David Thomas (auditor class 6, OT8) lection on Ethics

David Thomas (auditor class 6, OT8) lection on Ethics

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Lection recorded 02 october 2018 by Maxim Lebedev, Moscow


all right
okay so I'm here in Russia
helping out
the Russians with the little lecture on ethics
now to start out with I've got goals and purpose
going to ethics
so the definition of ethics is the rationality towards the highest level of survival
the rationality which be the reason
having the highest level of survival like an example so let's say you have to
young teenager teenage boy and a teenage girl
and they start seeing haven't having admiration for each other and they start communicating and the reality gets bigger and then all the finity goes way high and then the next thing they say I love you and I want to love you forever the rationality towards the highest level of survival they want to be together forever
are Affinity is so high
they have purpose they have the goal
equals ethics but how does that couple that is so close and want to survive for so long together and have this High reasoning and high goals and I purpose how did they get to where they hate each other
where they don't want to even be in the same room
they don't want to see each other they don't want to talk to each other what happened
and that's called conditions and they were went they went from a high ethics condition
down to confusion
and then confusion
there's no product nothing's happening there's no flow of energy there's no communication there's no reality there's no
it's just nothing is happening and then the person goes how did I get here how how am I a point now where nothing is happening when we at one time had this tremendous love and this tremendous understanding this tremendous Arc that this closeness and now down here
well there's different steps down on the way to confusion that they went through
and an anime
it's the opposite
the rationality towards a high level of survival it's actually things that are against
the purpose and the goals of the original togetherness the original ethics
and enemies is like things
objects people groups
that sought to challenge or go against the original purpose and what was the original purpose to love each other forever
to have to make children to have a life together
but now an enemy
it's one or the other had had had an intention against the original purpose of this the boyfriend started you know on the side dating another girl that this first girl didn't know about so we had to withhold he was
he was holding back from his his girlfriend so
he had the opposite of purpose which is counter intention
or going against the original purpose of the group and that is an enemy so an enemy
the formula is find out who you really are
and if you look at it with ethics being the the rationality towards the highest level of survival and goals and purpose are the two senior things in the universe
fruits that go together quite well
and an animate you're looking at the counter purpose so now he's
instead of being together forever he's now with another girl and he's withholding and so
their communication starts going down the reality starts going out there there Affinity you know you only calls her up before he was calling her up five times a day now I was only calling her once every other day so the communication is down and then their understanding and then he starts fighting with his with his girlfriend and then the next thing
even goes down further to treason treason
you're no longer even wearing that you're no longer the the boyfriend who wants to be together with the girlfriend forever and with this High ethical values now you're you're at a point where you're not even wearing your hat at all
it's not even the boyfriend anymore
and then the next thing he ends up you know the next slap you know like if he doesn't change and with moreover it's and so forth he's going to end up in this ball of mass hear the sinkhole confusion or nothing really flows no real product is happening
and up
it's just he really needs to find out where he is now tell her I says that you do a locational
and the condition of treason
and you compare
like where you are now
to where you were at other times in the past
and I used to run it how you Stephen run this on the staff members you know they said they wouldn't want you to do the location on the staff and so we might say okay so now compare where you are now you'll get really located here look at the walls and everything and then compare that to another place where you were before now that's all fine but when you're in confusion
your mind doesn't think so clearly you has always so I'm here and there and then that's going to also know it's like earlier times
in the past where there was similar aberration or similar confusion you want to actually from a straight line from present time
go to an earlier moment where there was a confusion or an earlier upset and then you can compare and buy a c a Phaeton by comparing
information of similar magnitude and this is the axioms I think and solve problems by comparing compartment and data of similar magnitude
so you now look at present I'm okay you're in confusion and present time now you're comparing
an earlier point where you were of similar magnitude and bye-bye by comparing those things you're now being analytical instead of all balled up and sand and in a confusion so you're actually taking this confusion
and you got another confusion here and you're comparing this time to this time
so and here's the Phaeton
now confronting and comparing
by actually looking at and as is eating these two different times he's actually getting to confront and then that's how you get out of the confusion by compartment of data of similar magnitude and then you can now get it now your analytical processes can take over instead of like reactively equals a this time equals that time equals the other time equals the other time and everything's all the same and everything's all confused know so now you're straightening out the confusion by comparing this time with this time
and then getting work now you can like look now you can get to confront and look before when you're in confusion you can't even look
because you're too into it
seven out now when you after your locational
and comparing things in the environment then you can get up to treason
and now you got to put back on your hat because you are no longer you no longer the husband you're no longer the the mailman whatever the post is that you're supposed to be functioning as you're no longer that person so in treason you have to put back on your hat I am the boyfriend of of Sally
right that's that's that's my hat that's who I am and then an enemy
what were the purposes for being with Sally
it was having a loving relationship for we could be together forever and we could have these high survival goals high communication High understanding why this and that and then you can start and then you get up to liability what is that like the first thing that you did that actually got you out of it out of the group with the with the girl you know whatever the and then liability
the liability it says deliver and effective blow to the enemies of the group enemies and that's the key word that's that the definition is in the admin dictionary the definition of enemies deliver an effective blow to the enemies at what are the enemies the enemies are those things people objects drugs whatever it is that were challenging the original purpose
the original purpose which is a high ethical level and when you end up when the person
he went into agreement with somebody that was counter intention
turn his group
so he's delivering an effective blow to the enemies of the group that he's been pretending to be part of despite personal danger so you have to not think of yourself you have to think of
you know what the higher higher level a higher ethical level because when you're in liability you are actually a handicap to the group a liability is a
kneecap like you're you're crippled and you and you know that you're on a running team and you got a broken leg you're a liability because you can't keep up with the rest of them if you're in a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend
and you're a liability
you're not keeping up with her you can't communicate the reality goes down the Affinity goes down so you deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group you're pretending to be part of this by personal banker and then you can start getting back into life again
your nan and maybe it was in the first place you never did the proper non-existence you know like I remember back in the early days it was like find a communication line oh I'm the I'm the new registrar and now and that was it that vanilla rice came out with expanded non-existence formula where you really have to get on all so so big this this guy okay so we're going to get married now
now I've got to talk to your grandfather your mother and father I've got to make agreements and then you you get your hats
put on with all the people around you and all the people in your environment and then you get out of non-existence
so but the key thing is goals and purposes are the two things that are senior to the physical universe
what is singer and an area code of ethics ethics if you have your ethics in your yourself you're a Phaeton in valence a person who is out of valence is out at The X
and then he's in a lower condition he's not himself so what all is ethics all of these conditions are is like getting back to yourself in Purpose with a goal
and you got your ethics in
and that's my lecture for today
why I willing to rescue a little the attics on 5th and MX6
is only the imposition of time and space across the Dynamics so I'll give you an example let's take the example of the dynamic matter energy space and time let's say you do you have a car yeah okay now what happens if if you just put your car out in the driveway and you don't drive it for a year
my ability to down slow down
maybe a little bit damaged what about the battery yeah
if you don't if you don't do anything with the car okay yeah so just for the sake of the demonstration are things this is the definition of enemies things groups other determinism that challenged or sought to stop or refuse to comply with the basic purpose became enemies or opposition
so they the guy and liability going out with another girl
that he's cheese challenge the original purpose up here and now he's down in liability and then he sinks down to where he doesn't have his purposes set up anymore an enemy then he stops wearing his hat and treason then he gets down to where everything pulls everything else and it's a big ball of confusion it's he's not thinking anymore now and then if you notice up on the top is Theta
Satan's naturally thinking high goals and purposes and a very fine thought down here it's very coarse and ugly
he's down here mystery where he's stuck and he's glued into this goo and can you can't even separate himself from his mind
so so what was the question again my question oh yes oh oh oh okay so self-determinism you have to impose put change time and space across the Dynamics
Tree on automobile
ear wax the car you check the pressure on the tires you drive it everyday you you vacuum vacuum the inside on the carpets change change change
the more change you put into something the more time it has the less change you put into something the less time it has
so an Ethics you have to actually impose
the Dayton imposes on the dynamic change
it's on the 5th Dynamic let's say you have a house and you have walls where that where the paint is peeling off and and like somebody's been smoking and it's brown the floor has dirt on it there's trash trash around there's no change happening but let's have an up to Uptown person that has his ethics in he comes in and goes this place stinks
okay alright
mops the floor throws the trash away Sans the walls paints change change change change and then another person comes in the room and he goes to space and Improvement yes now it has ethics
because there's goals and purposes for the room it's just not like it's just like it's just a space we're going to take drugs and and throw our trash on the floor now it's a beautiful space that can be used for something
Annette salt so let's take the seven dynamic
at the seven Dynamic you have Aesthetics music
Beautiful Things
tater tots to another being admiration
so let's say you don't practice those in your life with other things you're you're at your Arc or your triangle on your Dynamic is going to decrease when you don't pay attention to one Dynamic it affects all the other Dynamics so on the 7th I Namek
you need to practice admiration practice going exterior admiring Beauty
so I'm at that and that's something that has Peyton actually can do he can he can decide to do those things and put put his time and attention on music and Beauty and the other things
and then you go down to the 1st I know now this is an interesting one
in the expanded Dianetics series
lrh does a number of CSS pay supervision directions
one of them he does where he's K supervising
exchange and conditions by Dynamics
it's a process
so he says clear first dynamic as spirit
clear body as V now imagine that you put your body on the 5th Dynamic first Dynamic is Stayton or spirit
tell if a painting by imposing change on the body on the 5th Dynamic change change change walking eating correctly vitamin brushing teeth mouthwash coming here making sure that you don't have dirty shirts
you're putting change on you you look confident sharp on the 5th dynamic because you're not a Satan is not a body
so these are examples of that self-determinism self-determinism is ethics
because you have goals and purpose on each dynamic
and then you and then you can text like the eighth dynamic as well
the good definition and I am maybe I don't know if you know how to use this machine there but if we can look up the the definition of a dynamic and the admin dictionary but anyway that's another one that you can put attention on and put change and impose change and when you when you have those high goals on each dynamic
you have ethics and ethics of survival
out of Peyton reaches across the Dynamics and imposes time and space and survival across the Dynamics and it's like you just don't survive on one. You know
you got all of your Dynamics to deal with
I'm good thank you you're very welcome.
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