UFO's & L.Ron Hubbard -Paranormal Experiences Janis Gillham

UFO's & L.Ron Hubbard -Paranormal Experiences Janis Gillham

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UFO's & L.Ron Hubbard - Paranormal Experiences with Janis Gillham Grady. Taken from episode 20 of The Indie Scientology Podcast.


very interesting part 10 min

Below is link for purchase of Janis's Book Commodore's Messenger: A Child Adrift in the Scientology Sea Organization (Volume 1)

https://www.amazon.com/Commodores-Messe ... 154720219X

Link for Australians:

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The Indie Scientology Podcast has guest interviews, Scientology wins, conspiracies, and much much more. Hosted by Andy Nolch. Available on most podcast apps & Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/andynolch

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