RON’S JOURNAL ’67 20 September 1967 L. Ron Hubbard

RON’S JOURNAL ’67 20 September 1967 L. Ron Hubbard

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20 September 1967
L. Ron Hubbard
And this is a tape of made on an island in the sea and it is addressed to all staff and
students of Scientology organizations. The background noise that you hear is not in actual fact
tape noise, it is the wind howling up a cliff and hitting over the area where I am sitting. Out
before me here is the wide blue sea with ships passing by, a few fleecy clouds overhead, and
the bright sun shining down. I'm giving you this short talk because you might have wondered
what I was doing. Rumour lines are not very reliable, to say the least, and in a world which is
as wogged as this are not likely to even approach truth. I do not like to create a mystery with
regard to our activities.
You have heard mention of the Sea Org, the Sea Organization, and you are likely to
hear other mentions of it as time goes on. This is in reality just another Scientology
organization, with the difference that it handles extremely advanced work and materials and its
personnel are OTs. Its mission is to bring Clears through the upper levels safely and certainly
and with speed, and it also has the mission of getting in ethics on earth. It would be quite
impossible to bring in a totality of Scientology technology without first bringing in ethics. We
have learned that technology does not thrive in an area which is enturbulated and which has
many Suppressives and factors which are hostile to the better side of life. We are in
organizations making progress to the degree that they bring in good order inside the
organization and in their immediate areas. Only then do we have technology effective and
functioning. The only time that Scientology technology is ineffective is when it is not used or
when it is altered considerably.
To give you a little background history, a sort of Ron's Journal, I have to tell you some
of the things which have been going on in the last few years of which you are not particularly
well informed, I'm sure, but of which you have heard some vague rumour.
On January the 22nd of 1963 the Food and Drug Administration made a raid with
drawn guns on our organization in Washington DC immediately after we had offered to then
President Kennedy assistance in his national programs with the use of Scientology. His reply to
this, apparently, was to order a raid on our organization. I determined at that time that
organizations must carry on a line of defense and that I must accelerate the technology advance
and wrap up the entire subject in a very short time. I have probably done something on the
order of a century of research in the very few years since 1963 and can advice you now that I
have completed any and all of the technology required from wog to OT. The FDA raid thanks
to the able actions of the Washington organization and the defense which I arranged and other
things eventually came to nothing it was heard some time earlier this year, and at this time I
have yet to hear of any finding being handed down or any further action taken.
There have been in the United States several income tax attacks on Washington DC, on
myself, and on the non-profit status of the organizations there, and I wish to advice you that all
this has been delayed now and, you might say, put in moth-balls by the government pending
some sort of activity. There was an income tax attack on myself earlier this year and last year
and..., from the United States, and both of these actions were won by ourselves, which more or
less removed any danger from the Washington organization, as the government was using
attacks on me as a pretext to seize the Washington organizations. In this they failed utterly and
In 1966, knowing that the world would not go on for ever without war, and knowing
that it might be very advisable for us to have all of our material in a safe depository, I went
down to Southern Africa in order to establish an area where this could be affected. What
happened there is that the people of the countries involved began to write me fan mail in
floods. I appeared many times on TV and radio and my popularity was very great and this
could not be confronted by a fellow named Smith and some others and they refused to extend
my visa. There was no more to this than that.
There have been several parliamentary attacks upon us and the state of these attacks is
very interesting. Only one parliament, that of Victoria in Australia, ever took any action of any
kind, and all other parliaments were incapable of bringing about any action, and one right after
the other have faded away.
With all of this action being taken against us in the last 17 years I found after the
Southern African matter that it was vitally necessary that I isolate who it was on this planet
who was attacking us. The attacks were always of the same pattern. They always followed the
same newspaper routes. They always used the same type of parliamentary member. And I
thought that I had better look into this very thoroughly. The organization under the direction of
Mary Sue employed, and actually had employed earlier than I returned from Southern Africa,
employed several professional intelligence agents who had long and successful professional
backgrounds and they looked into this matter for us. And the result of their activities, although
it's still in progress, have told us all that we needed to know with regard to any enemy we had
on this planet.
Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of
England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains and they
are oddly enough directors in all the Mental Health groups in the world which have sprung up.
Now these chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds,
illegitimate children, government graft, a very unsavoury lot. And they apparently some time
in the rather distant past had determined upon a course of action. Being in control of most of
the gold supplies of the planet they entered upon a program of bringing every government to
bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically
without their permission.
The rest of their apparent program was to use mental health, which is to say psychiatric
electric shock and prefontal lobotomy, to remove from their path any political dissenters. They
were the people behind the Siberia Bill, which almost passed the House of Representatives in
the United States, and did pass, if I remember rightly, the Senate, which gave the power to any
governor in... of any state in the United States simply to pick up anyone on the street and send
him to Alaska. We defeated this Siberia Bill and many other mental health „acts“ of this
character, but never really before knew from whom they were coming.
Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them
considerable quantities of money through various chicaneries. And they control, of course,
income tax, government finance.... Wilson for instance, the current Premier of England, is
totally involved with these fellows and talks about nothing else actually.
They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the
world and anything that has mental health in it, in its name, or mental hygiene, or other things
of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these,
less than a dozen really, men. Now, this is very interesting, because we, innocently, moved
forward in 1950 and came straight across this very very broad plot. If there was a cure to
mental illness, then people would say, "You had better send him to an auditor", and would
begin to ask questions, if someone was electric shocked or given a prefontal lobotomy.
Whereas only by electric shocking and prefrontal lobotomies could they effectively remove
their political enemies or objectors.
Now, of course, these fellows are very suppressive indeed and they are actually quite
miserable. They're fighting the Martians and everyone and anyone is their enemy. They are
very badly served. Any of their people can be bought for £100. These fellows are unable, of
course as any Suppressive, really to complete a cycle of action and they always choose the
wrong target whenever they go about anything. They have failed in nearly every part of their
mission except this one of making every government bankrupt and owe them fantastic sums.
Now these chaps can throw newspaper chains through one of their numbers. Sir, I don't know
if it Sir, but it's Cecil King and these newspaper chains go down into Southern Africa, they go
into Australia, they go into, of course, all parts of the world, and this newspaper chain was
what was being used to try to give us a bad name. It was very interesting that the only effort
they ever made was simply to discredit us. That is what they could be counted upon to do, is
simply discredit us and discredit the workability. There is no faintest doubt in their minds but
that our technology does work, because many other such activities as subub* and so forth have
gone on unmolested by them. It is only the intensely workable technology of Scientology
which has attracted their eye. They have collected rather interesting files on us, our people and
organizations, and their orders concerning what to do about this is part of their files. It all
makes very interesting reading. We, of course, have full copies of their files. It was, of course,
their bad luck to tangle with someone who had been trained in the field of intelligence. My, the
allied governments, which is myself, and they had insufficient security and in-sufficient loyalty
amongst their own people to keep out the intelligence agents, which we sent in against them.
That is a very cloak and dagger activity, which is more or less over at this time.
We have however our own files on them and a corrupt lot they are. I think we probably
have enough to discredit them utterly, if we ever published what we knew. But our position
with regard to this dozen fellows, I think they number about ten really, our... count in a couple
of their major henchmen and you have a dozen. I think probably that they will never be
successful at anything - Suppressives seldom are. Gradual inflation is leading them forward to
where even their own personal fortunes will probably be eclipsed in the debacle which they
themselves are manufacturing. Gradual inflation of money will, of course, make theirs
worthless too.
Now, these people are not our major objective, we are not even vaguely dedicated to
their destruction. Otherwise we long since would have utilized the information which we have
on them. If you were driving a fire engine toward a raging fire and some cur dogs rushed out to
bark at your wheels, I don't think you would stop and begin to fight the cur dogs, unless you
were quite mad of course. And that is our position. There is a fire which we are on route to put
out and this is the line we are traveling and this other is merely a side show, which has been
impeding and has made the work relatively difficult. It is rather hard to drive with a dozen cur
dogs getting in underneath your wheels and around and about the fire engine.
But you see at once that the world is not full of people who are against us. As a matter
of fact they went much too far and the public has now begun to turn in our direction. They said
too much which was untrue. The man who was hired by Sir William Carr, one of these fellows,
to smash Scientology through the press, was made the editor of the London Daily Mail. He
published in his own column a great many vicious things concerning Scientology, and at the
end of the road the newspaper had lost 80.000 circulation and he was dismissed. Further this
was the only London newspaper which engaged upon a program of that nature against
Scientology. Recently some magazine has written the most interesting letter I think I have read
for some time. They wanted to know when they could interview me because they had to have a
story on a man who was changing our times and who was this and that, all very laudatory,
rather amazing.
The state of the FDA is amazing because in their press releases which they have handed
out they have said that they had to be very careful with me because there was no telling where
I might turn up and they went on for many pages saying how Scientologists were quite elusive
and the whole tone of the thing is that they were afraid of us. This is very interesting because
we don't happen to be after them. But now the attack is on the basis that we are after them, they
are not after us. As a matter of fact, if they only knew it, we couldn't be less interested.
The program which I am laid down and embarked upon in January of 1963 has been
brought off to total success. At the moment through the world, aside from a few japing voices
heard here and there, things have never been quitter than they are now. We're winning through
this rather easily, through the great alertness of organizations and their staffs, and through the
services and intelligence officers and through my strategy on the matter, Mary Sue's extremely
good work, and overall coordinated performance by us, and not permitting ourselves to be dis
tracted from our main purposes, has all come out toward a very high win for us. And amongst
all those I have been able, despite all of these other things that I had to do, to bring off and
bring forward to its total conclusion the research and so on up from Clear to OT. Well now, as
you may have suspected, I do not necessarily lead a quiet life. I was not much made for an
ivory tower or even a desk, and my adventures during the past few months have been rather
interesting, to say the least.
So long as we are elusive or Fabian we grow strong. So I have examined the statistics
and we have grown in numbers to the degree that nobody could quite put a finger on what we
were doing. Therefore I have maintained considerable security and shall continue to do so on
the activities in which we are engaged, but that does not make them a secret, of course, from
Scientologists. It has been my lot to introduce a technology which was antipathetic to the best
laid plans of mice and to suffer the consequences for the next many years. And the cycle of
public opinion is now rising again on the subject of myself. I was supposed to be, according to
the press, a complete devil or fiend, and now it seems that I am a man who is changing our
times, and all of that sort of thing. Well, I frankly could not care less what the public thinks
about me. I am solely interested in getting the job done.
And as I say, I have many adventures along this line. In last December of 1966 I
concluded that I had gone as far as I could go without taking further forthright action with our
technology and I used an old old principle of Scientology, which consists of putting the injured
member exactly on and in the place it was injured. If you were to bump your head on a certain
door, a little bit later if you go back and touch your head against that door, you, of course, will
suffer the full somatic for a moment of the impact. It has to be that exact point to produce this
exact phenomenon. And so I decided that I had better go out and contact an exact point or two,
not so much for me, but where things had happened in ages past, which were really the
beginning of the demise, or were the demise for this civilization as it then existed.
Without telling anyone about this, or what I intended to do, I went out and took my life
in my hands, you might say, and brought the matter off. The mystery of this universe and this
particular area of the universe has been as far as its track is concerned completely occluded.
None has ever been able to make any breakthrough and come off with it and know what
happened. As a matter of fact it is so occluded that if anyone tried to penetrate it, as I am sure
many have, they died. The material involved in this sector is so vicious that it is carefully
arranged to kill anyone if he discovers the exact truth of it.
So in January and February of this year I became very ill, almost lost this body, and
somehow or another I brought it off and obtained the material and was able to live through it. I
am very sure that I was the first one that ever did live through any attempt to attain that
material. This material I am talking about, of course, is very upper level material and you will
forgive me if I don't describe it to you in very broad detail, because it is very likely to make
you sick too.
Now my task for the remainder of the year up until now, which is to say the ensuing 6
months, was to find some way to safely bring through individuals. It was not enough for I
myself to have lived through it. Other people would have to do so as well when they reached
Clear and tried to move up from that point above. And about five or six weeks ago I finally
was able to make a breakthrough which brought people through this zone safely. It is relatively
easy to do now, providing one is an extremely well-trained auditor, and the band of fire can be
walked through, bringing one out the other side unscathed, providing he applies the exact
technology. None is in danger of colliding with this at lower levels. Since it concerns the
formation of the society itself in which we live. A person is Clear on the first dynamic. It is
necessary to become OT to be cleared on all dynamics, including that of society and that of the
physical universe. So I have also made this breakthrough and I don't mind telling you it took
some doing. In all the 18 years this has been the toughest one that I have faced, and I faced it
so that it would not be tough for you to face when you came to it.
I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist
could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire. As the road to OT has to
do with confronting and confronting life and confronting both the evil and the good thereof the
people of the Sea Organization are also becoming very experienced in the handling and
confronting of MEST. This however is not part of the program for people we put through this
last barricade.
Objections to learning the ultimate truth of this universe and what happened to it and
why are so deeply implanted in people that it is necessary for any extremely advanced level to
be relatively out of the common area and not planted on the cross-roads of the world. So
therefore the Sea Organization is simply organizing bases which are off the main track of men,
and in these bases we will be able to push people through, and also to handle situations with
regard to Scientology to help it get in ethics on this planet.
It is quite aside from the point, but maybe a slight matter of interest, that all of this
recent career has been relatively hard on this poor body. I've broken its back, broken its knee,
and now I have a broken arm, because of the strenousness of these particular adventures. One
wonders then, well if he is in such good shape what is he doing breaking up his body? Well,
that is the trouble. I have great difficulty getting down to the small power level of a body and
suddenly if something happens in its vicinity I will suddenly move it, or jank it in some
direction, and it is very very difficult to keep it in any kind of condition. I am keeping it alive
because it is a symbol and because it is still needful and because it would be upsetting, at least
to the wog side of the world, if a symbol of this body were to disappear, but it certainly is hard
on it and it certainly is hard on me.
In searching out and forming bases I have covered a great many sea miles, and because
the ships available were not yet complete I was using a small yacht, the Enchanter, and
although she is a steel vessel and very very strong, she nevertheless was operating in seas
which were far beyond her class and capability. And built as she is of wog engines and
technologies it has taken a considerable genius to keep this vessel going. If you understand the
extent of it, I have worn out several crews of OTs in the progress of this search and
establishment in just the last few months. It has not really worn them out. It is just that this
vessel has gone through her crews rather rapidly and they are then returned to other work and
activities to recuperate.
As it has only been a very few weeks since I found a proper line through, these people
have not yet been through the Wall of Fire of what is called really Section III OT. So they are
having their troubles too. And we are just now embarked upon putting the entire personnel of
the Sea Organization, who are eligible for it, through Section III OT. And then we won't be
wearing out so many crews. But these people, these people are magnificent, they're
magnificent. You should see them. They, of course, would be stellar names in any organization
in the world. If one of these people were to walk in you would undoubtedly know them by
name, and they have considerable reputation, and they would just do fine perhaps... and
perhaps could be said to be needed in their organizations and areas doing lots of good. But I've
already made an experiment, I went off by myself into Southern Africa to see whether or not
an OT would make good singly and all alone without any assistance against the environment
around him, and I found out that he would not do too much good. But a group of OTs would be
entirely irresistible and are necessary to carry off this type of operation. So OTs do best with
The mission of organizations is to form the first part of the bridge up from the wog
world up to the level of Clear. It is as far from Clear to OT as it is from wog to Clear.
Organizations are performing their actions in this very splendidly. The only thing that they
could improve would be holding in ethics more strongly and getting tech more exactly
rendered, having their examinations more precise, since endless trouble comes from misdeclares,
and expanding further into the public more quickly. This is what organizations ought
to be doing. The individual auditor and Scientologist is performing his mission very very well
and is doing marvelously. There isn't enough praise I could give.
In the lower grades one is mainly concerned with himself and his own case or his
immediate family, but as one moves up the line one becomes more concerned with the
environment and the world in which he lives, and with this concern comes the realization that
all has not been well. And it is very true that a great catastrophy occurred on this planet and in
the other 75 planets, which form this confederacy, 75 million years ago. It has since that time
been a desert and it has been the lot of just a handful to try to push its technology up to a level
where someone might adventure forward, penetrate the catastrophy and undo it. We are well
on our way to making this occur. As one’s ability to confront increases his level of
responsibility increases. And an OT cannot be an OT in a world which is insane or a universe
which is mad.
Although the scope of the work is almost unimaginable extensive it is nevertheless true
that we are making definite and positive inroads upon this and we will bring it off. We are no
longer dealing with a time-span of man, which is 70 years, we are dealing with the centuries.
And we have enough time at the upper levels to bring it off, providing we work quickly enough
at the lower levels and within the framework of the society itself to prevent it from destroying
itself before we attain our purposes and goals. It possibly is a bit above your reality to say that
we intend to salvage this sector. None has been able to do it for 75 million years. We are the
first. In that period of time there has been nothing but suffering and misery for its populations.
Life is not necessarily a miserable mess and a planetary population is not necessarily composed
of madmen. It is very easy to remedy the general situation. There are many many many people
out in the society who are only too glad to have us, who are only too glad to help, and who will
happily shove forward. That the malady, from which they suffer, is actually designed to stop or
impede such a movement as ours, is not of any great major consideration. We have already
mastered those things necessary to bring off the ultimate win.
Well, I hope here that this talk I have given you is somewhat informative and that it will
help you understand what is going forward. The situation is very well in hand. What we are
doing is extremely conservative in most respects and is very necessary and although one may
not be part of the furthest echelon, the advanced bases and areas of Scientology, it is actually
quite laudable to be part of its organizations anywhere along the line. Every man, every girl
serves. Without your support we could do nothing and so we are very glad of your support.
Any suppressive element is bound to lean on us very hard and where it is permitted to enter the
organization and permitted to make nothing of our plans and activities, of our purposes and
even our gains we will lose to that extent. Therefore we must have a very tight ethics perimeter
inside our organizations. And those people who are making slighting remarks about what's
going on are simply in their own way trying to stop the forward progress. All they will really
succeed in doing is stopping themselves.
In that you have not heard of me directly, or from me directly here for some little time, I
thought I had better have a talk with you, and tell you what it was all about, and tell you where
things sat now. And I can assure you that anyone connected with the great Catastrophy of ages
back has been dead almost the same length of time. They brought about the catastrophy and
they perished within 6 years. We do not have any enemies except suppressive, dramatizing
men, who are themselves the victims of something that happened here. From here on the world
will change, but if it changes at all, and if it recovers, it will be because of the Scientologist, it
will be because of the auditor and his technical skill, it will be because of the organization and
the organization staff member and his dedication. In all the broad universe there is no other
hope for man than ourselves. This is a tremendous responsibility. I have borne it too long
alone. You share it with me now. This is however the game in which everyone wins. No matter
what ethics action is taken, no matter what activities go forward, in the ultimate everyone will
win. I am very thankful that you exist. I need your help. I need your support. And no matter
what you are doing in Scientology, outside or inside organizations, you are helping me and you
are helping us and you are also moving forward to the resolution of aberration, war and dismay
in this universe. An essential difference between us and those who make mock of such efforts,
is we know where we are going, we know what we are doing and we are moving forward on a
very positive, laudable, decent track. We are doing our jobs. That cannot be said for others. I
am very glad to have had this opportunity to talk to you and I hope the data I have given you is
of some aid and assistance in clarifying what is going on, in dispelling any doubts or wonders
and, more importantly, I hope is use in aligning the effort to come forward and to make this a
better world and a better universe. Thank you very much for being here. I appreciate what you
are doing. I need your help and I am very grateful for what you have done. Good bye for now. I
will see you up the line at the other end of the bridge.
End of lecture
Subub must have been a extraordinary practice without having to do anything with
Scientology, some contact groups with unethical 2D practices

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