, he begins to pick up an interest in his own health, appearance and so on. The person who invented the idea of self-abnegation (the very heart and soul of engrams) was an aberree to end all aberrees. Because once you block the first dynamic, once its vitalness is interrupted, a man is murdered. This society specializes in knocking dynamic one flat. One cannot say anything, or be proud of having done or discovered something and so on. Recently I saw a beautiful little girl in Washington, and I said, ”My, aren’t you a pretty little girl,” and her face brightened right up.
Her mother immediately said, ”Well, she isn’t as ugly as she might be,” whereupon the child’s stature visibly decreased.
I said, ”What’s the matter with you? Are you trying to break the kid’s heart?”
”Well,” she said, ”you know it’s not good for the child. Demonstrate too much love and too much affection and that sort of thing to children and it will warp their minds.”
In any such activity, by blocking the first dynamic you are heading a person toward a bad break and toward neglect engrams. It would include phrases such as: ”You’re nobody.” ”You’re no good.” ”You’ll never amount to anything.” ”Why try? There’s nothing we can do about it anyway.” ”I’m just content the way I am.”
Another computation enters in there concerning manic – depressives. Everybody has got a few manics in his bank, but there are a few manic-depressives who have a cover – up mechanism whereby they cover up the aberration because they feel that the ally will leave them if they get well. For instance, Grandma has told the little boy who is unconscious with a bad case of measles, ”I will stay here as long as you are sick, dear,” which would affect the computation remarkably.
But the neglect engram case is bad to handle, just like an ”I don’t know” case. There is no tougher engram pattern than ”I don’t know.” ”I don’t know but I think I will have something to eat.” ”I don’t know but I think it’s going to rain today.” ”I don’t know but I’m tired.” You have heard people who use this phrase over and over and over, and it really shatters certainty. This is nothing very highly technical which you didn’t know before.
We are discussing here the business of being cleared before one starts to audit. It is not desirable to wait that length of time and to place everything upon the goal of being cleared. It has been my experience that those people who hang all the decisions and future patterns of their life on the proposition ”After I am cleared, I will…” have laid aside responsibility. They have postponed it, and made the future contingent upon that one fact. They have placed and weighted the process of being cleared with the future responsibility in its place, and in such a way they will actually slow up the process. They will stop working as well as they should and will come up with dizzy statements such as, ”Let’s see if we can’t find the time that Papa hung me in the well,” when Papa never did hang him in the well. They are doing an actual computation to slow down the process of being cleared.
So don’t hang anything on being cleared, not even auditing, and don’t let a patient do it either. Practically every one of them does. ”I’m waiting until I am cleared so that…” But they still have engrams that tell them they don’t dare do that. So being cleared becomes justified thought. In the case of professional auditing, if someone were to hang up the whole thing on the basis of ”When I am cleared, I will…” they could go on at it for ages and in most cases will slow down.
So, just assume automatically, ”I will be cleared someday given time and auditors around me.” The main problem is one’s actions and activities in life. One finds out that with a knowledge of the actions of engrams and the human mind, that alone tends to make one a lot more able.
As you work with people and become more and more expert, your own thinking processes experience a speed – up, which is a contributing factor. You won’t find anybody restimulating you to any great degree unless you are trying to work exclusively with psychotics. That is one thing I wouldn’t wish on a dog. The institutional psychiatrist has my every sympathy. That is why right now I am grinding down the basis of rendering a patient accessible and tractable for a period of therapy. By doing this we can save them an enormous amount of time. They have lots of people in institutions right now that if they just touched the cases they would get enough emotional discharge so that they could release at least 50 percent of them tomorrow.

Web auditing in any place on the planet
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